Holly Jolly Monday!!!

Monday-sleepyMonday-sleepy-2Okay … okay … stay calm … deep breaths … in … out … in … out … it’s going to be okay … that noise you heard is just the arrival of … no, not a freight train … it’s just M-O-N-D-A-Y.  Yes, I realize it is a cruel thing to have to wake up to, but … you’ll be fine, I’ll be fine, and the good news is that quitting time Friday is just a few hours away.  Well … 104 hours, to be precise … but you can do this!  Welcome friends, to Monday morning!  My usual Monday morning challenge is to make you laugh … or at least chuckle.  So, bring your cup of coffee or tea … no, leave the vodka alone … and see what I have in store for you this morning!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a …. Caterpillar?


Imagine what Lujan Eroles thought when she found this in her yard!  At first she thought it was a two-headed snake, but wanting some more ‘expert’ advice, she turned to Facebook, posting a video to see if anybody could identify this critter.  Turns out, if the Facebook crowd is to be believed, it is a caterpillar.

Some suggested the creature strongly resembled a gaudy sphinx moth caterpillar, which are native to the Americas, but experts said it is more likely an elephant hawk moth caterpillar, the gaudy sphinx’s European cousin. Both species of caterpillar are known to disguise themselves as snakes to ward off predators.

Personally, I think the li’l guy is kind of cute.

Looking for a free ride?

You may remember my Monday post three weeks ago, when I wrote about a mouse delaying a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport for several hours.  Well, today I bring you the story of an American Airlines flight out of Miami International Airport, headed to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport that was also delayed for several hours, but this time not because of a mouse.  This time it was bees!  That’s right … bees.  For some reason, whether they were hoping for a free ride, or just trying to mess with some foolish humans who thought they knew about flying, thousands of bees clung to the wing of the plane.


The airline contacted the city, which was able to get in touch with a beekeeper who was able to come out to the airport and remove the bees, getting stung multiple times in the process.  I thought beekeepers wore a beekeeping suit, mask, etc.?  Most of the passengers were said to have remained in good spirits, despite the delay, and several asked for free honey.


And speaking of flying …

Monday-balloon27-year-old Daniel Boria of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, is now known as the Balloon Man.  Daniel strapped a lot of helium balloons to a chair, hopped on and went soaring into the sky!  You can see a video here  .  Only thing was, when he landed, the police were waiting to arrest him.  Last Friday, Daniel pleaded guilty and was fined the approximate equivalent of  $20,000 USD.  That was some expensive balloon ride!


At the hearing, the judge called Boria’s stunt “unconscionably stupid”, and I loved Boria’s response:

“Why climb the highest mountain?” Boria told the CBC. “Why 85 years ago fly the Atlantic? Why do the Oilers play the Flames? I chose to fly a chair, not because it is easy but because it is hard. Because that goal served to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.”

Blonde Men Jokes …

Monday-blonde maleOkay, for centuries people have been laughing at ‘blonde jokes’ … and in every bloomin’ one of them, the blonde is a female.  Now, I’m not blonde, but I am female, and I’ve always wondered why there were never any blonde jokes about men!  Well guess what, folks … I FOUND SOME!  So, today I shall treat you to a few:

  • A blond man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts: “Did you find the shampoo?” He answers, “Yes, but I’m not sure what to do… it’s for dry hair, and I’ve just wet mine.”
  • A blond man spies a letter lying on his doormat. It says on the envelope “DO NOT BEND . He spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick it up.
  • A blond man shouts frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” “Is this her first child?” asks the Doctor. “No!” he shouts, “this is her husband!”
  • A woman phoned her blond neighbor man and said: “Close your curtains the next time you and your wife are having sex. The whole street was watching and laughing at you yesterday.” To which the blond man replied: “Well the joke’s on all of you because I wasn’t even at home yesterday!”


A juice pouch … well yeah, sort of …

You know how hectic it can get in the mornings, trying to get the kids fed, lunches packed, find that mismatched sock, and send them on their way?  Well, apparently one mother in Australia, Leesa Smith, was having just such a morning, so she told her five-year-old daughter to get a juice pouch out of the freezer and put It in her lunchbox.  Smith thought no more about it until …

Around lunch time she received a very interesting call from her daughter’s teacher … the juice pouch the young girl chose was this


Fortunately, the teacher was understanding, and when Mum apologized for not sending enough for the teacher also, they had a good laugh!

So, folks, look at the time!!!  I have taken up enough of your morning, and it is now time for us all to get to work, or get busy with whatever we need to do.  In my case, I need to make a list … I am planning a weekend jaunt next weekend and I must get organized … I’ll tell you more about it later in the week!  Now, you’re probably sick of hearing me say it, and I can see you rolling your eyes just a bit … but I shall say it anyway … be sure to share your gorgeous smile with at least one other person today!  Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself … it is much more fun to share it!  Many hugs and smiles from Filosofa to all of you!






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    • For you, I’ll make an exception and you can bring your vodka … after all, you’re retired, so it’s okay 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the jokes and got a bit of humour to start the week! Have a great week, my friend!

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