Paul Manafort Never Really Left The President’s Campaign/ Rick Gates

Compared to the building corruption in the White House, with many, many more shady Russian connections than even most conspiracy-theorists ever imagined, Watergate was a minor faux pas, and Nixon merely a scamp. I have been keeping an eye on the unfolding of what I believe will end up being confirmed treason, but have not written about it because … fellow-blogger-friend Gronda has been hard on the trail and is doing an excellent job of providing factual information and trying to help us all decipher this tangled web. Today I share her post about the ties to Paul Manafort and her conclusion that in reality, Manafort never really left the Trump campaign back in August. Please, if you have any desire to stay abreast of the unfolding events, take a moment to read Gronda’s excellent post. Thank you, Gronda, for all your hard work and dedicated research … and for implied permission to re-blog!

Gronda Morin

Related imageRemember that Paul Manafort and our republican President Donald Trump go way back at least three decades. Mr. Manafort has been a long term resident at Trump Towers since 2006.

Mr. Manafort bought his upper-floor apartment in Trump Tower in 2006, under the LLC he controlled, John Hannah LLC. Public records show a purchase price of $3.675 million for a condo around 1,500 square feet. But in 2015, he places the Trump Tower property in his own name. He and his wife own several high value properties.

Around 2006, a young gentleman by the name of Rick Gates became an assistant to Paul Manafort.

When Paul Manafort left the president’s campaign in August 2016 when his Russian/ Ukraine ties were being questioned, it was his deputy Rick Gates who took over the management of the Republican convention events.

Image result for photos of paul manafort and rick gates Paul Manafort

As per a 3/23 CNN report by Elizabeth Landers and Jeremy…

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20 thoughts on “Paul Manafort Never Really Left The President’s Campaign/ Rick Gates

  1. Looking back on the fall of the USSR it should have been obvious to us all that the percentage merchants and financial smoke and mirrors folk would be the ones who would make the most of it.


      • Yep.
        Annndddd, here’s one from the past.
        Firstly remember that Russia plays a long, long game. (and arguably Communism in the light of Russia’s history can be viewed as another family of Czars)
        Secondly in view of all these shady contacts with Russia:
        Quote from Lennin:
        “When the last capitalist is hung, it will be with a rope that he has sold us,”
        Guess the current wave of carpetbaggers haven’t heard of that one?

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        • Ah yes, I remember that one now … I had forgotten it, but so very true! As another reader commented, apparently the Cold War never really ended. I’m still in a quandary about precisely Russia thought to gain. I do realize that Putin’s dream is to re-establish a Soviet-style ’empire’, but does he simply hope to gain the support of the U.S. government, or is he looking to enfold the U.S. into his empire? It’s still a bit murky and unclear to me. I suppose we will find out at some point, unless the current administration is successful in their attempts to simply blow it all away.

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          • If the Russians go to type, and I personally think they will, the strategy will unfold as follows;
            1. Separate the US from Europe, probably by ‘understandings’ or as the old phrase went ‘spheres of influence’
            2. Divert the US to co-operate on squashing any independence movements in the Russian zone and thus distract the US military resources (who will also be watching China).
            3. Once achieved get to work gradually drawing the Baltic states back under their influence- probably by something similar to ‘Finlandisation’ of the Cold War era (ie Finland was as independent by only if The USSR said so).
            4. By ‘working’ the right wing factions in the old Warsaw Pact (ie Hungary, Bulgaria, maybe Slovakia+ most likely Serbia) begin to pull strings.
            5. Everyone in East Europe begins to get the message.
            6. West- France & Germany are huffin’ & puffin’ with Britain over Brexit, and so as the US are not as interested as they used to be in Europe NATO is not what it was.
            7. Russia has its historical wishes granted big buffer state set up between West Europe and its National Borders.
            AS we say in Britain ‘Job’s a Good ‘Un’.
            PS. Let the USA wander about in its own way getting tied up with South America and China. Who cares in Moscow?
            Good plan, just so long as no one gets excited, or as western powers are wont to do, make the wrong strong message too late (see WWII).

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            • Thank you for this … it makes a lot of sense … and gives me much food for thought and some ideas to look into. And here in the U.S., the masses will be too busy, too distracted, with the circus in Washington, to know or much care what is going on ‘over there’. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Putin was eager to see Trump elected. As you said, Russia plays a long game, so it is doubtful that either of us will get to read the end of this story … unless your last sentence should come into play. But it certainly does give us a lot to ponder on and write about!

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              • I think Jill we can safely say that unless someone gets giggly with the latest military hardware Russia is not going to be a threat to the US.
                Eastern Europe, not so good.
                Western Europe, will have to come to an ‘understanding or two’ with Moscow.
                Unless of course we decide to get ‘iffy’ which the British can…. usually when someone thinks they’ve got the brits all sewn up; those these days not being a world power…..who can say?

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                • Yes, I would agree with your take on it … tonight … but tomorrow? Who knows? Depending on the elections in France next month and Germany in September, the face of the EU may change quite a bit. Interesting times … stress-inducing, but definitely interesting.

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                  • History is warning us…when an alliance falls apart there is rubble flying in all directions.
                    Our PM Mrs May signed the document which starts off the official Brexit procedure.
                    For the sake of my children and grandchildren I hope I am wrong and historians will not use the word ‘Sleepwalking’

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                    • Yes, I read about Ms. May signing the document, and was hoping to write about it tonight, but time has once again left me in a lurch. Well, I guess Brexit is now past the point of no return, and I do not know as much as I would like about it, but I sense that it will not be a pleasant negotiation. Sigh.

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                    • Not really, a vast amount of administration time will clog up Parliament for a considerable time. The commercial & financial sectors will be in unstable waters, the ordinary folk will, understandably not have a clue what is going on. The knuckle draggers will blame anyone who is not White. Scotland and Ulster will push for more independence.
                      And that’s for starters.
                      Still there are opposition groups starting to adjust. Not so much to stop Brexit but to fight against any more throwing away of benefits and rights.
                      This is not over, not by a long chalk

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                    • That’s good to hear! Question for you … do you foresee Scotland or Northern Ireland seeking their own ‘Brexit’? I have read that it could happen, but I think not without a major fight.

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                    • It’s possible. The situation is complex in both countries.
                      There are Scots who are SNP and nationalist through and through but are Brexit inclined and others of the same nationalist ilk who are not.
                      Then Ulster has its centuries old Catholic (nationalist, independent) and Protestant (unionist, stick with England) ever potentially violent divide.
                      These are both situation replete with unpredictable circumstances.
                      ‘They ‘will rue the day ‘they’ voted for Brexit.

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                    • More drama … it is going to be an interesting year for us all, my friend! Ulcer-inducing, but … I think it’s time to start writing future history books! I wish I could be around in 100 years to see how this period is treated. 🙂

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  2. Dear Jill,

    Thanks a million for this reblog and past ones. Your support is very much appreciated.

    In the future, if you wish to write about DT’s Russian saga, don’t let the fact that I have gone OCD on this subject impede you. People have different perspectives on the same set of facts. This is a time where all insights about this subject is very useful. I love your work.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • No worries, my friend! I have so many topics on my to-do list that I will never get to them all in this lifetime! You are doing a terrific job on the Russian connections … I could not even begin to match what you are doing! So, I reblog yours, and that frees me up to do other things … like Turkey, gun control, Monday morning funnies, et al! I so appreciate your hard work on the Russian connections … and your permission to re-blog … this is SO important right now, as I believe it will all lead back to DT and will ultimately be his Achilles Heel … his downfall! Thanks again, dear friend! Many hugs!

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