A Toxin Is In The Air!

I am fairly reclusive, but I do venture out now and then.  I like to walk 3-4 miles in the mornings, weather permitting, and on Saturdays, the family and I usually go out for an early dinner, then run errands, and once a week I do go grocery shopping.  Otherwise, I am generally happy to stay at home.  I have concluded, as of this morning, it is no longer safe for me to venture outside the walls of my home, as there is something in the air … something that is apparently highly toxic and quite contagious!  I don’t have a scientific term for it, but I have heard some refer to it as ‘Kool-Aid’, while still others have called it “Ostrich-Syndrome.

I have been reading some of the results of this toxic, presumably air-borne disease, and it is even more frightening than a plague!  The effects of this disease appear to be blindness, deafness, inability to comprehend even the simplest statements, and intellectual regression.  The evidence is in the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll taken this past week.  Let me share a few of the results so you can see what I mean.

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?

42% approve, 53% disapprove, and the other 5% were apparently sleeping.  But what is interesting about this is that 48% of males approve, while only 35% of females do.  And men think they are the smarter sex?  HAH!  The other thing that caught my eye was 45% of college grads approve of the job he is doing, and 37% of post-graduate students.  This seriously messes with my previous assumptions that only the un-and-under-educated could possibly support him.

Q: Would you say Trump is doing a better job as president than you expected, a worse job, or what? Is that much better/worse or somewhat better/worse?

35% say he is doing better than expected (What? How?), 35% say he is doing worse than expected, and 26% say his is doing just about as expected, and 4% were still asleep..  Now take a closer look at that 26%. It turns out, about half of those are people who voted for Trump!  Think about that one … they certainly had low expectations, yet they voted for him anyway?  Again, among college grads, 32% think he is doing better than expected, and of those with post-graduate degrees, 27% think so.

Q: Is Trump keeping most of his major campaign promises, or not?

44% said ‘no’, 41% said ‘yes’, 8% said ‘some, but not all’, and 7% had now fallen asleep.  (Would somebody please tell me which ones he has kept?  Not, mind you, that I wanted him to keep them, because they were all bad ideas, but still … ) Of those who voted for Trump, 84% say he is keeping his campaign promises.

Q: Do you think Trump has the kind of judgment it takes to serve effectively as president, or not?

41% answered ‘yes’, 56% answered ‘no’, and 3% remain sleeping.

Q: Do you think Trump has the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president, or not?

38% answered ‘yes’, 59% answered ‘no’, the rest snoozed on.  Now, I am struggling to understand the 3% who think he has ‘the kind of judgment it takes to serve effectively as president’, yet they do not think he has the ‘kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president’??? Does not one rather hinge on the other, or am I missing something here?

Q: Do you think Trump is honest and trustworthy, or not?

38% replied ‘yes’, 58% replied ‘no’, and 4% are now snoring.  How the heck can you reply ‘yes’ to this question and still sleep with a clear conscience?  And how can you be ‘undecided’?  The ‘man’ has told more lies than Pinocchio, yet 38% find him to be ‘honest and trustworthy’!  Perhaps they are using an ‘alternative vocabulary’?


There are a total of 21 questions, and I strongly recommend you view the entire survey.  It is among the best interactive surveys I have seen, as you can click ‘detailed view’ on any question and then sort the results by a variety of criteria, such as education level, gender, party affiliation, race, age, religion, region, etc.  Take a few minutes to look closer at the results.

In every case, ‘white evangelical Protestants’ answered the questions in Trump’s favour by a significantly higher than average ratio.  My best guess on this is they are pleased with such things as his rollback of some LGBT rights, with Betsy DeVos’ intention to use federal monies to fund private (read ‘religious’) schools, and with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general.  I still find it disturbing … it is almost as though they are not even living in the same country as the rest of us.

Though his overall approval rating remains at a record low and he is the least popular president in modern times, I am nonetheless astounded at those who continue to support him, even though they say he is not ‘in touch with the concerns of most people in the U.S.’  There has to be something in the air, as I know people cannot truly have become this blind to reality in just the past year.


35 thoughts on “A Toxin Is In The Air!

    • It IS depressing. You have to wonder how they got so blind. The one that got me was that some who do not trust him to tell the truth, still think he is qualified to be president. I am still scratching my head. Are they truly so ignorant, or are they simply unwilling to admit they may have made a mistake? Sigh.

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      • I thought a lot of people had come to their senses since I haven’t seen hardly any of my hardcore Trump supporter relatives say hardly two words since he was elected. Was hoping that silent acceptance of realizing how awful he is had applied across the board 😒

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        • I thought so too … a couple of weeks ago I read that 11% of Trump voters had regrets. But now, I’m not so sure … what does it take to wake them up? Some are predicting nothing short of a war … I hope they are wrong … God, how I hope they are wrong!

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  1. A person can have tremendous fun with stats.
    For instance. Take the student stats: Less than 1/3 gave a positive nod. OK now we need to take that one step further and find out what type of degree that 1/3 have, also bear in mind the poor press that many of the Fraternity Organisations have and the concerns at to what goes on at campuses in terms of various types of abuse, and you can be forgiven for thinking ‘1/3…uh-huh that figures’
    44% reckon he is keeping his promises but 38% say he has the right temperament. So 6% are placing their faith in a person they don’t trust to keep on keeping his promises…. that’ll work out well.
    This also depends on who they asked, when they asked and how they asked. Ask a busy person in a pushy way and you’ll get a different answer to a polite question to same person not busy (There is a chance folk being suspicious of polling organisation will give a pro-Trump answer because they may associate pollsters with a pro-establishment stance, on account of being down on him all the time during the campaign).
    Personally if I was President I would be thinking….’uhh- this don’t look too good’

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    • You are so right … all these stats set the imagination afire! You are also right about polls, however, and relatively speaking this one had a pretty small sampling, so one can really only use it as a basis for speculation, but I admit I had some fun with it … as well as some jaw-dropping moments! The one where fully 38% said he is truthful nearly gave me apoplexy! This nation is comprised of a large number of people (38% – 42%) who traded their brains in for a box of Cracker Jacks!!!

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  2. Just a quick note about the percentage of college graduates that approve of Trump: the fact that they have graduated from college no longer implies that they are either (a) educated) of (b) intelligent. I have gone on and in….and on about this, as you know. Our schools from kindergarten through college and now even graduate and professional schools are simply not getting it done. The law school at Princeton, for example, requires remedial work of their first-year students now!!!

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  3. The global communication firm Weber Shandwick has been tracking America’s declining civility. “By a 4-to-1 margin, Americans found the 2016 Presidential election especially toxic. D.T. was viewed as uncivil by 72% of Americans-including a majority who voted for him (53%).

    Reference: Schrieber, K. (2017). Poison People. In Psychology Today, 50, 3.

    So, yes, Jill you are right, it is in the air…and it is contagious according to Christine Porath, Ph.D. (cited in the same article).


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  4. Hi Jill,

    Yes, I question my sanity after seeing those results. I feel like snow clearing topless right now!
    I found some solace in Bill Nye, the science guy, and his talk on “cognitive dissonance”. People reduce their discomfort by justifying their behaviour and ignoring facts (i.e. findings based on good science).
    Only the very wise can handle and accept outcomes and are not afraid to be scrutnised (“Go Carl Rogers”).
    “The facts are friendly”, but you need guts to see them.


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  5. Jill, as we are one of the least informed (and some would say misinformed) countries in the world, many do not know how poorly he is performing and how concerned other leaders are with this President. Our allies do not trust what he says as he changes his mind on the hour and he is dangerous with his tweets. Members of his own party are worried they will have to impeach him either for his Russian involvement or conflicts of interest.

    As The Guardian notes, the significant majority of his executive actions are to study things, but he creates significant pomp and circumstance around signing a piece of paper that largely does nothing. Plus, there is the chaos, lying and incompetence that echo daily through his White House. Michael Bloomberg noted today that DT should be forming a capable team around him to help, but with some exceptions, most of the folks don’t know their job and we are still missing about 500 Senate confirmation positions that need candidates.

    If people think this man is doing a good job, they simply are not paying attention. I said I would support the President, but had low expectations. He has not even met that low bar. Keith

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    • Agreed. And apparently even his supporters set a low bar for him. Trump seems to not care a whit about a ‘capable team’ … he is only concerned that his team agree with him and promote his agenda, right or wrong. Hence the budget debate this week, whereby he is determined to get the initial funding for his useless wall that nobody really wants. Ah well … presumably we will not run out of things to write about anytime soon, my friend.

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      • Jill, I heard yet again that he intends to pay for his $2.6 trillion debt increase in his tax bill with economic growth. This is an old age, disproven theory plus forecasters don’t see the growth materializing. In fact, before the election several firms saw malaise or recession in Trump’s plans. Keith

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        • Yes, I recall that most economists believed his economic plan would hurt, rather than help, the economy. His intention to pay down (or off) the debt with economic growth is rather like me planning to buy a new home with my lottery winnings! Sheesh.


  6. Dear Jill,
    At least you live in an area where the air is a little less toxic. Recently, I found out that my favorite doctor voted for DT and I was so bummed out. i seriously don’t get it. It is such a relief to connect with others who I can vent with like at the recent Science March.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Slightly less toxic, perhaps, especially my neighborhood, which is a melting pot of Middle Eastern refugees, Hispanics and African-Americans. But venture 2 miles in any direction, and the ‘burbs are filled with Trumpeters, bigots, and idiots. It is interesting that you said your favourite doctor voted for DT. One might think that doctors, being supposedly humanitarians, would not be in support of him. But my daughter works for a medical group with some 15-20 docs, and the majority of them voted for Trump also. Makes me think perhaps they are more about greed than humanitarianism. Hugs, my friend!

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