Shame, Tears, and a Broken Heart

Tonight I was having a bit of fun, working on a post about flying cars, when a news flash came across my screen and I found myself suddenly overwhelmed … with sadness, with tears, with grief for a man I never knew.  Then with rage, and a sense that there is no place left for soft, squishy hearts like mine in this world any more.

Despite the best efforts of humanitarians, lawyers, and courts around the nation, the lowly, trashy state of Arkansas performed its 4th execution in as many days, mainly in order to use up a supply of killing drugs whose expiry date was near.  I’m sorry, but you will have to wait until this afternoon to read about flying cars, for I am still sobbing, broken-hearted, and wishing, not for the first time in the past two years, that I was almost any other nationality.  Right at this particular moment, I absolutely despise my country and what it has allowed to happen.  Tonight my heart is so broken …

“Arkansas executed a death-row inmate late Thursday night in the state’s fourth lethal injection in eight days, concluding a frantic execution schedule officials said was necessary in order to carry out death sentences before one of their drugs expired.” 

I make no apologies for what I am about to say.  I hope … I sincerely hope … that every single person involved in the decision to execute four men, to take four lives, because they did not wish their drugs to reach expiry date … 

I want to hit someone … I want to kick … I want to lash out … but there is only Miss Goose and the Significant Seven, none of whom would choose to murder a fellow human being.

Within the industrialized world, the U.S. is one of only four nations that stubbornly clings to the death penalty.  We are in great company, the other three being Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. The European Union holds a strong position against the death penalty; its abolition is a key objective for the Union’s human rights policy. Abolition is also a pre-condition for entry into the Union. But the U.S. … oh, the U.S. is so sure it holds the key to righteousness.

The execution of Kenneth Williams tonight came after his attorneys appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that he was intellectually disabled and not fit to be executed. But the almighty right-white in Arkansas knew better … they are, after all, the almighty right-white. Relatives of one of Williams’s victims pled for his life, calling on the governor to call off the execution. But the almighty right-white persisted.  U.S. Supreme Court justices, shortly after 10 p.m., denied the requests without explanation.

The United States has now shown itself to be the most barbaric nation among the developed western nations, and I am no longer proud of this country.  I have, for the past year-and-a-half railed against the intrusion of a highly unqualified senior administration, starting with Donald Trump and working its way down through advisors and cabinet members.  But you know what?  Tonight, I think perhaps this barbaric, inhumane nation got exactly what it deserves.

R.I.P., Mr. Williams.  I apologize, on behalf of all my barbaric countrymen.  😥  There is obviously more to this story, and Filosofa will be back with … the rest of the story … one day.  But for now, I cannot … just … cannot.

36 thoughts on “Shame, Tears, and a Broken Heart

    • Thank you! Yes, these things take a toll on me. I sometimes have a tough shell, but beneath it there is a soft, squishy heart and I cannot stand injustice, or cruelty to humans or animals. Sigh. Tough world we live in today, isn’t it?


      • I tread very carefully here because my emotional side can veer to a death penalty particularly in cases involving children, elderly and pregnant women; that said my view is only as a last resort the most vile of cases; whereas this was an area for clemency
        And as for the reason that is the truly wicked side of officialdom, my response was WTF!! My own Inspector of Taxes reply would be to the officials:
        “Well yes we had to raise these large assessments of tax on you now, because we had to use up the last box of printer paper, in order to get some more. No we can’t accept your late accounts. You will have to appeal, go through the courts and in the meantime you must pay 50% of the tax due”- True it’s not nowhere near as bad, but just so they could have their damn reason shoved down their own throats!!

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        • I find that I cannot argue with your feelings about certain criminals/crimes, because until about a decade ago, I was not as dead set against the death penalty as I am today. I thought there were certain people who were simply evil and did not deserve to live on this planet. What changed my mind? A course I took as part of my Ph.D. work, sponsored by The Innocence Project. After seeing how many had been exonerated, found not guilty, after years of imprisonment, and realizing how close some of them came to being executed, I realized that we really do not have the right to take the life of another human. I always think … what if … ??? Plus, here in the U.S., criminal ‘justice’ seems to be racially biased and that is a whole ‘nother aspect all together.

          And as to the reason for the 4 executions in Arkansas this week … yeah, you are right … it is an abomination, especially since the drug manufacturer did not even want their product associated with executions and therefore the state took circuitous measures to obtain the drugs in the first place. Sigh.

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          • Quite so Jill, this is the case my wife has put before me regarding those who were found innocent…and there was the case of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hung, for the murder of her lover who was basically a rat, and she had been heavily drinking all day, hardly premeditated…
            Basically not good really, no matter what I feel.

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            • And, as you knew it would, your story of Ruth Ellis led me to look further into this case. At least you guys had the good sense to stop executing people willy-nilly after poor Ruth. We stopped, then decided that we were missing out on something and restarted the whole thing. Sigh. We are dolts who probably should have remained subjects of the British Crown, where good sense mostly eventually reigned. 🙂

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              • 😏 It’s sobering when you are starting to wonder if the actions between 1770- 1776 were a bit of a mistake.
                Although we aren’t on top of our game as we used to be, so it’s not to be recommended.
                (I wonder if any one with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour has started up a website ‘suggesting’ this as a course of action…..of course someone on the Alt Right would take it seriously and start dressing up as Washington, or marching about the place thumping away at a side drum)

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                  • Oh these folk are such an easy target. There are times when I am very tempted to place the entire Nicene Creed upon on a UK ‘religious’ ‘forum’ and watch the head spin around and burst into flames…..but sadly it would be in the spirit of sheer mischief, which is not how one should say the Nicene Creed (That’s the trouble with low-key reflective Christianity it keeps bringing you back to this moral code thing!) 🙂

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  1. Dear Jill,
    If there is one major reason why I would never want to live, visit or have anything to do with Arkansas, it is this event. It is times like this that I am ashamed of this great country.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. My dear friend, I knew this was happening. Didn’t know it’d gotten so far. The news are inundated with all the crazy stuff by this nation’s ‘leader’ … I feel with you!
    I offer my ‘company’ & a tight hug!
    It’s hard to realize this tent the country we were taught it was! 😪

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  3. When you are searching for evidence of this country’s “barbarism” don’t forget the drones which are sent off to the Middle East to kill suspected terrorists and kill a great many innocent people in the process — whom we call “collateral damage.” As much as Obama is missed, he was the one who took these attacks up a notch after they were started by the Shrub. And then there is the “mother of all bombs” that cost a fortune and killed a handful of ISIS members (reportedly) and who knows how many innocent people. It’s not hard to find the evidence, and our love of the death penalty is surely a large piece of that evidence.

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  4. Ever since I was tiny I have been bemused and upset at why anyone feels they have the right to kill someone else – when our human justice systems are so flawed and get things wrong , if for no other reason. I belatedly joined Amnesty a couple of year ago and though it is but little consolation writing letters every now and then, sometimes it does produce results, in even the most heinous regimes. I do not wish illness or pain on anyone but if I could, I would wish empathy on the people who have decreed such thing, to the extent that they feel the torture inflicted mentally by understanding what they have been complicit in for the rest of their lives.

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    • I don’t really wish illness or pain on anyone either … I was just enraged and venting … I took that part out. But I am just so saddened that we can do this, and call it ‘justice’. One of the first three they executed earlier in the week may actually not have been guilty of the crime he was convicted of, yet they couldn’t wait until the final test results were in. Sigh. We are NOT a civilized society … not at all.


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