Rex Tillerson States: US State Department Needs To Focus Less On Human Rights’ Issues

Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon-Mobil, was confirmed by the Senate in February as Secretary of State. A less qualified, less appropriate choice has, perhaps, never been appointed to this office. Fellow-blogger and friend, Gronda Morin, has done a great deal of research on Mr. Tillerson, and as always, her facts and assessment are spot on. Tillerson is on track to destroy America’s standing as one of the most respected nations in the world. As evidence, one comment noted in Gronda’s post stuck out: “He also signaled that the United States would de-emphasize human rights concerns in some of its interactions with other countries.” Please take a few moments to read Gronda’s post, for it is by far the best assessment of Tillerson that I have seen. Thank you, Gronda, for your excellent research and for permission to share.

Gronda Morin

Tillerson/ Lavrov

Today 5/3/17, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took 40 minutes to lay out to the state department’s employees, his plan to support the republican President Donald Trump’s strategy to “make American great/ first again.”

What was most alarming about his monologue is this commentary “In some circumstances, if you condition our national security efforts on someone adopting our values, we probably can’t achieve our national security goals.” This is code for the state department’s intent to place less emphases on its encouragement for the improving of “human rights” conditions around the world.
It is important to note that he personally, and his former employer, ExxonMobil where he was its CEO, HAS SEVERAL LAWSUITS FILED AGAINST IT, WHICH ARE STILL IN PROCESS, FROM PEOPLES AROUND THE WORLD FOR SERIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS’ INFRACTIONS.

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7 thoughts on “Rex Tillerson States: US State Department Needs To Focus Less On Human Rights’ Issues

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    • You are most welcome! I always enjoy re-blogging your posts, as your research and fact-checking is impeccable and I know I don’t have to double check the data, plus they are always meaningful.

      That’s a great idea! Let me know what feedback you get from them, and if it makes a difference, perhaps I will join that effort also!

      Hugs, my dear friend!!!

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  2. Jill, let me agree with your post, but say the following as plainly as I can. When we give up the high ground as a country, we are just another country. This period in our history will be remembered when the United States of America ceded its moral leadership in the world. I just hope and pray we don’t become a pariah, as I fear might happen under this president who is man of no conviction. Keith

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    • Yes, he is poised to destroy our reputation, which will take … how long … to rebuild? I, too, fear what may happen if he is allowed to serve a full 4-year term, especially in light of the fact that the world leaders he seems to most admire are cruel, harsh autocrats. Does he model himself after Erdogan, Putin, even Duterte? It is to early to know for certain, but certainly something to watch for.

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