Not Even Trying

Erik Hare, my ‘go-to’ blogging friend, has a different, but I believe astute, take on today’s House vote to repeal ACA and implement Trump’s version of healthcare -101. Please take a few minutes to read his assessment, as I believe he has nailed it. Thank you, Erik, for implicit permission to re-blog!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The US House just passed what it calls AHCA – the Obamacare repeal legislation they have been waiting 8 years to pass.

There are many ways to criticize this bill, ranging from the AMA’s criticism that it dismantles what safety net we have to a full-on dismissal by key Senate Republicans.

But there is a deeper criticism that has to be made – the real problem with this bill is that the House isn’t actually even trying to govern. They’ve completely given up.

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3 thoughts on “Not Even Trying

    • I absolutely agree! I have begun asking the question … are they being bullied and browbeaten by Trump, or are they being bribed? There has to be some reason that they are willing to sacrifice their jobs, their integrity (if they ever had any) and their reputations to do his bidding. They seem to forget that Trump is not their boss … we are. Sigh.


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