Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – a few random thoughts

I always enjoy blogger-friend Keith’s random thoughts, and he has some good snippets today, mostly about people who we need to recognize for ‘doing the right thing’. Thank you Keith for this post, and for permission to re-blog … you do good work, my friend!


With due credit to the Rolling Stones, we approach the end of a gem of a Tuesday. We are celebrating our daughter’s 20th birthday at her favorite restaurant. It is a joy to see the woman she has become, with her sense of purpose, humor and morality.

With the latter in mind, let me speak to those who are our moral compasses during these much needed times. The first shout out goes to Angela Merkel who has now become the leader of the free world. She has taken the mantle that the current US President has ceded with his retrenchment mindset and fondness for authoritarian leaders. She has a better grasp of right and wrong than our leader and sees the advantages of mutual trade and trust.

Another shout out goes to the three men in Portland who interceded to protect two Muslim American women from the verbal abuse of…

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – a few random thoughts

    • Thank you so much, Keith! I spent extra time (and a few tears) on that one because I wanted to get it just right. How I long for a day, though, that there are no stories like that to write.


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