Filosofa Discovers … Laughter!!!!

Okay, to answer your first question, NO this is not likely to become a regular feature (Filosofa’s claim to fame is snark, not humour).  To answer your second, YES I am completely sane and sober (well, as nearly so as ever).  This is just a blip, if you will, an aberration from Filosofa’s usual curmudgeonly ramblings and rants.  And actually, as it happens, April is National Humour Month!  I came across these two jokes on Facebook in the last few days, and while I do not typically engage in sharing jokes and memes, being rather more serious-minded, I found myself actually … laughing!!!  At first I was not sure what those funny, bubbly things coming from within my throat were … they sounded like a rusty ol’ wagon wheel rumbling down a narrow path, and I was frightened.  But then … despite the fright … I felt … different … my eyes squelched, and my feet twitched … I felt a sense of … bubbling … of … what is that called again???  Laughing … genuine humour … true cackling!  Assuming that I had finally lost my battle against dementia, I read the first joke to my granddaughter, sure that I was simply over the edge, the laughter was maniacal, and she would promptly dial 911.  But … Miss Goose laughed too!  Those who know me well know that, apart from the antics of my feline family members, the Significant Seven, not much makes me laugh these days.  But these jokes did .., and I felt an urge to share them with my blogging community, in hopes that you guys would also enjoy a much-needed, well-deserved laugh.  So here goes:


humour-2And the second …


So, I conclude, even in the era of Trump, we can find humour.  I think I would like to try more of this …. what is it called again?  Ah yes, laughter … it feels rather nice for a change, doesn’t it?


18 thoughts on “Filosofa Discovers … Laughter!!!!

    • I loved it too … as blogger-friend Roger tells me, the only way to keep our sanity through all this is with humour, and it appears that whoever came up with these jokes is doing a great job! Certainly gave me a laugh! 🙂

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  1. Dear Jill,
    I love these jokes and these are ones I can actually remember. I’m virtually certain that Pope Francis would love to give DDT this gesture, but unfortunately, he is a true gentleman.

    Thanks for this pick me up and Hugs,

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    • Well …. we shall see. I certainly agree that we need more humour, but I’m not sure I can come up with enough material to make it a regular thing … but I shall ponder on it. Glad you enjoyed it!


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