Puzzled about the ACA – take this quick quiz

There is so much misunderstanding surrounding ACA (Obamacare), most of which is a result of politicians feeding the electorate misinformation and people not taking the initiative to look up answers for themselves. We have all heard the one about the guy that said he hated Obamacare, but was happy to have his ACA! I have personally spoken with friends whose knowledge about ACA is limited to what they have heard from other friends or from politicians. What has happened here … do people no longer know how to read? Anyway … to the point … blogger-friend Keith has written a post with some highly valuable information about ACA, about the fact that it is working quite well, for the most part, despite some problems here and there. And the fact is that, despite rants from Trump & Co., it is not likely to either implode or explode unless forced to do so by the Republican-dominated Congress! Please take a couple of minutes to read Keith’s post … and be sure to peruse the comments also, as I actually learned quite a bit from them. Keith, being a professional benefits analyst, is my go-to person for these issues. Thank you, Keith, for an excellent post and implied permission to share!


Now that the AHCA effort by the President and Republican majority has fizzled, it would be appropriate to step away from the rhetoric and ask a few questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I would also suggest you may not want to listen only to politicians on this as I have learned the health care awareness of politicians is not as high as we need it to be and some are more interested in optics than impact.

The questions and answers have been provided by a retired benefits actuary, consultant and manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Question 1: The ACA is: (a) undergoing a death spiral, (b) a disaster and will implode, (c) doing well in a number of places, but needs help in a few others.

Question 2: The reasons for rising costs under the ACA are: (a) adverse selection where more bad risks are signing up than good…

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