What Happens When One Wallows With Hogs …

I refuse to rescind an Idiot of the Week award, so I won’t.  But I have to admit that I currently have a great deal of sympathy for one of my former IOTW award winners, namely Sean Spicer.  He is still an idiot, but perhaps the main thing that makes him so is that he accepted the job as White House Press Secretary to begin with.  He worked on Trump’s campaign, he knew that Trump was a liar, a bully, and that the job of presenting him in the brightest light possible to the press would be an impossible task.  Still, he said ‘yes’, and he has paid a high price in the nearly four months Trump has been in office.

spicer-memeA recent op-ed written by Dana Milbank of The Washington Post, who is a long-time friend of Spicer, reads:

“Alas, poor Spicer! I knew him well. He was one of the top Republican flacks in town, affable and quick-witted, always happy to dish with reporters off the record. I liked him. I still like him — or at least that Spicer I knew before he answered Donald Trump’s call.”

Milbank continues, “The president turned him into a national punchline on his first day on the job, forcing him to provide “alternative facts” about the inauguration.”

And then, of course, there are all those Saturday Night Live sketches which, I must admit, are pretty funny, but try to imagine how poor Sean feels sitting at home on Saturday night with his wife and children watching himself as the laughingstock of the nation.


And now, the culmination of it all is that rumours are flying about Washington that Spicer will be replaced by the end of the week.  So yes, I do rather feel sorry for him.  He was woefully unprepared and unqualified for this position under this president, as only a consummate liar who is comfortable with dealing constantly in ‘alternative facts’, lies, contradictions and basically wallowing with the hogs could excel at the job. I suspect Sean Spicer is, deep down, too good a person to work for Trump.

So who, you ask, will replace Sean?  Well, my first thought was that last week’s press briefings by Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a ‘job interview’ of sorts, and a number of the DC pundits agreed with me.  But then as of yesterday, it is rumoured that one Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News is top dog for the position.  I did not like Sanders because in her first press briefing she said it was time to “move on” from the Russian investigations, and I was incensed.  I cursed my laptop, saying, “No, you dumba## bi$%&, I WILL NOT move on until I have all the answers!!!”  My trusty Dell cursed back, saying “command unknown”.  Sigh.

But as much as I disliked Ms. Sanders, I dislike Ms. Guilfoyle even more.  First, she is actively campaigning for the position and says she possesses the necessary qualities … which are, as I noted above, being a master of lies, contradictions, and wallowing in slop with the hogs.  By her own admission, then, she possesses those qualities.  Add to that a bonus qualification: she is a back-stabber, being perfectly willing to knock poor Sean off the podium.

My next reason for disliking her is this statement she made:

“I think I have a very good relationship with the president. I think I enjoy a very straightforward and authentic, very genuine relationship, one that’s built on trust and integrity, and I think that’s imperative for success in that position”.

Certain keywords here throw up red flags:  straightforward, authentic, genuine, trust, and integrity.  Not a single one of those words can be applied to Donald Trump even under the best of circumstances.  So this proves her to be either of a very low IQ, or of a very low character … or both.  And this …

“If you want to be successful and do communications with President Trump, you have to be someone who he actually wants to spend a little bit of time with.”  Shades of Monica Lewinsky?  I wonder if she owns a blue dress?

Third reason for my dislike: In her interview with the Bay Area News Group, Guilfoyle talked about Spicer as if he were already gone: “Sean Spicer is a very nice man and a patriot. He’s dedicated himself to this public service. Very tough position he’s in. I wish him the best, and I know he puts a lot of effort into it.”  Geez, lady, why don’t you just roast the pig before you kill it???

roast pig

My fourth and final reason, perhaps the least rational of the list, is that she currently works for Fox News and has a fake smile.

As of today, Sean Spicer is still the White House press secretary and reportedly was told by Trump that his job is safe … for now.  But we all know that nothing Trump says is necessarily the truth.  In reality, Sean Spicer would ultimately be far better off if he were let go.  Eventually he would get another job, one where he could once again learn to respect himself and do his job with integrity.  The past four months have taken a toll on the man, as evidenced by the before and after pictures.



30 thoughts on “What Happens When One Wallows With Hogs …

  1. For shame …for shame Jill!

    You are being much too critical on the Keith Spicer potential replacements.

    (1) Female staff in the White House have been outfitted with a special type of protective under garment – a “chase titty” belt — which will protect them from the amoral and unexpected advances of the commander in chief.

    (2) Trump likes to hug and grab. We saw this one-two maneuver when he attempted to give a big hug to James Comey in the white House recently. It is unofficially reported that Trump whispered “you’re fired” in Jim’s ear.

    (3) Unlike Bill Clinton he does not smoke cigars and so the chance of a female being sexually accosted by a panatella cigar is still untenable. But nothing is ever up in smoke in the Oval Office.

    (4) Women supporters for Trump are unshakable in their love and admiration for him. Therefore Keith’s replacement will be a dull, unattractive female who will keep her mouth shut, her mind open and her loyalty to the president of paramount importance.

    All in all the White House has become a trough for bottom feeders seeking positions of power.

    And that Jill is the way it almost is in the circle of power called the White House. 🙂


  2. Unless he desperately needs the money, I don’t see how Sean can stay on. He told a reporter he didn’t watch Saturday Night Live because he went to bed early so he could get up and go to church the next morning. How can the man sit in church listening to the sermon knowing the job he does. and has to go back to the next day. I simply couldn’t justify it to myself but I guess some people can. —- Suzanne

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      • To me, he looks like he’s suffering. I think he’s basically a good person and should get out before the situation deteriorates further. The money wouldn’t be worth it to me. Other employees are considering “lawyering up”. I feel like shouting, “Leave now, Sean!”.

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        • Same here. I can only imagine what must be going through the minds of any good people who are stuck in the Trump regime. Working for a bad boss is one thing … we’ve probably all been there, done that, at one time or another. But working for a madman in a den of vipers … no thanks!

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    • Certainly so … he is the only one important to him … even his children are secondary to him … the ‘man’ has no conscience. But then, we knew that a year ago, so no real surprise. It sure is getting old, though.


  3. Jill, I think we have been saying for two months Spicer’s days are numbered. Either he will be fed up with the lying and quit or be fired. I think I mentioned to Gronda, he and his comrades circle the wagons to protect the boss only to find he has moved to another area. Keith

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    • Yes, I agree … I think there is a third possibility … that the stress of trying to cover for the madman may end up killing him if he stays in the position much longer. It is not a job I could do … I would have quit the first day … no wait, I would never have accepted the job!

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  4. You could not pay me enough to have Spicer’s job, but he had to have had some idea of what he was in for. As for the impossibility of his chore, a different approach than his short-tempered, aggressive, barking dog persona would have completely changed the tone of his interactions with the media–a tone which he set. Beyond that, there is no sense is speculating on what Trump will do–the only way to watch his “show” and remain sane is to look at it as dark comedy, a political satire.

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    • No, I could not … would not … have his job. And I agree about his demeanor, but I wonder if a lot of that is a product of his frustration with being expected to do the impossible. Thanks for dropping by … haven’t seen you around for a long time! Hope you’re doing well.


  5. Dear Jill,

    We all know why Kimberly Guilfoyle will win the job over Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer. It is because neither can wear a dress quite like Ms Guilfoyle with her high heels as she displays her two qualifications right up front.
    Yes, initially DDT will find her to be over qualified but let’s see how well she lies.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I know … though I have never seen her on television (I refulse to turn on FOX … when I Googled, her, almost every picture had her looking more like she was going nightclubbing than being a television anchor.


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  6. I go back and forth between feeling sorry for Spicer. On the one hand, he embraced Trump with open arms. But then I don’t think he knew what he was getting into and now he’s being made a scapegoat. As far as who’s going to replace him, my money is on Guilfoyle. She’s a slimy back-stabbing snake from his favorite network and let’s face it, when he does hire a woman he tends to want them to be gorgeous.😒

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    • Yes, I have mixed feelings about Spicer also, but overall I think he is in over his head and not sure how to extricate himself. I’m with you … I have never watched Fox and don’t even use their articles in my research, so I had not heard of Guilfoyle until yesterday. She seems to be a real piece of work. As Gronda said, her two best qualifications are right out in front! 🙂

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  7. I look at Sean Spicer and really think i’d like him in a Trumpless world, he looks like he would be a fun person. I feel sorry for him and wish he’d quit instead of hanging on to a job that must wound his soul Sarah Sanders? No, wouldn’t like her at all and if we should ever meet, which is certainly impossible, i’d have to slap her upside the head. I know nothing about Kimberly Guilfoyle , i avoid Fox News like it’s a carrier of the plague. From her picture she looks like she’s window dressing. Maybe she has a brain but if so why would she go work for the orange monster with his reputation? I’ll just keep rotting for Spicey.

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    • I agree … I think Sean is probably a decent man, which is why he is struggling so much with the job he is being asked to do. And no, I never watch Fox News either, so I had never heard of Guilfoyle until yesterday. Seems like a piece of work, but one thing is for sure … the next few weeks will be interesting.


  8. I’m going to sit here singing “Why are we waiting” continuously until Trump is gone.If you have any sympathy for the ears of the UK you’ll ensure it happens quickly.Even before he gave up secrets to the Russians he was a joke and an embarrassment. You can’t afford to let him go out and visit the world as your President without half the world thinking you’re a soft target and the other half being offended by him.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Oh dear, David! I have great sympathy for the UK, and the utmost sympathy for your wife, if you are going to be singing non-stop! Please buy her some earplugs before you begin! Now as to my stopping it … you know if I could, I would … I’ve been trying to convince the world, but the only ones listening to me are those who already felt the same. I don’t think I have changed a single mind in almost 2 years of ranting and pontificating.

      And yes, I have grave concerns over his trip to the Middle East and Italy … from what I have read, apparently his advisors do also, as they are trying to keep meetings short and make sure one of them is in the room with him at all times. And this is why I usually refer to them as his handlers, though they have let him off the leash lately. Now … here’s a thought … why don’t you come over here and help us get rid of him? I know you could do it! 🙂

      Cwtch Mawr, dear friend!

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      • Oh Dear, you don’t think my wife died just to avoid my singing do you? If so, maybe it’s lemming time in the UK.
        I’d love to come over and help you get rid of him but I fear he might be the straw that broke the pacifist camel’s back.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

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        • Awwww …. David, I am so sorry … I did not realize your wife was dead. I have this tendency to open mouth, insert foot, and I certainly did that tonight. Please accept my apologies. 😥

          Many hugs, my friend … Cwtch Mawr times 1,000!

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            • No, I’m fairly certain nobody ever died from bad singing … not to say yours is bad … OH MY SAINTED AUNT … will I never learn not to open mouth, insert foot. I am buying a roll of duct tape tomorrow … I promise! Seriously, though, I appreciate your graciousness, but I really should think before I speak. Anyway … buy earplugs, then, for those beautiful grandbabies! And as for singing … as I told Herb tonight … my cats even howl when I sing! However, my family tolerates my singing because they know it means I am happy. When I am unhappy, I whistle. 🙂

              Cwtch Mawr, my dear friend!


  9. Every day is a new Trump-venture! I am waiting to hear what more happens today after hearing about his commencement whine, I mean address, to the Coast Guard. How uplifting! Trump and my boss – no matter how crappy they treat others, it’s always about how unfair others are to them in the end. Don’t worry though – another Kitten Thursday will be coming your way tomorrow!!

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    • Yes, although it was a short one, I just couldn’t resist writing about his whine … expecially after I found that he bragged about being a whiner early on in his campaign! Looking forward to tomorrow’s Kitten Thursday! 🙂

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