Health Care, Anyone???

med-6They’re at it again. The members of Congress who we elected to represent our best interests have forgotten us.  Remember the health care bill that had so little support in Congress that last month House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill without a vote?  Well, it’s baaaaccckk.  Congress may vote on the revised bill as early as Friday.  Guess what?  As I am given to understand, the revisions do nothing to help you … or me … or anybody who is older, has health issues, or cannot afford insurance.  It will still enable the insurance companies to deny us maternity care, mental health care, and other basic medical services. It will also make insurance cost-prohibitive for those of us with pre-existing conditions. And it will still deny affordable health care to some 24 million people. The only thing that has changed from last month’s bill is that it is even more restrictive to the average citizen. The changes were made, not with We The People in mind, but rather with the far-right “Freedom Caucus” who objected to the original bill, saying it did not go far enough in taking affordable healthcare from the average person.

Fellow-blogger Tea Pain said it best in a recent tweet:  “All it took was proof that more poor people would suffer and the Freedom Caucus was all in.”

On Friday, March 24th, realizing that there were not enough supporters to reach the magic 216 votes required for the bill to pass, Paul Ryan informed Trump that he was pulling the bill from the floor … no vote would be taken.  At the time, Trump said he would ‘walk away from health care reform’ if he did not get a vote.  The morning after, he tweeted: “Obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”  But by the next day he had apparently gotten over his bruised ego and tweeted: “I’m going back to it. I’m not going to give it up,”

Paul Ryan, also seeming to concede defeat, said, “I don’t know what else to say other than Obamacare is the law of the land. It’ll remain law of the land until it’s replaced,” he said. “We’re going to be living with Obamacre for the foreseeable future.”

med-3And most of us breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that now there was an opportunity to make some changes to ACA, to fix what was broken without having to worry that a new health care law would rob many of us.  But alas, it did not take long for Trump to change his mind about that, as he has done so many things. Just last Friday, 21 April, he said, “This is a great bill. This is a great plan. And this will be great health care. It’s evolving, you know, there was never a give-up. The press sort of reported there was, like, a give-up. There’s no give-up, we started. Remember, it took Obamacare 17 months.”

The bill reportedly does not appear to vary significantly from the one proposed in March, but it seems that some re-working was done in order to satisfy the ‘Freedom Caucus’.  It appears to have worked, as Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows is said to be in support of the latest bill.

Now, I have a few observations on this (surprised, aren’t you?).

  • repair-houseIf you own a home, it’s an older home and in need of some repairs, but the foundation is sturdy and the repairs are minor … a bit of plumbing upgrades, some paint here and there, some new weatherstripping, and perhaps a new furnace. Do you repair the home, or raze it and build a new one?  Me?  I repair the old one.  It’s why I was still driving a 1988 Olds until a year ago … I can make a heck of a lot of repairs for the price of a new car.  Or house.  The same can be said of ACA (Obamacare) … it has a strong foundation and has served millions of people well in being able to obtain medical care they would not otherwise have been able to do.  But Trump is absolutely hell-bent and determined to raze ACA and build a health care plan of his making.  The primary reason, I believe, is that he is aware that even with modifications, ACA will always be considered Obamacare, and it is his goal to erase the name of Obama from anything and everything.  We all know that he likes seeing his name on things. This, friends, is NOT a good justification for robbing some 24 million people of their health insurance.  It is pandering to the ego of a 70-year-old child who should have our best interests at heart, but does not.

  • Each member of Congress was given that job because We The People voted them into office. And yet, it is not We The People to whom they are listening.  According to the New York Times, “Senior White House officials, led by Reince Priebus, the chief of staff, have relentlessly pressed Republicans to revive the health care push before Mr. Trump’s hundred-day mark.” According to one White House official, “The President was saying, ‘We have to get a win,’ and that was his pitch. He said ‘No one is getting what they want here, but we have to get a deal, we have to get a win.’” Does this sound like a president whose greatest concern is the people of his country? No, for Trump it is about HIM winning, not the country or its people … only Trump.

  • med-4Doubts remain whether the House can muster the necessary 216 votes to pass the bill, since the amendments that satisfied the far right do nothing to ease the concerns of the more moderate Republicans or the Democrats. But even if it does pass the House, it stands a snowball’s chance in hell of passing in the Senate, and Trump is well aware of this.  The margin between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate is much narrower than in the House, and this bill will not pass the Senate.    But that is not the point, for Trump.  Although he claims that the 100-day mark has no meaning, he is, once again, lying.  He cares only that this bill pass the House so that he can add it to what he calls his ‘list of accomplishments’ in the first 100 days.  It will be an empty win, if it passes, but Trump does not care about that at this point.

med-7You will be happy to know that there is a bright spot in the revised bill. One part of the new proposal would protect health insurance for members of Congress. This provision guarantees that lawmakers would not lose “essential health benefits” and could not be charged higher premiums because of their health status.  Meanwhile, back here in the rest of the nation, those of us with pre-existing conditions can be charged up to five times the normal rate for health care premiums.

I plan to make some phone calls and write some letters to my elected representatives today … just to touch base and let them know my feelings on this.



33 thoughts on “Health Care, Anyone???

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    • Not that I’m aware of, but yes, this is once of many causes worth protesting. The thing to rememer with this bill, though, is even if it passes the House, there is almost no chance that it will get through the Senate as it stands now.


  2. “Major insurance companies are enjoying record profits but claim they are losing money under the Affordable Care Act”……Awwwwwww, tell them not to worry dayer widdle heads. They can wite it off as a BIG LOSS and weduce their nasty ol’ Corporation Tax bills (which are gonna be reduced anyway) …
    Or to put it another way..

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    • I DO love your Tweety Bird voice!!! Quite appropriate in this instance, too! I rank insurance companies in the same category as used car salesmen — sleazy, untrustworthy, greedy, dishonest … etc. I remember one time I took a used car for a test drive, and it broke down about a mile from the dealership. I walked back, told the salesman what had happened, and he said they would fix it, bring it back, and I could test drive it again. I declined, figuring my mind was already made up NOT to buy a car there, and he patted my shoulder and said, “Now little lady, I’m a preacher and you know a preacher wouldn’t steer you wrong.” Have I ever mentioned that a) I do not like being called “little lady”, and b) I have an innate mistrust of most religious ‘leaders’? 😀

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  3. Dear Jill and friends,
    LOL, I would LOVE TO MOVE TO Canada but it is cold up there. Where I live in Florida, it is a haven for older folks like myself who are on Medicare. But I am fighting for others because I want everyone to have access to great health care. I am a major proponent of preventative health care BUT the current US health care system does not support this focus.
    For all of us resisters, please call moderate republicans like:

    CA: Denham; Valvadoo; Knight; Rohrabacher/ CO: Coffman/ FL: Diaz-Belart; Curbelo/ IA: Young/ IL: Roskam/ MN: Poliquin/ MN: Paulsen/ NJ: Smith; Frelinghuysen/ NV: Amodei/ NY: King; Stetfanik; Katko/ OH: Joyce/ PA: Costello; Meehan; Fitzpatrick; Murphy/ VA.: Wittman; Comstock/ WA: Herrera; Beutler; Reichert/ WV: Jenkins; McKinley

    Find Your Representative · – U.S. House of Representatives
    Hugs, Gronda

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  4. The problem is not reasonable republicans but those 40 or so freedom caucus republicans. They object to anything that is sensible and helps people. The freedom caucus, however, is proposing a comprehensive dental plan: a free tooth brush for all. I had fears about being old but with Medicare and supplemental ins I have no problems in health care system and am free and above all the debate.

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    • Oooooohhhh … a FREE TOOTHBRUSH!!! I am so excited! I hope it’s a Spinbrush! 😀

      I, too, am above the debate, at least until they start slashing at Social Security and Medicare … but I still fight the fight, for so many are not. Sigh.


  5. I am very tired of big corporations insisting on easy profits without offering innovative new products or services, in a field whose ‘competitors’ set prices with them, and who face negligible risk. They act like customers are the enemy. Make that double for medical insurance companies.

    Small businesses and entrepreneurs need to offer something useful, beat the competition, and take a measured risk. Isn’t that what business, free enterprise, and capitalism is supposed to be about?

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    • I agree. And they do it because … they can and it increases their profits so that the CEOs of said companies can dine on steak with gold-plated silverware, while we are happy to find the article ‘100 new ways to cook chicken’.

      What free enterprise and capitalism are SUPPOSED to be about, and the reality, usually boil down to two separate things. The driving force in business can be summarized in one word: greed.

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  6. Forgive me for a really tangential aside here… When I see the name Reince Priebus I find I can’t read it and hear it spoken, don’t know how it’s pronounced. Instead I hear ‘Prince Rebus’. If you take ‘Rebus’ as the ablative plural of the Latin word ‘res’ for thing that makes him Prince by/with/from many things. Or with that other meaning of rebus – puzzle made from words/images – a Prince of Puzzles… what do you think? Sorry…. I know healthcare is a serious matter, we sit here waiting for a potential Tory government to sell off our wonderful free-at-the-point-of-delivery healthcare services to the highest (probably mostly American) bidder. Angry face.

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    • OH MY!!!! I first read your comment on my phone this morning before my feet even hit the ground, and you had me laughing so hard!!! What a wonderful way to start the day! I have never known quite how to pronounce it either, but, given your query and subsequent musings, of course I had to go in search of an answer. “Reince rhymes with Heinz ketchup, pree-buhs). So next time, you can just think, ‘ketchup before the bus’! Or to listen to the pronunciation, you can click However, I am rather fond of “Prince of Puzzles”. 😀 Thanks many times over for a lovely start to the day!

      Not sure what is going on with UK’s universal healthcare … I will have to do some research. Is this tied to the special election May called, or something entirely different?

      Hugs, my friend!


  7. These are the actions of a very spoiled child. He’ll keep presenting the same old stuff until he wears everyone down and they say go ahead. He’s like a dripping tap wearing people down. There’s not a moment spent trying to make things better than Obamacare….because he can’t. I wonder how the people would feel about a National Health Service paid for out of taxes instead of to an Insurance Company, that gives everyone access to free healthcare.Screw the Insurance companies deciding if they’ll fund your treatment, if you need it, you get it.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Yes, he is indeed a spoiled child. People wonder why he cannot understand the needs of the 99% who were not born with a silver spoon in their mount, but that is exactly why. He has never had to do without anything, never had to struggle or want for anything. I would love a fully-funded national health care program, and would hav no qualms about cutting the insurance companies out of the equation altogether! They have lied, cheated and stolen, as evidenced by this headline, “Major insurance companies are enjoying record profits but claim they are losing money under the Affordable Care Act”. Oil companies and insurance companies rank, in my book, as two of the most criminal, dishonest industries in the nation.

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  8. Hi Jill,
    Looks like I got back just in time to renew my offer, YOU and your fellow Democrats are still welcome in Canada where we still have free Health Care. Blue Cross makes a fortune up here, because they do control most of the Prescription medications insurance, but no matter how you look at it, going to the doctor for free WITH OR WITHOUT pre-existing conditions (and I know a lot about pre-existing conditions) is like a three hour wait at times, because all our fantastically-trained doctors all move to the US where they can make BIG BIG BUCKS, but we still have some humanitarian doctors here who would rather help patients heal rather than writing more and more prescriptions to get higher kickbacks from Big Pharma. And, well, you do have to wait 20 years for a new drug before it can be made generically, but hey! Our president-like Prime Minister still says he is legalizing marijuana by June 30, 2017, luckily for the Canadians who use medical marijuana at close to $1000 bucks a month, becauswe the real thing can do the same job as the medical stuff (COUGH COUGH HACK HACK) which is about to be criminalized because Big Pharma is losing money to the NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT that happens to ease pain, reduce swelling, “cure a hambone” of an incredible number of diseases that Big Pharma cannot or (WILL NOT???) do. I’m not even allowed to day the cannabis hemp seed oil that I’ve been selling under the name medical marijuana for the past two months (and is sold as such all over the world, but here in Canada we are no longer able to claim it cures anything despite the fact Government laboratories proved they could “cure a hambone” 15 years ago. At first hardly anyone believed such a miracle oil could exist, like people never believed penicillin could cure anything until it cured half the wounded soldiers from North America in World War I. Suddenly it became the wonder drug of the 20th century, and the non-marijuana seed oil is suddenly catching on, and Big Pharma wants their share, which will be 20 times the price people are paying for our product right now. So really, Trudeau is as bad as the Donald in wanting to help the “little rich kids who already own 95% of the money in the world while the poor and middle classes lose their ability to feel better.
    Funny, though, all we heard up here in Canada when Obamacare was made into law, every news report from America said it was the worst health bill ever passed. Like everything else, it took time to catch on, and your free enterprise system ended up taking a shot to the , I was going to say wallet, but I’ll change that to gut, cause I would hate to be sued fot libel in some American court that could not force me to do anything, unless I was dumb enough to cross the border into the US, because your “free speech” law has a habit of making people disappear.
    But I’ve been yakking too long. Just move to Canada, please, we have too many conservative people (big C and little c) and we need more people to vote for the left instead of the right asssholes (spelling intentional so I’m not swearing, cuz everyone knows there are only two s’s in the word assshole unless you add another at the end when you talk about the Republican asssholes) who thought they would get a good deal from Trumping the Democrats, but know they can’t afford to wipe their own “assholes” which are a body part and not a yes=sir for the Trumpeter of the White House.

    Have a good nights sleep, it may be the last one you get till you move to Canada, where only half the politicians say they are like American Democrats until they get into power, at which time they expose their dirty toilet paper for all to see, and we all say, Oh damn! Fucked again! when are we going to remember that on an election day…

    Sorry for the language, but sometimes it adds just the right amount of vehemence to let the powers that be know they can use their middle finger where the sun don’t shine…

    Goodnight. Have a good one. And remember, fighting the good fight is more often back a tired horse.


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