I am annoyed with Democrats and Republicans

Blogger-friend Keith has written of his annoyance with the lack of responsibility to We The People in the halls of Congress and the White House … an annoyance that I completely recognize and share. Our elected representatives have left us out of consideration entirely, and are answering only to partisanship and their big-money lobbyists. Please take a moment to read Keith’s post … I am betting you will share his sentiments. Thank you, Keith, for putting into words the thoughts we are all thinking … and also for implicit permission to re-blog!


This post may be offensive to some of my followers, but I appreciate your comments should you disagree. As an Independent voter who left the Republican Party in 2006, but did not choose to rejoin the Democratic Party, I want our leaders to solve our problems and work together. We have gotten progressively worse with partisanship and that is not good, as we are attempting to solve problems with party rhetoric and not data and or common sense. Both sides are to blame, but I find more fault with my more recent former party given their support by a more active misinformation base parading as a mainstream news network.

Like many people, I do not fit into a nice compartment. I am fiscally conservative and socially progressive. I have these beliefs we need to pay for things and every citizen has equal rights and opportunity. Per Teddy Roosevelt, they need a ‘square…

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One thought on “I am annoyed with Democrats and Republicans

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