Good Monday to all!  I don’t know about you, but personally, I am suffering a case of “political overload” at the moment, after Saturday’s primaries and caucuses, Sunday’s debate, and all the Trumpola thrown in my face for the last several days/weeks/months. Mondays are tough enough without adding angst to the equation. So, I decided today I would find other, more fun and interesting things to write about before returning to wading through the muck on the morrow.  Here are a few brief blurbs I ran across in my journeys through the netherworld.


The Guinness World Record book is famous for some of its oddball categories.  Bet you didn’t know there is even one for the loudest burp!  That record was broken by an Australian man who says it was the fulfillment of his lifelong dream. (The Week, 2016)  How loud was his burp?  110.6 decibels or louder than a motorcycle or power saw from three feet away.  “It’s been a bit of a goal from when I was a kid,” he says.  He credits his success to regular training sessions with carbonated drinks, including beer. There are also categories for the loudest female burp and for loudest fart.  Okay … well, um … moving along now …


A 16-year-old kid teaching a group of 70+ seniors to take selfies?  Well, it seems like an idea that just might catch on!  How many of us over a certain age have to ask our kids or grandkids to help us with our phones, computers and other 21st century devices?  Back in the day (I’m not saying which day), I could rebuild a computer, but these days, I cannot even make the DVD player display closed captioning without the assistance of my granddaughter.  A young man, Christian Magnuson, volunteered to help out at a retirement home (I like this kid already!), where he noticed that most of the residents had smartphones, but they were at a loss as to how to do much more than turn them on.  I can relate … until recently I couldn’t figure out how to make a call on mine though I could text like a pro!  Anyway, Christian, age 16, started teaching a weekly class to teach the seniors such things as taking pictures (including selfies), changing ringtones, texting, and what all those little icons mean.  He is also teaching them about something called “Siri” … whatever the heck that is!  I think I am the one who needs his classes.  Two thumbs up to this young man!  (Bahrampour, 2016)


R.I.P. Nancy Reagan.  While I frequently disagreed with Ronald Reagan’s policies and ideology, Nancy Reagan was a gracious First Lady.  She brought to the White House a sense of style, but, more importantly, graciousness, a gentleness, warmth, and charm.


Two brothers in Florida both won the lottery on the same day, but with separate tickets!  What are the odds, you ask?  The two brothers, James and Bob Stocklas, had been vacationing in Florida when, as they were heading back to their home in Pennsylvania, they each bought a lottery ticket.  Their winnings?  Well, James won $291 million while Bob won a whopping $7.  But never fear … James plans to share.  “We’ve been laughing a lot about it, he doesn’t need to worry about nothing,” James told the New York Daily News. “Family’s family. He’s not going to worry about anything.” (Moran, 2016)


butterfly and bee

Of butterflies and bees … one is in decline, but the other is making a comeback.  First, the good news:  the Monarch Butterfly population has more than tripled this year, after multiple years of decline.  Credit goes to a joint effort between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada for planting more milkweed plants, and cracking down on illegal logging.  Now the really bad news:  the honeybee population, which has been decreasing since at least 2006, has decreased by some 70% in Iowa, the Dakotas, Montana and Minnesota, and by 50% in California. There seems to be no single cause, but a complicity of climate changes, pesticide and fungicide over-use, genetically altered crops and other man-made causes.  This is critical because “no other single animal species plays a more significant role in producing the fruits and vegetables that we humans commonly take for granted yet require near daily to stay alive”.  Albert Einstein once prophetically remarked, “Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than five years.”  Many efforts are underway to achieve a solution to this problem … let us hope it works!

6 thoughts on “NO POLITICS MONDAY!!!!

  1. “Siri” is the iPhone users best friend, so it seems…. Husband uses him (you can have “it” having a male or a female voice, and I rather like it that Husband has a male assistant…) to set reminders on his phone, he asks him about music titles etc… My boys have the greatest fun asking Siri (on Daddy’s phone) the silliest questions and seeing how he reacts… The biggest laugh is trying to make him sing a song, apparently: Husband says Siri refuses to sing for him, but the boys claim Siri was, well, not singing, but sort of reciting something for them. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • One report I read was that somebody asked Siri “what is the meaning of life?”, to which it replied “chocolate”. Yep, pretty accurate, if you ask me 😉 I guess it must only be for the iphone, which I do not have. Sigh. Oh well, it would just be something else I would waste time on, like Farmville 😀


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