ACA truths Republicans don’t want you to know

Tonight, the House Republicans claim they have sufficient support to vote on the repeal of ACA and the extremely poor replacement being proposed. This bill, if passed, will take health coverage away from millions of people. Fellow-blogger and friend Keith has some advice for us all, and some very informative information. Please take a few minutes to read his post and check out the links. This is important, friends … this is our lives! Thank you, Keith, for this timely information and for permission to reblog!


The Affordable Care Act is an imperfect and complex law, but it is actually working pretty good. It does need improvements, but a few of its imperfections have been heightened by our Republican friends in Congress and in state legislatures. Yet, they do not want you to know about these actions, some of which are quite devious and harmful to Americans. To be frank, this subterfuge frustrates me as people are harmed as the GOP tried to waylay the law.

What has not been reported very much in main stream news is Senator Marco Rubio’s successful efforts to stiff insurance companies. These companies were promised additional funding for taking on excessive bad risk, called adverse selection. This was done successfully when the Medicare Part D plans were rolled out. By stiffing the carriers, the insurance companies had to raise premiums even more than they otherwise would have. Some even left…

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14 thoughts on “ACA truths Republicans don’t want you to know

  1. Jill, I thought I would duplicate a comment from my blog here. Thanks for reblogging this one. Keith

    To further indicate that is all about style than substance, and this President cares little about the details, several Republican Congressional representatives did not like the AHCA bill they voted for per The Washington Post. They felt pressured to get Trump a win in the House. These same folks know the Senate will alter it significantly (which the GOP Senate leadership as already said) and it may not ever survive a reconciliation process. Yet, they needed to pass something.

    The CBO will likely not be kind to this bill as they were the first one. These guys are running victory laps over screwing over 24 million Americans out of healthcare. To be frank, not waiting on the CBO scoring and voting for something only for political reasons is extremely poor stewardship and malfeasance in some respects. That is this Independent voter’s opinion. But, what do I know, I just try to be a voice for those who rarely have a place at the table and certainly not this table

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  2. Jill, many thanks. For those in agreement with Jill and me, please call your Congressional representative today. Most Congressional leaders (and our President) have little idea what the ACA does and what the replacement law will do. Please ask them to work with Democrats to improve the ACA as this is people’s lives we are talking about. Keith

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    • Well, we tried. I heard earlier that the bill passed the House. I think it will be much harder to get through the Senate, and that is a ray of hope. I think today is a good time to start working on calls and letters to our senators!


  3. This latest proposal is still not enough. Though finally someone wants to set up a contingency fund to help those who won’t be covered due to pre-existing conditions, the fund is simply not enough. Maybe the ACA is flawed but it is working, they shouldn’t repeal it, they should improve it.
    If, as is claimed, they have enough votes to go ahead with their own plan now it’s either because they don’t care enough about the people they’re sworn to serve or they’re being fed a lie about the effects of it. They’d better hurry and do some research if they want re-election next year.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Certainly ACA has problems … the Republicans blocked any and all attempts to tweak it since it’s inception, and no program is perfect. But, as you said, it has helped tens of millions of people have access to healthcare that they normally would not have had, so yes, it IS working. But Trump and his ego must eradicate anything that was not his idea, that does not carry his name, so the rest of us be damned. As a person with multiple pre-existing conditions, I am particularly offended by the comments this week by Mo Brooks, a representative from Alabama, who said that those of us who have pre-existing conditions brought it on ourselves and, had we lived right, we would not have them. Born with a heart condition, asthma and diabetes, I really resent that!!! But this is not about me … it is about 330 million Americans, the majority of whom can only suffer under Trump’s plan. And why? Because he is an egotist and a bully, and he has bullied and browbeat our Congress into bending to his will. And to answer your question? Reps in Congress are, apparently, more afraid of Trump than they are of We The People. Just wait until November 18th. Sigh. Many hugs, dear friend!

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      • Were it only about you it would still be enough to knock Mo Brooks on her rear. With a remark like that I guess she’s one of those fundamentalist Christians who don’t know what a real Christian is. No wonder it’s probably the most disliked religion on the planet.I refuse to accept liability for my pre-existing conditions and I’d like her to explain why I should, but then I don’ have to worry about the evil she’s perpetrating on the American people with this uncaring bill.
        Look after yourself
        xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx


        • David, Jill, my Congressman, Robert Pittenger, said “if people don’t like the healthcare in our state, they can move.” This has been referred to as a Marie Antoniette comment, justifiably so.

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          • Yes, I read that comment just before shutting down my computer and going to bed this morning, and I wanted to take both him and Mo Brooks and toss them in the middle of a plague-infested island! Let them eat cake! Grrrrrrrr ….


        • Hahaha … as it happens, Mo Brooks is a ‘he’, not a ‘she’, but that gave me a huge laugh! After making that comment, Brooks tried to backpedal and say that he understood some people might have pre-existing conditions through ‘no fault of their own’, but for me, it was too little, too late. He made his feelings perfectly clear in the beginning. There are words for people like him, but I am trying to be good and not use those words quite as much. 😀 Cwtch Mawr, dear friend!


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