United Airlines Needs To Get Back To Planet Earth

Last Sunday, United Airlines, in a move destined to go viral, forcibly evicted a passenger, a doctor returning home to Louisville Kentucky, from his seat in order to make room for four of its own employees. A number of passengers made video recordings of the violent episode on their cell phones and the public hue and cry has begun. I was considering writing a post about this poor example of customer service, but fellow-blogger Gronda has done such an excellent job, that I am sharing her post. This incident may well lead United Airlines down the same path previously taken by Eastern, Pan Am, Frontier, TWA and others. Thank you, Gronda, for this post and for (implied) permission to share!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of man being dragged off planeThis story is about businesses facing up to the reality that developing a healthy positive work/ business culture where the consumers and the employees are treated with respect and dignity have to be part of its risk management plans. Making this a priority should be as important as improving revenues, market shares and profits. This pro-active practice would be an insurance policy towards corporations avoiding real damage done to its branding with all the negative associated consequences like bad publicity going viral, dramatic loss of reputation, customers, market share and revenues. In short, businesses which forget the importance of providing its customers with an outstanding positive experience and at the expense of valuing its employees, will eventually lose its lucrative branding and possibly could place its very existence in peril.

Image result for pictures of disney world magic kingdomRemember the story about a family vacationing at a famous hotel on Disney property where a child was dragged into nearby waters by an alligator. The news…

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11 thoughts on “United Airlines Needs To Get Back To Planet Earth

    • Funny, my first reaction when I saw the story was of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and that the head honchos at United might do well to invest in a few copies of that book! 🙂


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