Filosofa Is Taking A Break!

Dear friends …

I am taking a long weekend off!  I am leaving in the morning to go to Pennsylvania to visit my friend H.  We have plans for what he assures me is a short, flat, rock-free 3.5 mile hike, and exploring new places, trying out new restaurants, and enjoying late night talks.  I am so ready for a break, but also for time with a dear friend.

I will not be posting again until Tuesday p.m., but have scheduled my first two ever ‘Jolly Monday’ posts from a year ago, before many of you began reading my blog, for Monday morning, because I didn’t want you guys to have to start the week without a chuckle and a smile!  🙂

I shall miss you all, but frankly this is a much-needed respite.  I will not likely catch much news, and am really hoping not to even see the ugly mug of you-know-who for four whole days!  I shall return to you on Tuesday, hopefully with all bones intact, and be ‘back in the saddle’, so to speak.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Thanks for all your support, hugs and love!


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