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Well, I have returned from my ‘mini-vacation’ well-rested, both mentally and physically, recharged and ready to get back into the saddle.  But … I cannot seem to find my saddle!  After an hour of perusing the ‘Trump news’, I concluded there is much going on, and yet nothing has really changed.  Every story I read leaves me shaking my head and thinking, “okay, but what’s new?”  So ….. after some consideration, and this one idiot that keeps flitting across my radar, making me want to swat him like a mosquito, I have decided to do an Idiot of the Week today!  Those are always fun, though they often make me growl and grumble, but such is the way of a curmudgeon.

Remember Pizzagate?    Well, though there are many who were guilty of propagating the myth that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were kidnapping, molesting and trafficking children in the backrooms of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C., the man who dreamed up the faux news story was one Mike Cernovich.  I had never heard the name until recently, but apparently this man has been working his way toward the Idiot of the Week award for quite some time now.

cernovich-2Cernovich allegedly obtained a law degree from  the University of Illinois, Pepperdine University School of Law, though I have my doubts.  Why is it that so many of my idiots have law degrees (think Michele Bachmann) … I always thought earning a J.D. was a pretty tough thing, but these days I wonder.  Anyway, in 2012, Cernovich started a website he calls Danger & Play, which began benignly enough, focused mainly on self-improvement.  And then, in 2016, along came Trump, and Cernovich found his niche.

Described as a member of the alt-right (haters of all things not lily-white, male & Christian), he switched his focus to pro-Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton commentary. That, in itself, would not have been extraordinary, nor would it have landed him squarely on my radar.  What does bring him into the limelight, however, is his made-up, blatantly false stories … stories that were seen by many who then spread the lies and hate until … well, Pizzagate where a man with a gun, believing the lie, shot up a pizza place where people were dining and it is nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed.  Personally, I think this in itself should have earned Cernovich a jail sentence, but let us look back a bit …

  • He started the (false) rumour that Hillary Clinton suffered from seizures and Parkinson’s Disease, a rumour that was embraced by Trump, his campaign, and became a #1 trending topic on Twitter.
  • Cernovich advocates IQ-testing for all immigrants and ending federal funding of universities.

A few words from the man himself::

  • “To beat a person, you lower his or her social status. Logic is pointless,”
  • “What are Trump’s policies? I don’t particularly care.”
  • “If Trump offends you, it’s because you live in a cucked world where no one speaks their minds.”
  • “I haven’t washed my hair in years, and it’s luxurious. Shampoo is another hoax spread by the media.”
  • “Have you guys ever tried ‘raping’ a girl without using force? Try it. It’s basically impossible. Date rape does not exist.”
  • Of the baby girl he and his wife are expecting, he says, “I’ll be nice to her, as long as she’s not a basic bitch”.
  • “Yes, I’m banned from TV. I was too effective a Trump supporter …”

He has many other utterances that further highlight his idiocy, but they are extremely lewd and highly offensive, thus I refuse to give them a voice on this blog.

None of this, however, is what put him onto my radar.  What did is the fact that Donald Trump, Jr., the killer of wild animals, claims that Cernovich should win a Pulitzer Prize for his “journalism”.  And equally disturbing, Trump mouthpiece and herself a former recipient of the Idiot of the Week award, Kellyanne Conway, agrees!  Even Mike Flynn, short-time NSA Director, has praised Cernovich.  The story that led to all this high praise is as follows:



On Sunday, In what is largely considered a continuation of Trump’s fanatically paranoid claims that President Obama ‘wiretapped’ his phones, Cernovich claimed that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice “unmasked” the identities of Americans connected with President Trump’s campaign and transition who were mentioned in foreign surveillance intelligence reports.  Just as with the wiretapping claim, Pizzagate, and rumours of Hillary’s health, the right took the ball and ran with it. Senator Rand Paul called it “a smoking gun”, while Senator Tom Cotton referred to Rice as “Typhoid Mary”.

According to both The Washington Post and the New York Times, there is, first off, zero evidence that such an “unmasking” ever occurred, and secondly, even if it did, as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, she could very well have had legitimate reasons to ask to unmask individuals in these intelligence reports.  There is no smoking gun, plain and simple, but this, like the false wiretapping claim, is a useful (for Trump) distraction from the ongoing and expanding investigations and discoveries regarding Trump’s shady connections to the Russian government.

For there to be a suggestion that somebody like Cernovich should be awarded a Pulitzer Prize is a slap in the face to genuine journalists such as Thomas Friedman, Nicholas Kristof, and many others who have earned the prize in years past for excellence in journalism.  If Cernovich should be considered for an Pulitzer, it should be in the category of ‘fiction’, but even at that … his writing just is not that good.

Cernovich has actually written and published three books:

  • Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms (2015)
  • MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again (2016)
  • Danger & Play: Essays on Masculinity (2015)

Perhaps what most qualifies Cernovich for the award is the fact that he takes himself so seriously, appears to actually believe that he is a hero of some sort, and sees himself as “committed to bringing you the best news and journalism, and my “beat” primarily focused on exposing the fake news media,” as per his Facebook page.


No surprise, right?

One final note:  Cernovich has emphasized the importance of simplicity in social media commentary, noting that when he made his posts “too complex”, none of it got “through to people”. Could it be because of the mental caliber of the people he is trying to reach?

And so, Mr. Mike Cernovich, I hereby name you this week’s recipient of Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award!!!  No thanks are necessary, and you have certainly earned it with your lies, deceit, arrogance, and all your alt-right phobias!

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  5. This may sound counter intuitive but there’s something very endearing about Cernovich. When you watch him on Periscope he can be narcissistic yet tender, extremely confident yet vulnerable—all within a matter of moments. Home schooled, brought up poor, obviously highly intelligent, well read with deep knowledge as a constitutional scholar and lawyer, also well traveled—all that mixed in with provocative political and social views. In a word he’s complicated. Watch him nurture his baby girl here at the 26 minute mark of this video and see what I mean:

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    • Even the cruelest of men may treat their children with tenderness. It does not make them a good person. I cannot judge the man based on his family relationships, because those do not matter to any other than his family. What does matter is how he has told lies that, in at least one instance, almost got people killed. Sorry … this is one time I have to argue that he is evil, not matter how tenderly he treats his child.


      • Well, I’d have no idea whether or not he’s a good person. I described him as endearing—baby ducklings can be endearing. I certainly wouldn’t put it past him to lie—many people do. Cernovich is mainly provocative, complicated, multi-layered, difficult to put in a box. I realize Evil can simply mean anything that brings harm. But to me that word is best reserved for the most horrible crimes and criminals. I’m pretty sure he’s not that. You may find this Dave Rubin interview interesting on a substantive level:


    • I don’t seem him as endearing but rather as ineffectual. He somehow “graduated” from Pepperdine. How he got in is a mystery, unless he somehow had connections or lied on his application. Did he then lie his way through law school? Someone had to graduate at the bottom of the class. I don’t recall reading he ever edited the Law Review or clerked for anyone. Did he ever pass the bar of try? Instead he followed a path of stupid YouTubers — couldn’t get a job or grow up and so started a YouTube channel about self improvement, like Mark Dice, Stefan Molyneaux, and Lee Stranaham — Dice was a professional pick up artist. Lee allegedly left a lucrative job as grand pooba of Entertainment Tonight or some other such fluff to take up a job as $100 an article contributor at Breitbart where he got repeatedly fired, caused drama, and allegedly marketed pornos of his wife. Molyneaux is also a big pro-man guy who is a stay at home dad who makes youtube videos about how money grubbing, slutty women are while he lives off his wife’s income. These men are so gross and repulsive, though Molyneux at least argues well and sounds interesting at times. If he is “endearing,” it’s that he hasn’t grown up. He’s a mentally and emotionally arrested little boy who thinks being a “meme-warrior” is a thing and who thinks he accomplished something in life by acquiring 1 million followers on one of his social media pages. All of these men beg for donations and try to market products on Social Media like pathetic reality TV show stars and narcissistic teenagers living in their parents’ basements. GOP used these people because of their large social media followings to reach the masses….Now that their hero, Donald Trump, has been elected, they are trying to ride his coattails into some kind of relevance but really have nothing to offer. They are very ordinary and somehow trying to get discovered as the next David Icke, Wayne Dwyer, or Roman Atwood. Preach self improvement, be a life coach and then branch out. These people are know nothings. Cernovich thinks he’s important because important people know who he is. That’s just pathetic. Being known and respected are too different things. Respected he is not. He cannot care for women as he is not a man. He acts and thinks like a lost little boy who hasn’t been house trained or socialized.

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    • Funny story about his wife … well, ‘wives’ actually. His first wife, whom he met in law school, ultimately divorced him. According to him, his “first marriage was ruined by feminist indoctrination.” She went to work in Silicon Valley, make millions, and has reportedly (though I have not verified this) paid him over $1 million in alimony! Now, the second wife is of Muslim Persian background, which covers at least three of his prejudices. Apparently they met in a bar where he pawed and mauled her, and they married soon after. I’m not sure, but I suspect she may be as big an idiot as he! Cwtch Mawr, dear friend! 🙂

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      • Funny — Stephan Molyneux is the same. Complains all day about “Feminist Indoctrination” and then pan handles for money all day on YouTube as stay at home dad living off successful wife’s income.

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