An Ethics Watchdog Group Has Filed A Complaint Against Jeff Sessions

Having Jeff Sessions interview candidates to replace FBI Director James Comey is a classic case of putting the fox in charge of the hen house. But there are efforts afoot to remove Sessions from the process, as fellow-blogger & friend Gronda has discovered. Please take a few moments to read her excellent post! Thank you, Gronda, for this valuable information and permission to share!

Gronda Morin

Originally on 5/9/17, as the story of the republican President Donald Trump’s firing of the FBI Director James Come became public knowledge. we the people,” the “see me now voters,” were expected to buy at face value that Rod Rosenstein’s superior, the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not have to recuse himself for intervening in this firing event because whatever happened, had absolutely no connection to the FBI’s inquiry into Russia’s shenanigans regarding US politics.

Until sometime on 5/11/17, the White House’s talking points were delivered along the lines, that the president was forced to act in response to a critical memo about the FBI Director Comey, penned by the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (2 weeks on the job) and the recommendation to fire the FBI director by the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

As this story-line kept being challenged on several fronts, by the early evening of 5/11/17, the…

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25 thoughts on “An Ethics Watchdog Group Has Filed A Complaint Against Jeff Sessions

    • Yes, Gronda does excellent research and writing. As to your thought … Sigh … No, this is not how most of us want to be seen, but in this case, the majority of us, those of us who have not traded our brains for a box of Cracker Jacks, do not seem to matter to the powers-that-be. Sigh again. People like myself, Gronda, Keith and others are ashamed of our new image around the globe, but even so, there are others who seem to gloat and pat themselves on the back. Personally … I am telling everyone that I wasn’t really born here, but was found under a cabbage leaf in Botswana and smuggled into the U.S. And one last time … sigh.

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      • Regrettably for ordinary folk in the US there is a willingness in the World to blame everything upon every citizen of the USA. So no its’ not Russia, it’s not Assad it’s all the USA…so speaketh the left-wing brothers and sisters in Stupidity of your Alt.Right.
        This world-wide condemnation; It’s the sort of thing that used to happen to us in the 19th Century, of course we did have sneaky and cleverly devious governments in those days. (Perfidious Albion remember), and not a group who have not read Federal Govt 101.
        Don’t give up. Remember You Are The Americans (as per the constitution).
        Keep on keeping on.

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        • No, you know me … I may get disheartened, but I NEVER give up! 🙂 It is sad, though, to have gone from a reasonably well-respected nation to the laughingstock of the world in less than a year. If we managed to get rid of the whole lot in the White House tomorrow, it would take years, perhaps decades to re-build our reputation. And the bloomin’ fools who voted for him STILL think he’s great! Brainless twits. But nonetheless, you are right … this, too, shall pass, and I am thankful to have a number of friends across the pond who know that some of us are still human! 🙂

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                • True. But, I have to admit, if I were a native of any other country … at this point I would either be laughing at the foibles of the U.S., or shrieking in horror. So, rather like the kid who goes to school with toilet paper hanging out the back of his pants, we deserve to be made fun of … we mistook a clown for a leader … And what’s worse is some are still convinced the clown is competent.

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                  • It happens to every nation…trouble is sometimes the joke turns sour and then everyone stops laughing.
                    But this is one of the problems faced by a nation which despite being five time zones wide and have a pop. of 300,000,000+ still manages to display the sort of free and open societies many can only dream of- aberrations turn up.
                    You, all the American people, are also the whipping-boys/girls for the rodent-like breeding social media heroes who wish to prove they have incisive, intelligent, sophisticated outlooks, but are actually no better than your average knuckle dragging Alt. Right yahoo. Yep! Easy Target of choice for the Lazy.

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                    • So true. Just this evening I was having a chat with an old friend, a staunch republican, though not a Trump supporter, and he blamed me and all the other democrats for the mess in the White House. Said if the dems had run somebody besides Hillary, none of this would have happened. The sad thing is … he may actually have a point. But … no use looking back … just need to look ahead and figure out how we fix that which is broken. What I find so strange is that if Obama had done any single one of the things Trump has done, they would have run him out of town on a rail, but with Trump, they seem to be willing to just shrug their shoulders and say, “oh well … boys will be boys.”

                      By the way … meant to add this in my last comment … I thought I was the only person in the world who says “Geez Louise!” It is part of my daily speech! 😀

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                    • Yes indeed the warning signs were there with Hilary; no real enthusiasm.
                      Obama, well apart from those genuine folk who perceived him as a socialist (rather sweet really); we all know it was racism.
                      One wonders what they would have said if Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell had ‘accepted the draft’- as Eisenhower had done…….hmmm?
                      In conclusion I picked up a whole swath of Americanisms down the years (via MAD, sit-coms and music mostly) 😄….
                      Ya don’t say???….. Oh fer sure!! 😄

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                    • Sigh. I guess we got bored with people who understood the Constitution, knew how to read books, could write in whole sentences, and knew how to play nice with others, so we went for the direct antithesis. Colin Powell might have been a good pick. Rice would have too, but she had too much baggage … gender being the biggest piece.

                      American slang with a Welsh accent! Rather entertaining! 😀 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I find “Oh My Sainted Aunt” popping out of my mouth more and more these days! I just love that one! 🙂

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                    • Research reveals they are two quite separate aunts; it appears the entire family was most colourful in one way or another. In polite British society it would be difficult, nay even impossible to be Saintly (or Sainted) and giddy at the same time. 😊

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                    • Yes, that was my thought also. Sainted connotes modest, quiet, almost ethereal, whereas ‘giddy’ is almost a polar opposite. So now, I’m picturing these two sisters growing up together, the sainted and the giddy, and wondering just what kept the sainted from murdering the giddy! 😀

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                    • There were three! And the eldest was insufferably bossy and sensible (and then got married, had five kids- well she was not stodgy sensible- and overwhelmed her sibs with nieces and nephews- and they all lived chaotically ever after ) 😃

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  1. Dear Jill,
    Thanks a million times over for your great introduction, all of your support and for this reblog. What I don’t get is why Jeff Sessions is getting away with interviewing for the new guy and why more aren’t screaming about this outrage.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. I agree putting that racist little hobbit Jeff sessions in charge of anything is beyond wrong!! He’s paid by big Pharma to Head the ridiculous war on Cannabis! Jeff Sessions is the one who needs to be fired!! He says “Good people don’t smoke marijuana” how can somebody possibly be so closed minded! He’s not! He’s not dumb either, he’s just greedy and will side with whoever offers him the most money….


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