Oprah for President in 2020 ???

Last November we elected the most unlikely, unqualified, unfit person for the highest office in the land.  Now, people are looking around and saying, “Sheesh … if that ignoramus can win, anybody can … maybe I’ll take a shot at it!”

According to David Axelrod, who was Barack Obama’s chief strategist in 2008 and 2012. “It is more expeditious to put together a list of Democrats who are not thinking they are running for president in 2020, than ones who are.”

Last month, The Hill published a list of 43 of the most likely Democratic candidates to run in 2020.   Many are predictable … some who ran in the early primaries in 2016 but dropped out.  Many are stodgy old white men, already well into their 70s.  A few stand out as what I would consider viable candidates:  Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Senator Tim Kaine. There are certainly some others on the list who are worthy, however I discount anybody who is already over 70.  Age discrimination?  Well, yes and no.  The election is still 41 months away.  Take, for example, Bernie Sanders, whom I consider well-qualified and who I would love to see in the Oval Office.  But, he is currently 75 years of age, so he would be 79 by the time he took office, and 83 upon finishing his first term.  I have concerns with that.

Among the more ludicrous (but hey, Trump was as ludicrous as they come, and …) potential candidates are Oprah Winfrey (sure, I would love an African-American woman in the office, but prefer one with experience in government!), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (apparently he is a wrestler and an actor), and the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.

I actually considered a run once upon a time.  I was four years old, and my father told me that if I would stop sucking my thumb, I could grow up to be president.  I took him literally for a time.  Four-year-old’s are naïve.

I find it disturbing that we are already discussing an election that is nearly four years away.  But I also understand it.  Some unlikely candidates, apparently encouraged by Trump’s equally unlikely win, may be thinking “why not?”  But the reason goes deeper … we made such a huge mistake last November that those who are actually taking this seriously are determined to get it right this time.  Unless Trump is removed and somebody, be it Pence, Ryan, Hatch or Tillerson, can turn things around 180° from where we are today, the Republican Party might as well run Mickey Mouse for all the chance they will have of a win in 2020.  But it is not too early for the Democratic Party to start collecting their ducks and putting them in a row.

Some predict that the democrats will lean toward their own version of Trump, a wealthy business mogul like Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, or Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.  I think this would be a huge mistake, and David Axelrod agrees: “I don’t think you beat Trump by coming up with our own version of Trump. What is it that people find lacking in Trump? They find him lacking in experience, and lacking in knowledge of how government runs.”

The other trap that democrats must not fall into is that of having too many cooks stirring the soup.  Remember when there were some 17 republicans running in early 2016?  Remember them on the stage in a debate, yelling and shouting each other down, critiquing hand size and other irrelevant details?  Bad idea.  There need to be 3 or 4 viable candidates.  According to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, if the democrats have too many candidates, it would mean “a 55 percent chance he [Trump] gets reelected.” Let us hope that he is not still president by then, although he apparently believes he will be and is already soliciting funds and holding campaign rallies … on our time & dime, I might add.

Don’t worry, folks … I do not plan to start writing about the 2020 elections just yet, but this came onto my radar and I thought it might be worth a bit of thought.  I shall now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

27 thoughts on “Oprah for President in 2020 ???

    • I don’t know much about Senator Duckworth … I’ll have to check into her. I like Elizabeth Warren, but as I told Hugh, I fear there is too much controversy surrounding her because of her devotion to Hillary, and we must put forth a candidate who is without shadows for the GOP to play on … or the Russians. I was thinking I like Cory Booker …


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    • Yes, we need someone with experience and an understanding of the rest of the world. We are not an island unto ourselves, as Trump seems to think. He has earned us more enemies in less than six months than any other president in an entire term!


  1. Yep! Everyone will be lining up. Mind you there will be the winnowing out with the usual scandals, feet of clay, ‘Ooops’ and (sadly) lack of funds.
    I suspect after this ‘episode’ it is likely people will turn to the proverbial ‘safe pair of hands’; then coming up through the ranks there might be folk of vision and determination for 2024/8 (Hey! I’ll only be 73/77).
    And ‘that person trump’ will be consigned to the ridicule of historians, novelists, film directors and the population in general.

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    • I think you are right … we will return to a much more traditional leadership for a time, and then … I really don’t know, nor will I likely be around to see it. You’ll only be 73 … hmmmm … I would vote for you in a heartbeat! Only one tiny little problem … one of the very few rules regarding the presidency is that the person must be a natural-born citizen of the U.S. Sigh.
      You just gave me a horrid thought, though … they will make movies about him!!! Oh my sainted aunt!!! No … I cannot stand the thought. I do wish, though, that I could see how historians treat this period of our country. Perhaps I should just start writing that history book myself! 🙂

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      • It would be fun… My first speech “Hi folks, just a bit about me I am Catholic and a Socialist. Now we just need to talk about gun control, and a more robust central government. Then we can discuss the nationalisation and state ownership of…….”😂.
        Oh, they’ll make films about him. Young directors will check up on Oliver Stone & Quniton Taratino’s styles. Then watch old Three Stooges movies.
        Yep….I can see it now.
        Pity he’s not married to a woman named Cathy (cue: Everley Bros ‘Cathy’s Clown)

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        • On the marriage to Cathy … give him time … he’s only, after all, on #3 now. Though his do tend toward more exotic names … Ivana, Marla and now Melania. Melania’s clown … nope, just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

          But I would be cheering your first speech at the top of my lungs!!!

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            • Just the sort of speech I like … short and to the point! 😀

              But I see that you guys have a bit of drama or your own this morning! Do you think Theresa May will step down? I know she has said she won’t but from what I have read, there are calls for her to do so. Do you think she should? Just trying to get a bit of first-hand perspective beyond what I read.

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                    • Actually I have a theory it’s the Europe ‘thing’. Conservative PMs should avoid it as best they can, or at least keep very cool:
                      I cite the evidence-
                      Thatcher – Her tenure was being shaky. During a meeting in Brussels she burst out of the meeting and essentially said she was in charge…..without discussing it with her ministers.
                      John Major- Having won an election for the Conservatives the ungrateful crew turned out him over Europe and he wasn’t the sort to get blood on the floor.
                      David Cameron- Need not have had the Brexit Referendum. Could have told his MPs to suck it up.
                      Mrs May- Say no more!!
                      In short 101 for a new Conservative PM- Europe-Toxic, keep in a freezer. 😼

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                    • Once again, i plead inexcusable ignorance, but … did Cameron have a choice on the Brexit Referendum? Could he have just said, “no, we ain’t gonna even talk about it”? And second question … what did you think of Cameron? He seemed an okay chap, but that is my uneducated opinion from across the water.

                      It strikes me that my UK friends, you, David, Jack, Bushka and Mary, all have a really great understanding of the US political system, but we here in the US barely understand the bare bones basics of your system. I am trying to rectify that, at least for myself and my readers, so please forgive my sometimes ignorant questions. I think we here in the US are arrogant and think we need not try to understand other nations, but … I want to break that mold.

                      And, last question tonight, I promise … can May be forced to step down? And do you think this will happen? And what would it mean if she did step down?

                      Yes, i am a pain in the royal patootie … 😀 😀 😀

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                    • Not at all Jill. It’s fun to try and make sense of it all 😃
                      Starting with David Cameron- He was what’s called a One-Nation Conservative; being slightly right of centre on fiscal matters and socially a liberal. (And thus by your Alt Right terms a slime-ball socialist; fi they could write that many words in one session) Having a privileged background he was an automatic hate-figure for the Left. He had won a very successful election in 2015. Now my opinion is that as part of the pre-election deal he promised in Right-Of-Centre and Right-Wing conservative MPs a referendum on membership of the EU just to shut them up, and thinking the nation would vote for status quo. He could have said ‘Hey! Who won the election for you? Shut the frib up!’ but, he didn’t and you know the rest. Speaking from Hard Left (pragmatic wing) all I can say is ‘I think he believed he meant well,’
                      As perfidious sneaky dealing is built into the British DNA although a Prime Minister who leads the party with a number of MPs that is more than the rest combined wields more power than a US president could only dream about; a PM has to watch the malcontents in their own party. If these folk think their own seat is at risk, and there’s blood in the water; watch out Prime Minister! She could be toppled a number of ways:
                      Firstly the DUP could decide they don’t like the deal and panic sets in.
                      Secondly, The Conservative MPs decide they don’t like the deal with the DUP and grimness sets in.
                      Thirdly, Lotsa MPs decide they don’t like anything, anyhow.
                      What happens then is classic brit-sneak. Everyone says she is doing a good job, apart from a select few with nothing much to lose (known as ‘stalking horses’), they might trigger a leadership election within the party. They will lose but if they don’t lose massively, other bigger names step forward waving the banner of Party Unity and The Good of The Country thing and do Churchill impressions. By this time a PM is considered politically dead and unless very stubborn, resigns and everyone says how sorry they are that the PM is going.
                      Whichever of the above happens, the Opposition Party ie Labour says ‘Hah! NO one voted for you as PM. We need another General Election!!’
                      Usually as Parliament if going on hols soon, this would not happen until the autumn.
                      What can also happen is the PM can think ‘I’m out of here’ and for the Party Unity , Good of the Country etc resign, everyone pays tribute and then scrambles for the job. And the Opposition plays the Call for Election Card.
                      One which would make good TV drama is the possibility of hushed meeting in shadowy corners of the Parliament where various MPs of various parties plot of Vote of Confidence vote on the Government, which if it lost would mean the PM would have to go to the Queen and say ‘I can’t govern’ and The Queen could ask someone else if they could form a government; though in real life there would be no cars exploding when someone turns on the ignition.
                      There again we could have another General Election.
                      And this is the beauty of an Unwritten Constitution; no fiddling about with what’s written where, when or how.
                      God Save The Queen! 😃

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                    • “Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY” I shall have to take some time to ponder all this … but I thank you for the head-spinning information. I am determined to make some sense of all this, but admittedly it is confusing the heck out of me! “Curiouser and Curiouser”. The main difference, I think, is not having a written constitution whose rules have been ingrained into you since birth. While I have always thought our system to be complex … it pales in comparison to yours. Only question I have left tonight is … oops … it got lost in the fog that has taken up residence in my skull. I shall ponder a bit, then get back to you with more thoughts. I do love this process, though … and many thanks, dear Roger … I shall brew you a cup of tea someday. No, scratch that … I’m sure throwing a Keurig pod into the pot and pressing “GO” is not your idea of a cup of perfectly brewed tea 😀

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                    • The odious mix in the Whitehouse would not last a month under our system ( to the slaughter they would go).
                      It is complex, you have to live it to get used to it. – It’s fun though!
                      Ah tea. How to make the perfect brew. Now that is a topic of even more heated discussion in Britain! 🙂 🙃

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                    • Yes, I have gathered that the making of the tea is an art in Britain! I am not a tea-fancier, but rather a connoisseur of coffee. My daughter is the tea drinker, so I keep a box of tea pods handy for her, but OH MY SAINTED AUNT … she insists on 4 teaspoons of sugar per 10 oz cup o’ tea! Choke, gasp . When I do drink tea, it is usually at a restaurant and I ask for unsweetened. No need for the sugar to cover the flavour of the tea. But again, coffee or wine are more to my liking!

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                    • Ah your daughter is obviously a true believer! Sadly the keeper of wisdom in our house (ie my darling wife) has ensured in my latter years I cut back to a simple two level tea spoons per mug.
                      Coffee….depends on whether I’m on a writing kick.
                      Shock admission time: As some folk dislike tobacco and its attendant vapours I have a similar aversion to alcohol so it don’t figure in the mix…..chocolate cake…..now we’re talking! 😋

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    • I considered her at length … what stopped me from mentioning her is the amount of animosity and conflict she has generated. I think we are going to need somebody squeaky clean and uber-likeable. But I certainly admire Warren and would not rule her out!


        • So true … unfortunate, but true. And I think we simply MUST choose to run with an ‘electable’ candidate in 2020. So far, I am liking Cory Booker a lot. The only thing I’m not sure about is if an African-American will be considered ‘electable’ in 2020. I hate to say it, but racism is heading off the charts in this nation today. Sigh.


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