“That’s Our Hitler!”

Blogger-friend Erik Hare has knocked yet another one out of the ballpark. His analysis of the latest Trump budget, and I use the term ‘budget’ loosely, is spot on, I believe. Please take a moment to read Erik’s post … I guarantee it will give you some food for thought! Thank you, Erik, for a great post and for implicit permission to share!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The moment comes about halfway through Mel Brooks’ brilliant 1968 movie “The Producers”. Max Bialystock is deep into his plot to stage the worst musical ever for the purpose of having it close after one performance. All he has to do is raise far more money than the flop could possibly take to stage and no one will ask for their share of the 25,000% of the profits which has been sold to investors. The worst musical ever, “Springtime for Hitler,” has been chosen. It’s now time to cast it.

Hippie Lorenzo Saint DuBois wanders into the casting call and gives his performance. As soon as he says, “If everyone in the world had a flower instead of a gun the world would be one big smell-in!” Bialystock rises triumphantly and declares, “That’s our Hitler!”

It’s the moment when simple comedy runs boldly over the line into farce and never…

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12 thoughts on ““That’s Our Hitler!”

  1. Thanks for the share Jill.
    So much humbug coming out of the Whitehouse I’m almost tempted to go onto an Alt Right site and proclaimed loudly how courageous it is of Pres. Trump to embrace Socialist Principals in the cause of freedom for the Ordinary Person…. That should screw a few heads.

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    • Hahaha … their empty little heads would indeed be spinning! They would be scratching those same empty heads for hours trying to figure out just what you meant! It would be most interesting to see the comments in response, though, for they ALWAYS have to have a comment, even when they have no idea what they are talking about. I think they talk just to hear themselves talk. Go for it! I actually sent a tweet to Trump last night just to tell him he is an imbecile. I hope he read it. 🙂

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        • I am just now learning how to use ‘this tweet thing’! When I first got a Twitter account several years ago, only because my granddaughter insisted that I simply MUST have one, I did nothing at all with it. Then one day I got a strange email from Twitter saying “Connie Randall is following you”. Well! I about had heart failure … I looked over both shoulders, arose from my chair and looked out the windows. Double-checked the locks on both front and back doors. I didn’t see Connie anywhere, so finally I called her and asked her about it. Hmph … she laughed at me. Laughed, I tell you! I still find Twitter confusing and off putting, which annoys me only because Donald Trump seems to be a pro at it, and I am insulted that there is something he understands better than I. 🙂

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  2. “A hick runs around the world”. This has been the first international tour of President Trump

    From Saudi Arabia to Taormina, Italy, through Jerusalem, Rome and Brussels, Trump’s first international tour included meetings with the Pope and leaders of such serious and influential organizations as NATO and the G-7. The president of the United States should have expected leadership capacity, cordiality with its allies, and wisdom in such delicate issues as Middle East peace or climate change, but this has not been the case. One could summarize his tour with the famous phrase of the Tenorio: “everywhere I left bitter memory of me”.

    “Thug in chief” qualified him the Handelsblatt, German economic daily of reference; “Rude and arrogant” the French newspaper Le Monde called it in an editorial; And the headline “Trump pushes its allies” headed the cover of the Belgian Le Soir after the leader of the most powerful country in the world unceremoniously removed the prime minister of Montenegro in order to place himself in a good place for the family photo of The NATO.

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    • Yes, he was a jerk in every sense of the word, and an embarrassment to all of us who live in this country. I said in a previous post that he should not have been allowed to travel outside the U.S. Those of us with brains are hanging our heads in shame. Thank you for the info from European news outlets! I wondered, but had not had the heart to check it out. He apparently did not remember who our allies were, yet he pandered to the Saudi king. Sigh.


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