Buyers’ Remorse Is Setting In For Some In PA Who Voted For The President

As we approach the 3-month anniversary of Trump in the Oval Office, I find nothing for which to congratulate him. He has blundered far more than he has succeeded in virtually any area, leaving many of us who were not his fans to begin with wondering if those who voted for him understand the magnitude of his mistakes, if they are beginning to have regrets. Fellow-blogger Gronda takes her research to swing-state Pennsylvania to see what people there think. Turns out, some are regretting their choice, others are still supportive and still sporting their yard signs and bumper stickers. But I am encouraged that at least some are beginning to ‘see the light’, to realize that Trump made many promises, most of which he either cannot keep or never intended to keep. Please take a few moments to read Gronda’s excellent post and think about her concluding paragraph, for it should have meaning for each and every one of us, regardless of party affiliation, socio-economic level, gender or race. Thank you, Gronda, for your work on this piece and for permission to re-blog!

Gronda Morin

Image result for jon ossoff gayThere is a recent Pennsylvania poll demonstrating that buyers remorse is beginning to felt by some who voted for the republican President Donald Trump. He will always have his hard core supporters but outside of this group, those who voted for him are having second thoughts. There is a recent poll which supports this premise as well as a first hand account by a reporter who returned to the scene of a county which delivered a narrow victory for our president.

Let’s hope that this state of voters’ regrets is a true mirror of how Americans are feeling across the country. Today, 4/18/17, there is a Georgia special election taking place to fill the republican seat previously held by the current HHS Secretary Tom Price. The president won in this district by about 1%. If the highly qualified democratic contender Jon Ossoff prevails in this race, this will be a positive sign for…

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14 thoughts on “Buyers’ Remorse Is Setting In For Some In PA Who Voted For The President

    • Ahhhh, Roger … one part of me is glad you cannot stay away, but another wishes you could/would … for your own mental health. But then, people tell me I need to take a break from it, and I cannot … I am happiest, albeit sometimes in a rather depressed sort of way … when I am staying on top of things, using my brain, thinking, pondering, forming opinions. So, welcome back into the fray … just take good care of yourself, okay? Else you will have me saying Oh My Sainted Aunt!!!

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      • I feel the same way Jill. Experience has taught me its better to engage with normal folk than to brood or drop now to the level of the venom-spitting cultures.
        You take care too.
        We should consider the words of that great 20th Century Thinker Alfred E. Numan ‘What? Me Worry’

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        • Yes, and as you have said many times, humour helps counteract the stresses of the world we live in! I’m still working on being more humorous, by the way … ’tis a difficult transition these past weeks, but I keep trying! 🙂

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                • You know … I was thinking about current times earlier today, and I thought that, if I should live so long, the day may come when I am grateful for this period. I remember the Civil Rights Era … and it was hearbreaking, maddening … but now I am glad I was there to experience it, to have been a part of it somehow. I feel that I have lived through some important parts of history, and I learned, I experienced, and I am glad. So maybe, if I am still around in ten years, I may actually look back on this … no, not with fondness, but with gratefulness for having experienced it. Does that make a bit of sense?

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                  • Hi Jill!
                    Oh yes that makes perfect sense… I missed out of making a goodly sum by marketing T-Shirts with the slogan ‘I survived Thatcher’.
                    Seriously surviving, intact, some hostile form of government is a modest testament to our personal characters. True we do not have to put up with the horrors which many peoples of this world do (No one on our Fashionable Left seems to give a %&*$! about the South Sudan for instance). But there again its is all relevant to our day-to-day world.
                    Survival is Good.

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