Preet Bharara Has His Say Over The Comey Firing

Preet Bharara is one of three people who, while investigating Russian ties to Trump and Co., was suddenly fired under curious circumstances. The other two were acting Attorney General Sally Yates and most recently, FBI Director James Comey. Mr. Bharara, in a recent op-ed for the Washington Post, asks the question we are all asking this week: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president? We all need to be thinking about this question, and asking ourselves where we go from here. Trump has now proven that he believes himself to be above the law … what next? My blogger-friend Gronda, as always, has provided an excellent summary off Mr. Bharara’s article … I hope you will take a moment to read it and consider what the events of the past two weeks might lead to. Thanks, Gronda, for this excellent post!

Gronda Morin

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Preet Bharara was the US prosecutor whom the republican President Donald Trump had summarily fired in January 2017, after the president had previously invited him to stay. I suspect that one of the main reasons for the dismissal of Mr. Bharara has to do with  his legal pursuit at the time, of the Deutsche Bank for its Russian money laundering schemes. Numerous reports indicate that the president’s number one creditor has been shown to have laundered Russian dirty monies to the tune of about ten billion dollars.

Here is Mr. Bharara’s thoughts on the president’s firing of the FBI Director James Comey on 5/9/17…

On 5/14/17, Preet Bharara penned the following op-ed piece for Washington Post, “Preet Bharara: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president?”

Preet Bharara, a scholar in residence at NY University Law School, was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York from 2009 until…

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