“We The People” Request The Establishment Of An Independent Commission

It has become painfully obvious that We The People are being lied to on an hourly basis by the so-called president and his staff. It is equally obvious that there is some major evidence of wrong-doing by Trump and many of his closest advisors and staff — wrongdoing that almost certainly led to a stolen election, collusion, and now obstruction of justice. As always, Gronda is leading the call for an independent investigation … this MUST happen if we are EVER to know what happened. As it stand now, there is ZERO trust in our top echelons of government. Please take a moment to read Gronda’s excellent post. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

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Dear Honorable Representative,

The reason that many “we the people” voted for the republican President Donald Trump is that many are sick and tired of the typical politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths. The votes for President Trump were a”see me now” vote. Those who did not vote for our current president can also be described as “see me now” voters.

“We the people” are lacking trust in our governmental institutions as you are continuously eroding our ability to take anything you say at face value. For example when some of you declare that the US House’s recently passed AHCA healthcare bill meets all the president’s promises, how do you think we feel after we do a minimal amount of research, to discover that it doesn’t by any measure? It does not cover more people or provide for better options for less monies. Are…

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8 thoughts on ““We The People” Request The Establishment Of An Independent Commission

  1. Jill, an innocent man would want people to get to the bottom of this to clear his name. The firing man has consistently set up obstacles, belittled the investigations, lied, changed his lies, and continues to lie. So, what can we glean from the firing man’s actions? Keith

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    • My thoughts exactly. If he has nothing to hide, then it is to his advantage to provide whatever resources are necessary to pursue the investigation. His lies, stumbling, changing stories, throwing up smoke screens, and firing Comey all speak of Guilt. It is time for people to wake up from that long winter slumber they have been indulging in.


    • Thanks, Roger … Miss Gronda is always a step ahead and her research is impeccable. I am so far behind that I’m running backward, I think, so I’m happy to have her posts to share while I try to catch my breath. 🙂

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  2. Dear Jill,
    Again thanks a million for the reblog. An independent commission staffed by competent, non partisan peoples of integrity, then “we the people” can have confidence in the work product. If this commission were to clear DDT of any involvement with Russia’s attempts to interfere with US elections, then “we the people” can accept this outcome. Anything short of this independent investigative commission, the work product will always lack credibility.
    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • You know I fully agree with you … anything less than an independent investigation is not acceptable. But I was thinking about this earlier this evening and I have to ask this question: is anybody in this country actually ‘non-partisan’ these days? Certainly there are those who do not officially align with either party, such as our mutual friend Keith, but at this point, given the shenanigans of the Trump administration, are there any neutral observers? Just something to think about.


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  3. what I want to know is why the regressive left called for the firing of the FBI director 6 months ago and now that he’s been fired, it’s suddenly an alarming event?

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    • Now, Reluctant … you know the answer to that one as well as I do, and I cannot help but think you are just being the antagonist here. 🙂 Nonetheless, I will take the time to provide the answer that you already know.

      In October, James Comey made what I consider an ill-advised move, sending emails to a handful of particularly obnoxious congressmen stating that he was looking into emails to and from Hillary Clinton on her assistant’s computer. Not going into details, because we all know them already. It appeared to me that this was done with the intention of discrediting Ms. Clinton, despite the fact that no criminal misconduct had been found and her case was closed. I still believe that was the reason behind the ‘October surprise’, however I think it was orchestrated by somebody other than James Comey and he was used. Prior to that, Comey had a reputation as a straight-shooter and a man of integrity. Some did call for his termination, however what is done is done, and as I said, I believe he was the patsy here.

      Fast forward to post-election, when it became obvious even to those wearing blinders that many of Trump’s closest advisors, confidantes and staff had unseemly, even illegal contact with the Russian government, and worse, had lied their heads off about it. Which threw up red flags all over the place and the hue and cry, my own included, was for an investigation. Little did any of us know at the time just how tangled the web of intrigue and lies was. The House investigation was quickly de-railed by the games played by Trump, his associates within the White House, and Rep. Devin Nunes. There is a Senate investigation ongoing, however the best people to perform said investigation is the FBI, since this is their area of expertise. Last week, James Comey requested resources to expand the investigation. This request would ONLY have been made if he had every reason to believe there is evidence of collusion between Trump, his team, and Russia. And within days he is fired. Sorry, but no, I did not want him fired … I wanted him to find the smoking gun that I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt exists. We The People will not stop and, as the assistant press secretary said, “move on”. Not going to happen. We will continue until there is a full and independent investigation and until the public knows who is involved, what happened, and the guilty parties are punished. Period.

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