The Face Of Evil … Jeremy Joseph Christian

On Friday, 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian, of north Portland, Oregon, boarded a light rail MAX train in Northeast Portland.  He apparently had a chip on his shoulder and, for no discernable reason, began berating two women, one of whom was wearing a hijab.  He began ranting and shouting, telling them to “Get off the bus, and get out of the country because you don’t pay taxes here”.  Fearing that his rants were escalating, at least three other passengers acted to try to calm Mr. Christian and protect the two women.  Two of the three men are now dead, the third is in the hospital being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and Mr. Christian is being held without bond in police custody on two counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted murder, two counts of intimidation in the second degree and one count of possession of a restricted weapon as a felon.


The face of evil – Jeremy Christian

A young woman on the train who wishes to remain anonymous said that when Christian got on the train, he was speaking on his cell phone:

“He was pretty upset, squinting his eyes, venting to his friend on the phone about some girl that just pepper-sprayed him. He was complaining about the city, complaining about Muslims, Christians, and it just got very violent very quick.”

After about 10 minutes, she apparently concluded that something was not right, and began recording him on her cell phone. To the best of my knowledge, that recording has not yet been released to the public.

Police say that his postings on social media sites typically relate to Nazis and political violence.  On his Facebook page, he expressed sympathy for Nazis and also for Timothy McVeigh, who bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. And just last month, Christian attended a free speech march with a baseball bat to confront protesters but the bat was quickly confiscated by officers.

Jeremy-Christian-2.jpgIn an incident the night before the attack, Christian confronted a black woman at a light rail station.  He threw a Gatorade bottle at her, after which she sprayed him with mace.  Christian has a criminal record that includes a host of felonies going back to 2002, when he was convicted of first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping. He also has a conviction for carrying/using a dangerous weapon from 2002.

During an 8-year prison stint for robbery, Christian racked up a lengthy disciplinary record, according to Oregon Department of Corrections officials. Those violations included assault and disobedience. He moved around in the state’s prison system, serving time at four institutions in all.

Two of his Facebook postings:



Note that 8 people actually ‘liked’ the one about Norway!


Donald Trump wants to ban immigrants who are of the Muslim faith, claiming that to let them come to the U.S. is opening the door for terrorism.  Guess what … terrorism isn’t coming from the Middle East, it is right here, right now, it has a face (see above), it has a name, Jeremy Christian, and there are thousands more just like him in this country.  These, folks, are the real terrorists.

This 35-year-old-man obviously had severe problems, had been in trouble with the law numerous times, and yet nobody picked up on it, or if they did, they shrugged their shoulders and … let Jeremy keep doing what Jeremy did.  Until Friday, when he robbed two good men of their lives.

“He’s been in prison. He’s always been spouting anti-establishment stuff. But he’s a nice person. I just can’t imagine.” – Mary Christian, Jeremy’s mother

I suppose that all parents have a bit of blindness when it comes to their children, but this goes beyond blindness.  To say, after everything he has done, that he is a ‘good person’, is simply delusional.

The victims:

BestRicky John Best of Happy Valley, Oregon, died at the scene.  Rick was a city of Portland employee, Army veteran and onetime candidate for Clackamas County commissioner. Best had three teenage sons and a 12-year-old daughter. Best retired from the Army as a platoon sergeant for Corps maintenance in 2012 after 23 years in the military.

Meche23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche of southeast Portland, was pronounced dead at a local hospital. A friend said that Namkai-Meche died as he lived: Standing up for something he believed in, hoping his action would change the world for the better. He held a degree in economics, worked for a local construction firm, and had just purchased his first home.

Fletcher-hospital.png21-year-old Micah Fletcher, was treated for injuries police said were “not expected to be life-threatening”. Fletcher is an aspiring poet who won a 2013 poetry competition, the Verselandia poetry slam, with a poem condemning prejudices faced by Muslims. He is a student at Portland State University, and works at a pizza shop. A GoFundMe account was established two days ago and has already received $211,685 as of this writing!  There are still a lot of good people in this world.


Micah Fletcher’s Mother With One Of The Girls He Helped Save On Friday

These three men acted without thought for their own safety, they simply jumped in and did what needed to be done.  As I write this, I feel deep sadness, particularly for the two gentlemen who lost their lives, but also for … all of us.

Micah Fletcher wrote this poem on Saturday, the day after he was stabbed:

“I, am alive,
I spat in the eye of hate and lived.
This is what we must do for one another
We must live for one another
We must fight for one another
We must die in the name of freedom if we have to.
Luckily it’s not my turn today”
Beautiful young man with a beautiful heart. 

55 thoughts on “The Face Of Evil … Jeremy Joseph Christian

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  2. Where was the good man with a gun ? Bad men have been taken out by well armed good men since the dawn of man. In this case, three good …and unarmed, men went up against one bad guy who was holding superior arms. Do the math.

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    • Just about the LAST thing that was needed in that train was ANY man or woman with a gun. Casualties would have almost certainly been higher. I’ll take my chances with NO gun, thank you, and if it were in my power, no civilian would be allowed to carry a gun!

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  3. Where was the lawful holder of a concealed handgun ? A good man with a gun would have stopped a bad man with a knife. Good men have stood in the gap against the bad since the dawn of man. This situation is no different…just a mismatch of three good….and unarmed men up against one bad man with superior arms. Do the math.

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  4. I don’t have enough data to comment on the tragic event but from what I read, two or three big men attacked one man because they didn’t agree with his political views and the man defended himself. It is a miracle that the single man was not the victim. He probably reasoned: I’ll defend myself in court later, now I only want to survive by all means. Sound judgement.
    These are the facts, the rest are just points of view.

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    • The one you are thinking of as a victim, is a self-proclaimed Nazi who was on a tirade against two young women for no other reason than that one was wearing a hijab, marking her as a peace-loving Muslim woman. He was threatening them, and three good men stepped in to attempt to de-escalate the situation. Two of the good men are dead, and your “hero” has no injury. Please think of the facts, rather than rushing to defend an evil man.


      • Hi,

        While I agree that Jeremy Joseph Christian should be locked up, there are a number of conflicting reports about what actually occurred. Other outlets have reported that the women he was verbally abusing had already moved away, that another passenger had already confronted him, that one of his victims had also verbally confronted him, and that the situation didn’t become violent until one of those other”good men” shoved him. Simply put, if these other outlets (not FOX News btw) are to be believed, no less than 4 people had been berated by a mentally ill man without physical injury until one of those “heroes” engaged him violently.

        This isn’t a question of good/evil but of mental illness being exacerbated by the divide on BOTH sides of the political aisle. And in my opinion, attaching further labels without knowing the full story only continues the narrative that someone MUST be wrong because of their political affiliation. Politicizing this tragedy does no one any favors, and throwing out blanket judgements terms isn’t the way to start any of the conversations that we need to have as a society.

        Just my two cents.


          • From CBS news reporting on a probable cause affidavit.


            The text I’m referring to specifically is as follows:

            –A probable cause affidavit describes a chaotic scene on the train from the moment Christian boarded.

            He was drinking sangria from a large, bladder-style bag and began shouting anti-Muslim slurs once he spotted the two young women.

            Both are black and one was wearing a Muslim head covering, according to the affidavit signed by Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Ryan Lufkin.

            One passenger tried to intervene and was not hurt. The women moved away from the defendant.

            Surveillance video then shows Christian turn his attention to a man, Taliesin Namkai-Meche, who was seated. It wasn’t immediately clear if Namkai-Meche, 23, said something to Christian to draw his attention, but he stood up as Christian began shouting at him.

            A third passenger, Micah Fletcher, stood up as well and pushed Christian hard enough to make him stumble, the affidavit said.

            Christian pulled a folded knife from his pocket and concealed it in his hand. As a shoving match ensued, the documents say Christian stabbed first Fletcher, then Namkai-Meche. A fourth passenger, Ricky Best, tried to come to their aid and was immediately stabbed as well.–

            I’m not defending Jeremy Christian. Nor am I going to debate that he needs to be locked away. In fact I believe that he should have been locked away before any of this ever happened. I’m also not going to debate that the things that he said and did prior to this tragedy shouldn’t be allowed in a civilized society. They shouldn’t. Racism and intolerance should have no place in this world, and the people who live their lives with that kind of hate should be ashamed. The point I’m trying to make is that this needn’t have occurred. Jeremy Christian appears to be a very disturbed man and creating an atmosphere of physical conflict very well may have been the reason that 2 men are dead. A phone call to the police may have saved those 2 lives and gotten Christian safely off the streets and into an institution, whereas the escalation by Mr. Fletcher may have led to 2 unnecessary deaths.

            Again, just my 2 cents.


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        • Yes, I hate writing these pieces, they break my heart, but I feel a compulsion to let the world know. I don’t know how much good my voice does, but I am a fighter when it comes to human rights, and I hate bigotry in ALL forms! Thanks again … and I hope you enjoy your week as well! 🙂

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          • Ms. Jill, it’s the obligation of good human beings such as yourself, to inform and keep the public on it’s toes when it comes to matters the main stream media ignores. I thank and appreciate your work.

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            • You, kind sir, have just brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart with your kind words. Although these days it seems that I mostly write about Trump, my main goal with this blog is to call out bigotry in all its many ugly forms. I have zero tolerance for racism, anti-LGBT issues, Islamophobia, homophobia, or any of the rest. As I look at our nation, our world today, I am broken-hearted at the amount of senseless hate we seem to have for one another. I am but one voice, and an old one at that, but I want to somehow make a difference in this world before I die … want to leave this world a little better place.

              I checked out your blog, liked what I saw, and decided to follow. Thank you, also, for all that you do. As I said, your words brought a smile to this old lady’s face, and I consider you a friend. 🙂

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              • I tried following your blog thru the reader thing but I never use the reader. I looked for an e-mail notification form on your blog but didn’t fine that.

                Being a Negro male of 58 years old, I know full well all about oppression, discrimination and racism. I fight it daily on social media and in real life and I rarely lose that battle.

                Friendship is the first step in understanding those different from us. I thank you for your friendship.

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                • There should be a ‘follow’ button at the very bottom of my posts, after the comments. No obligation, but I would surely be honoured to have you as a regular reader. I try to have fun with my blog, yet make a point about truth and justice at the same time.

                  I hear you on the issue of discrimination and racism. My friend Rob, an African-American, spent time in prison for a crime he did not commit … because he is black. He is one of the kindest, gentlest people I know, yet our society judged him because of the colour of his skin. I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood that is very diverse … many refugees from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, but also many African-Americans and Hispanics. I love it, and there are about 100 kids here who call me Grannie and run to show me their good school reports as soon as they get home each day! I cry over the Freddie Grays and the Alton Sterlings every time I write a post about them, but … I keep hoping that some day we will all wake up and realize that we are in this world together. Such things as ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender … those don’t make us any better or worse than the next person. I am convinced that I will not see that awakening in my lifetime, but I hope that I make just a few people stop and think. You are doing the same with your blog! We shall be friends, and we shall keep on doing what we do … and we WILL make a difference!

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                  • I found the follow button, I never imagined it would be at the bottom. Thank you for telling me where to find the follow button.

                    I don’t have the words to describe how I feel when another human is executed by KKKops. It’s not just People Of Color who are being murdered. The genocide is including all races and genders.

                    Unarmed humans hunted and killed like game on a hunt. I just watched and tweeted a video of how israHELL treats the fishermen on the Gaza sea. I am disgusted and angry with the humans on this planet.

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                    • Yes, more and more I question whether the human race is on a course to self-destruct. I am disgusted with so many, but I also see evidence of good people, and perhaps I am naive, but I still believe the good outweigh the bad … it’s just that the bad are what we hear about, for they and their actions are what sell news. And everything seems to boil down to $$$$$$$$$$$ these days. 😥

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  6. Dear Jill,
    This is an outstanding post. I blogged on this ugly tragedy as well but I like your write-up much better. As far as I’m concerned this is an act of terrorism.

    What is or is not coincidental is that just 6 days earlier, a White Supremacist fatally stabbed a 23 yr. old, Lt. Richard Collins III at U of Maryland bus stop because he was Black..

    I am getting the word out, that White Supremacist/ Nazis type groups are communicating on a Russian version of Facebook, VK (VKontakte) because it almost never kicks anyone off.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • Many thanks, Gronda! I am so far behind on reading blogs … hope to get caught up this week, and I will definitely read yours!

      This story is so sad, but what is frightening is this man’s hate speech. I went to his Facebook page just for a look, and there were several posts that people actually ‘liked’. A few had the nerve to call him out, but not all that many. It just blows my mind that there are people out there … apparently quite a few … who can think this way. And how is it that Facebook has allowed him to say some of the things he does? Jim Wright got kicked off a few months ago for calling Trump supporters Nazis, but this man can say all Jews must die and they do nothing???

      I was not aware of the Russian version of Facebook … I will have to check it out.

      Hugs, dear friend!!!

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      • Dear Jill,

        Facebook does kick people off for “hate speak” but it needs to do a better job. There is a watchdog group which gives Facebook a grade of B-.

        i did a blog on VK because this is the site that many White Supremacists are attracted to because hardly anyone gets kicked off.

        Hugs, Gronda

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      • Freedom of speech has definitely taken an ugly turn with the posting of hate literature in many places. But how to we vet that without also destroying the concept of ‘Freedom of Speech?’ We live in troubling times full of hate. Is it a reaction to burdoning population or an inherent self-destruct mechanism? A flaw in the human character? All hate ends in death, so no surprise that some of it is tolerated, nay even encouraged by governments with ‘control of the masses’ agendas.

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        • You raise some really good thinking points! As to freedom of speech vs hate speech … that is indeed a slippery slope argument. Where do we draw the line? In many countries in Europe, using a Nazi-style salute will get you a jail term. I am a strong proponent of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. But yet, I am highly offended by the speech of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and even evangelical Christians. Where is the line? i must admit, I don’t know where it is, but I know that there should be a line. When hate speech goes beyond simple opinion-spouting and begins to incite people to violence, then it has gone too far in my book. A slippery slope … sigh …

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  7. There are no words for this tragedy. Evil isn’t over there, or in some other part of the world. It lives right next door to you and other good people. The word is polarising into two camps. I hope I can stay on the side of the goodness in my heart and not be influenced by threats and fear. I am not religious but I certainly do my fair share of praying 😢

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    • I’m with you on that, my friend! How do we fight the evil that e cannot see until it is too late? And perhaps most importantly, how do we fight evil without becoming evil ourselves? I wish I had the answers. I don’t. I just … don’t.


      • No formula is magic, but perhaps this one serves: more books and fewer weapons, more schools and fewer barracks, more education and less indoctrination, more respect and less arrogance … and so on.
        I really like your articles. Thank you for sharing them.
        A greeting from Spain

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        • Your ideas are all spot on!!! We need much more money spent on education. And since the rise of popularity of the internet, it seems that people don’t read anymore. Those of us who think, can identify the problems, but getting the people in power to listen and act … well, that is difficult.

          Thank you so much for discovering my blog and for your insightful comment! I checked out your blog, liked what I saw, and have chosen to follow it. Thanks again for stopping by … I hope you will come back again!

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        • I agree with everything except the fewer weapons and fewer barracks statements. With the world we live in today, we need a military strong enough to protect us from threats such as North Korea. And if those three men had had weapons, they would be alive today. Taking away weapons does nothing to stop a man like Jeremy Joseph Christian, who had been arrested for using a lethal weapon before, meaning he would not be allowed to legally purchase a weapon, and yet, he still had one.

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          • Frankly, I am against guns in the hands of civilians and really wish the U.S. had strict gun regulations as do most European nations. And as for the military … our military budget is already the highest in the world, and for no good reason. I support cutting the military budget and focusing more on education, which has been on a downhill path in the nation for years.

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            • It is a sad fact that weapons in the hands of ‘men’ worsen the effects of anger. Weapons make men feel braver and more likely to win conflicts. The escalation of weaponry effects is worrying. The recent use of MOAB and myriad cruise missiles by DDT was not so much the defensive use of high destruction weaponry, but rather the posturing of a weak man playing the bully in complicated matters. When do the ‘defenders’ become the ‘protagonists,’ and how sure can we be of the ‘propaganda?’
              I don’t know the answers to such complication in the human psyches, especially when psychopaths seem to have taken over governments 😢

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              • You hit the nail on the head with “The recent use of MOAB and myriad cruise missiles by DDT was not so much the defensive use of high destruction weaponry, but rather the posturing of a weak man playing the bully in complicated matters. ” It was just that … posturing … showing off … saying “because I can”.

                As for guns in the hands of civilians … the facts speak for themselves. “In the United States, the death rate from gun homicides is about 31 per million people — the equivalent of 27 people shot dead every day of the year.” This is simply NOT acceptable, and yet, people would rather you take their children from them than their guns. SIGH.

                I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog … your comments are always thought-provoking and valuable. Thanks!

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