Tuesday Morning … Non-Post

I was working on two separate posts, one about cows in India, and one about Sally Yates’ testimony before the Senate committee.  Both were going fine, and I wasn’t sure which would be the a.m. post.  When suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a tiredness so pervasive that I could no longer function, no longer think.  And so … I am going to bed without a well-researched post, no words of wisdom … just this.  I hope you all forgive me … I hope to be back in the saddle later today, but for tonight I am … sleeping

25 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning … Non-Post

        • Ah, but, like yourself, I find I cannot step away. I was trying, but then came tonights BIG news and my fists came back up, ready for more of the fight. I simply cannot step away, turn my head and pretend it isn’t happening. And yet, I know that you are right … if I cannot step away, I will need to at least find a better balance, because I absolutely REFUSE to let Donald Trump cause my demise! 🙂 Thank you for caring, my friend.

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            • Nope, we got Bozo the Clown for president. On the one hand, I think he tightened his own noose a bit by firing Comey. But on the other hand, I see it as yet another authoritarian act and I am afraid that the Russian investigation will now be swept under the carpet. We will have to scream loud and clear to make it clear that we want answers. My first reaction tonight was “Comey got too close” … I wondered a couple of weeks ago when Trump semi-jokingly said he could fire Comey, if that wasn’t his plan all along. Sigh. Always something to keep the fingers pounding the keys until the wee hours! I wonder, if Hillary had won in November, if I would just be sitting around reading books and polishing my non-existent fingernails? 😀 😀 😀

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              • There is blood in the water, and the sharks of opportunity may well start circling. A president who flails about. These are invigorating times for those who want to make a name. A blow could well come from a small, shadowy corner of his won side of the room.
                Well Jill, if Hilary had won you would probably be busy defending her against the burning brand and pitchfork brigades and the Loyal Order of The Tin Foil Hatz. Because they would be howling!.
                Reading books is a good plan. 😃

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                • You are so right … his own may soon start to turn on him, if they manage to find their cojones! I will be chuckling and smiling when I write about that one! As it is, I am having some good chuckles watching the circus this morning. It is one thing to blunder, but to heatedly and repeatedly try to defend and justify the blunder is just plain ignorant. But then … look who we are talking about here.

                  And yes, if Hillary had won, I might actually be even busier than I am now! The anti-Clinton clan would not have gone away in peace, and in fact sometime last year I predicted that if she won, there would be blood shed in the streets. Sigh.

                  Did you happen to catch an article … I think it was Sunday … in the Guardian about the manipulation of the Brexit vote last June? Mary sent it to me yesterday, and I am still trying to figure out the various ties, twists and turns involving a ton of money and some big-name players … interesting reading. If you didn’t catch it, let me know and I will send you the link.

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                  • No I’ve not read the Brexit story; the one big reason being my Grumpy Old True Socialist stance of ‘Can’t say I’m surprised,’
                    That said if anyone was doing whatever was being done they were pushing against an open door.
                    For years, sadly, the British propensity to be hostile to ‘The Continent’ has been fuelled by a steady drip feed (going back the Ages of Thatcher) , so when David Cameron (my words here) decided in a paternalistic way to let his anti-European Wing ‘Have their silly referendum’ he miscalculated and ‘The rest is History’.
                    Also what assisted the Brexit vote were many of my comrades-in-faith who have an natural aversion to the notion of the Multi-National Corporation which is how they view the EU.
                    So manipulation of The Brexit vote?…
                    Roger shrugs and says ‘We’re stuck with it anyhows’
                    Then whispers ‘They may be ringing bells now. Soon they will be wringing their hands’ Walpole 1739 on yet another declaration of war against Spain

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                    • Yes, I think that Cameron did not expect the Brexit vote to pass any more than we actually believed Trump could be elected. And both were naive, we can now see. I keep hoping that both can be undone with minimal damage, but I suppose that, too, is naive thinking. Even if they are, somehow undone (thinking a new Brexit vote, and an impeachment or 25th amendment issue, there are still those who support Brexit/Trump, who would raise a ruckus. Sigh.

                      Hows the book coming, Roger? Hugs, my friend …. 🙂

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                    • Hi Jill
                      Brexit is a done deal for the next decade or so. Any attempts to ditch it would stir up a unnecessary fracturing and also start more of The Filth attacking minority groups. We should now stick to doing what brits used to do best back in the 16th-19th centuries …being perfidious and double dealing to get the best out of it.
                      Ah the book is going fine Jill, really spun off course in the last third. I related the matter in a rather dada sort of post yesterday Nearly finished the first re-write; then there’ll be another and hey-ho launch time!.
                      Keep on being Jill 😉.

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                    • Yes, I’m sure you are right about Brexit, but I still hope for a reversal of fortunes where Trump is concerned.

                      Sounds like you’ve made some great progress on the book! I will check out your post in a few minutes … once again I am way behind in reading blogs, writing posts, checking and answering email … heck, I think I am behind on breathing! 🙂

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                    • No worries, dear Roger! I never seem to catch up completely, but I think I must thrive on that. I always think I can accomplish more in a given period than I can actually do, and thus every 3-4 days I fall woefully behind. But the main thing is that I am active, happy, and enjoy the heck out of my life! 🙂

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  1. I hope you get all the sleep you need in bed. It’s awful having the imprint of the keyboard backwards across your forehead.My usual trick when I nod off there is to carry on writing and then send it.Only the part where I’m awake makes sense (I hope) and friends think I’ve been overcome by some terrible brain virus.
    You’ve been posting daily for a while and keeping us informed (for which I thank you) but it may be time for a break.
    Keep well and look after yourself.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • You will be happy to know that there are no backward keyboard marks on my face, and I actually did manage serveral hours of sleep … in bed. 🙂 I’m still tired, though … I think all those nights of staying up writing until 4:00 a.m. may have finally caught up with me. No cause for worry, though … I shall rebound soon enough!

      Cxtch Mawr, dear friend!

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