Yesterday I wrote a post about Trump’s very undiplomatic, ignorant tweets in response to the terrorist attack in London over the weekend.  I thought that was the end of it, that he would move on to other rants, but alas … I was wrong.  This morning, apparently offended by the good Mayor Khan’s response that he was busy taking care of his city and did not have time to respond to Trump’s tweets, Trump’s very small thumbs once again took to the twitting machine and he said this:

“Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his ‘no reason to be alarmed’ statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!”

By ‘MSM’, he is referring to the mainstream media who accurately reported exactly what Mr. Khan did say, rather than the out-of-context falsehood that Trump claimed.

This must stop … it simply must stop!  He is as an angry child who’s bluster and anger is escalating to the point that it is causing people all around the globe to lose what little respect they had left for the U.S.  Trump represents us … each and every one of us, whether we voted for him or not, whether we like it or not.  There is simply no excuse for a 70+ year old ‘man’, a leader of a nation of some 325 million people, to act as a 9-year-old child!

There must soon come an impeachment, or an Article 25 removal from office.  There is no other choice.  He has wrought more damage upon our country in less than 6 months than any other president has done in an entire term of office.  Congress … specifically the House of Representatives … must realize by now that we are in deep trouble and take the first steps in the process to remove Trump quickly.  While I have no love for Pence, at least his mouth has a filter.

Meanwhile … I recommend the following:

  • The administration staff, cabinet members and members of Congress immediately stop enabling this ‘man’, stop licking his boots, and stop defending his words and actions, stop making excuses for him, for there can be no excuses for this irrational behaviour.
  • Put a muzzle on him. Shut down his Twitter account!!! Take away his voice!

muzzleThe Russian probe is almost certain, if carried out with integrity and transparency, to ultimately result in the removal of Trump from office, but that is a long process and will not happen quickly enough to save our country from a loss of respect worldwide.  We all hope that our allies across the pond realize and understand that We The People do not share Trump’s sentiments, but unless we stand up loudly and passionately against him, against his behaviour, then how can they continue to believe that the citizens of the United States are good, caring people?  How can good, caring people possibly remain silent in the wake of his abhorrent speech and behaviour?

It is time for us to stop shaking our heads, rolling our eyes, and grimacing every time he opens his mouth.  It is time for us to demand that Congress take action to remove him from office.  Use Article 25, if nothing else, for his actions of the past two weeks, shoving aside a foreign minister to be in the front row during a photo, berating our allies while cuddling with our antagonists, and now his rants against Mayor Khan, surely prove that he is unfit to govern.

For my part, I hereby proclaim in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump does NOT represent me and is in no way representative of my thoughts or ideology.

31 thoughts on “HE MUST GO!!! NOW!!!

  1. Hi Jill, I’ve already expressed my latest views to you on….. this ‘person’.
    Since I’m not a USA resident I cannot or should not impose myself on another democracy’s circumstance; save to offer you my support and condolences.
    I can however exercise my free will in my own free space, and I am sure this will annoy the hell out of a supreme egotist as I have just downgraded him in my eyes to ….’this person trump’…. and there is not a damn thing he can do about it.
    Take care you guys; the majority of Brits are with you.

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    • Thank you for both your support and condolences! We need both! I just hope our friends on your side of the big pond remember that ‘he’ is not ‘us’, and that some of us are not buffoons, but still capable of rational thought and compassion. If I were 20 years younger, I would be moving over to your side of the globe, but … I shall just stay here and keep pounding the keyboard for a while longer, trying to wake up the masses who seem to have settled in for a long sleep.

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  2. Dear Jill, I can feel your anger… and frustration… a lot of my American friends here in Europe are past being impatient … they just want this to stop. Someone said that in the beginning it was like watching satire, but at one point you get tired and want to switch the program off… but then you can’t. – If it is any solace to you: our newspapers here also print a lot of stories of how the American people do not follow the president, how they try to work around his silly ideas. So it is not so that everyone here thinks the whole US has gone crazy together with their president. We know there is still a lot of good stuff going on at your side of the pond! – I wish you strength!

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    • It IS good to know that the press and people on your side of the pond understand we are not all a bunch of buffoons, but for how long? Eventually, if we do not put a stop to the madness in the White House, we will be seen as being complicit by our silence. Sigh. Yes, I am angry, not only at Trump himself, but at those who put him in office and still seem to think he is doing a wonderful job. I hope nobody ever tells me that to my face, else I shall surely punch them! Thank you for your encouraging words, my friend. Much needed and appreciated! 🙂


  3. Trump’s cronies can “spin it like they want” but the true reality facing our country in the presence of Trump’s thoughtless meltdowns in front of the world stage is a looming threat to our national security as our country loses its past allies one by one.

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    • It is absolutely a threat to our national security! And the longer this madness continues, the less tolerant our allies become, the less safe our nation is. Perhaps that is why he wants to expand our military budget by far more than is necessary … he knows we will have no friends to come to our assistance.


  4. Yes, he needs to go. I think the elections coming up will have an effect on that in Congress. Whether the House will be brave enough to do something is up to them. He and those who suck up to him and those who are his hard-core followers are like the rotten apple in the barrel. If time goes on and nothing changes things will get worse. He was right when he said people are laughing but he was wrong when he said it was the U.S. they are laughing at. It’s him. People feel sorry for those in the U.S. because of him. He lives in his own reality where everything is going well and he’s highly successful. That alone shows how delusional he is. 😦 —- Suzanne

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    • Yes, it would be encouraging to see Congress step up to the plate, but right now they still see pandering to Trump as their ticket to money and power. I believe they think the things the do now, like the inane ‘healthcare’ bill, will be long forgotten by November 2018. The scary part is that they may be right. People have short memories.

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  5. Another great one, Jill. I am beyond growing impatient. He’s got to go. And those around him are so codependent, so addicted to chaos. There’s no one around him that knows this is insanity. And the Republicans in the House of Reps are keeping him around as a rubber stamp for there crack pot legislation. And he will probably do something oppositional to them to screw them over too.

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    • Thank you, Libby! Yes, I too have lost my patience, as you can probably tell from my last few posts. But I would argue that I think his minions DO actually realize that this is insanity, but they are looking out for themselves and right now he is their key to money and power. They are not interested in humanitarian goals, and nobody in the administration or Congress seem to be very interested in their voters. Wait until next spring, though, when Congress start pandering to the voters hoping to be re-elected in the mid-terms. I hope every republican in the House loses his/her seat. And I hope that by then, Trump is gone and the buffoons in the White House are set adrift. Not, mind you, that I think Pence is going to be a good president, nor do I think his nose is clean … but at least I think he has a filter for his mouth and would also be less likely to start a war simply because he woke up in a bad mood some day. Sigh. I am so tired of all this …

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      • I agree. There are people in the White House who are taking advantage of the fact that he is off his rocker and it’s a great time to rob the till. I too hope the GOP Congressmen get slammed next year for their abject negligence. Shame on them for their lack of oversight. It’s not even lack of oversight. It’s a decision to look the other way when they know he’s unfit. It’s​ a decision to distract the American public with BS unmasking inquiries. They are disgusting

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  6. Dear Jill,
    He not only embarrassed us in the USA, he also cooked his own goose. By tweeting on the travel ban, the Supreme Court, even a conservative one will find it impossible to rule in favor of the WH. Even Kellyanne Conway’s husband is no longer interested in a job with the justice department.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • My thoughts also. But … those who are strict textualists in their interpretation of the Constitution could still refuse to consider anything outside what is written in the executive order. I think even they might WANT to consider his rhetoric, but I’m not sure if they will. Sigh. I do hope that, at the very least, they refuse his request for emergency relief and just put it on the docket with the other cases, for if they do that, they will not likely even hear arguments until maybe October, and won’t likely decide the case before the end of the year. My thoughts are that the 90-day ‘temporary’ portion will expire this week, so that part should be a moot point. Slippery slope … as far as I am aware, there is no precedent. Hugs, my friend!!!

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  7. Trump must go. It’s intolerable that people in other countries should have to suffer his brash rudeness. The Premier of Montenegro is a gentleman to have reacted so calmly to being pushed out of the way by Trump. So far he’s managed to offend quite a few leaders though usually not to their face until refusing the handshake of Angela Merkel. Now he insults the Mayor of London like some schoolchild and not the leader of a supposedly civilised country. muzzle him if you must America but GET RID OF HIM. As a personal favour to me, please don’t let Pence step into his shoes. I fear a man in power who holds strong religious beliefs where I can see him ordering ECT therapy on gay people to cure them as a result of those beliefs. Call the last one a flawed election because of Russia and hold a new one for a Democrat or an Independent to win.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • 😥 😥 😥 I’m trying my best, dear David … I’m not only using my voice, but screaming these days. Sadly, I am preaching to the choir. I think he will go … I suspect proceedings of one sort or another will begin by the end of this year … but … there is so much he can break in the interim.

      As for Pence … I agree … I have no love for him, and it appears that he may also get caught up in the Russian investigations, that he is no innocent either. However, if he becomes president, at least I believe he has a filter for his mouth and would be less likely to insult our friends and less likely to start a war simply because he woke up in a snit some morning. After Pence, would be Orrin Hatch, who is 83 and also a bigot. Then Rex Tillerson, Exxon’s former CEO who is all about helping out his big business buddies. Then would be Stephen Mnuchin, who is crooked as they come, and then finally we come to one who just might actually be a decent president, Secretary of Defense, James Mattis. But you see the dilemma. As for a new election … I called for that long ago! I said that if Russia and Trump or his team colluded to ‘rig’ the election, then it should be declared null and void, ask President Obama to return to office for a period of one year, while we figure out what to do, then hold a brand new election, all new candidates, and give them only three months to campaign, with only three debates, one each month. That last 18-month election damn near destroyed this country, and wore us all out.

      So … I agree with you on all, dear David … and I’m doing my best. I even told Herb that if I owned a gun and knew how to shoot it I’d kill him myself. Herb muttered something along the lines of “Oh lordie … please don’t …” 😀 No worries … I abhor guns. Had one pointed at me once, and that was enough for me!

      Thanks for being such a sweet friend, David. I always look forward to your comments … and your hugs!!!

      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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  8. My dear Jill…..Sadly, this may be the ‘fated’ course for the People of America….to teach them the basic principles of Common Decency and Humility…..Loads of Hugs…. ❤

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    • My dear Bushka … while I know that you may well be right … I still believe the majority of us do have humanity and human decency … can we not just teach the lesson to those who need it??? Yes, I know … that isn’t the way it works. Sigh. Given that those who loved Trump 5 months ago mostly seem to still love him today, something will need to happen to open their eyes, else we will be a nation divided for decades to come. I wish I knew the answers, but I do not. Sigh … again.

      Many hugs, Bushka!!!

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  9. I know this is a very serious issue, however, what can we ordinary Europeans do? We finally decided not to pay much attention … except to laugh at him. Around here, Trump is already known as “The Jester in Chief”

    Regards. Loam

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    • I don’t blame you one bit! I laughed at him for a long time when he first began his campaign. I portrayed him as a clown and said he had no chance of getting the nomination. Then he got it. I was still chuckling a bit when I said he had ZERO chance of winning the election. Well, we see how that worked out. 😥 And now, I no longer laugh, but if I were Canadian or European, or even a citizen of Zimbabwe, I would laugh. Maybe. I call him ‘idiot-in-chief’, ‘food-in-chief’, and other things that I am too polite to say here. Jester-in-chief works just as well. Sigh.


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  11. Jill, Khan is the best weapon against Islamic terrorism, a highly visible successful Muslim in the Western world. He should be highlighted. Yet, there is the US President who is on recruiting posters and websites for ISIS. Help us fight this guy! they ask. Keith

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