Another Shoe Has Dropped In The Trump-Russian Saga (Paul Manafort)

And the plot thickens … Wow … our reality is beginning to read like a John Le Carre spy novel! As always, Gronda is hot on the trail, so please take a moment to peruse her latest post … Thank you, Gronda, for your excellent research and for allowing me to share your work!

Gronda Morin

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Here is the latest update regarding Paul Manafort who was the republican President Donald Trump’s campaign manager from March through August 2016. The details reported on in the AP report pertain to Mr. Manafort’s questionable activities prior to his involvement with the president’s campaign. It’s just that Mr. Manafort has previously either explained away or has firmly denied this uncovered data.

For background, remember that Paul Manafort and Roger Stone were former business partners and the relationship between the president and the both of these gentlemen, go back for decades. Paul Manafort has been a resident at NYC Trump Towers for about 10 years.

Image result for photos of paul manafort and trumpOn 4/12/17, Jack Gilliam, Chad Day and Jeff Horwitz of the Associated Press (AP) penned the following exposé,  “AP Exclusive: Manafort firm received Ukraine ledger payout.”


“Last August, a handwritten ledger surfaced in Ukraine with dollar amounts and dates next to the name of…

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9 thoughts on “Another Shoe Has Dropped In The Trump-Russian Saga (Paul Manafort)

  1. Great post. Do you or any of your followers have the feeling that the latest falling out with Russia is part of a long con from the Trumpster? Trumpty Dumpty needs to deflect from the shenanigans that happened during the election involving Russia. By pretending they’re enemies, do you think the mango-colored moron is trying to make us forget about the election tampering? Between the Oblivious Orange’s attack on Syria, sailing ships to North Korea and the squabbling with Russia, do you think that it’s all a smoke screen that could put us into WWIII?

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    • That is EXACTLY what I have thought all along! I think the whole thing is fishy … an elaborate show put on to detract and deflect attention from what is arguably the most important issue … the Russian-Trump connections. I see a ‘wink-wink’ behind this whole thing. Trump had, I believe, a number of hidden agendas. Unfortunately, it seems that much of the public are either unable or unwilling to see it and are now singing his praises. Sigh.

      As to whether this whole fiasco could start WWIII … while I wish I could answer differently, I think it is quite possible. Putin and Trump are still buddie-buddie, so a Russian aggression really does not worry me. However, Kim Jong-un is not a part of their pact and he DOES worry me. Especially with today’s news that N. Korea appears to be preparing for a nuclear ‘test’. We have let a madman with no concept of how international relations work into the Oval Office and we shall pay … in spades. Also, I just read that Trump dropped a large bomb on Afghanistan … wtf??? Is he just going to start dropping bombs willy-nilly all over the world? Sigh. Crazy times, my friend.

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      • Exactly. He is potentially getting us into ward on multiple fronts. If it’s diversionary, someone needs to stop him soon. It’s been a total reversal. Russia went from good to bad. China went from bad to good along with NATO.

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