The Problem Of Americans Lacking Trust In The US President (Syrian Attack)

The chemical weapon attacks on the Province of Idlib on Tuesday, followed by the U.S. attacks on Shayrat air base in Syria on Thursday night, have stirred many theories, much controversy, and have sent those of us who demand answers scurrying to find answers to the many questions that are yet unanswered. My friend Gronda has positied her own thoughts, as well as others whose theories may be slightly different. What and why do we question? As Gronda says in her opening sentence, “It is sad when too many Americans don’t trust the republican President Donald Trump and the government he has created.” It is sad, indeed, but almost nobody other than his die-hard supporters believe what we are told by the Trump regime. Please read Gronda’s astute comments, thoughts, and reflections, and think about what this may mean for the future of U.S. foreign policy. Thank you, Gronda, for a very thought-provoking post!

Gronda Morin

Related imageIt is sad when too many Americans don’t trust the republican President Donald Trump and the government he has created.

If he does something right, it is assumed that it was by accident or that someone was playing him or that he is up to no good. There has to be an ulterior motive, somewhere. And any or all of the above could be true.

In this case, I simply do not want to believe the “wag the dog” theories because I genuinely am convinced that our president took the right tact in ordering a swift and limited military response to the Syrian military’s recent sarin gas attack on its own citizenry. But unfortunately there are these nagging doubts which keep seeping into my consciousness.  I am truly conflicted over all of these events having to do with the past week’s events in Syria.

A child receives treatment Tuesday at an Idlib province hospital after a suspected chemical attack. I have been putting some thought to this…

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5 thoughts on “The Problem Of Americans Lacking Trust In The US President (Syrian Attack)

  1. Effort sends message to N Korea and Iran as well. Shows USA not afraid to “show some flag” as the saying goes. It is a real dilemma for Russia as Syria only military installations in entire Middle East, fears pro USA regime excluding it as a player in that part of the world.

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