Mr. President, we need YOUR loyalty

After last year’s November 8th election, I was already predicting gloom & doom, but my blogger-friend Keith was more open-minded, saying we had to give Trump a chance, that we had to hope he would leave his campaign rhetoric behind and step up to the plate, listen to sound advice, and become a leader. Keith was, as always, more cool-headed than I, and he was correct to keep an open mind. Thus, when even Keith determines that Trump is loyal only to himself and is not acting in our best interests, we know that is the truth, for Keith gave him a fair chance and Trump blew it. I am sharing Keith’s latest post, because he asks and answers the most timely and pertinent question of the day. Please take a moment to read his short, well-expressed opinion. Thank you, Keith, for this post and for implied permission to share!


The headline of Reuters Financial News quotes what James Comey said the President asked of him. “I need your loyalty. I must have your loyalty.” As I read this and thought of the growing evidence that is revealing a very uncomfortable alliance between our President and Russia, I want to the turn the question back on the President, “We need your loyalty.”

To be frank, I don’t think we have it. I don’t think the President’s first loyalty is to the United States of America. I think it is first and foremost to Donald Trump. Investigations will eventually reveal why the President is so beholden to Vladimir Putin.

My belief is it gets down to money. It always does. Either he has been promised various opportunities for investment in Russia or loan forgiveness or his various funding sources either show he is compromised or his debts are more significant than…

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9 thoughts on “Mr. President, we need YOUR loyalty

  1. Good share Jill.
    As always Keith delivers his posts with a consummate dignity.
    (By the way in case my phrasing does look odd at times, it’s because I have in my perceptions removed the status of President of the USA from the person who currently resides in the Whitehouse as they are obviously not worthy of the title. It’s a socialist way of doing things-a slow removal from perception until they no longer exist as an individual- a just punishment for a small-minded egotist)


  2. If Trump is playing poker with Comey, then bring on the tapes. Whether Trump would actually testify under oath as he claims he would is like believing his claim that he would eventually release his taxes.

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    • I think there probably are tapes, but I also would not be surprised if they ‘mysteriously disappeared’ or got erased. And as for Trump testifying under oath … I think he would lie even under oath, for truth has no meaning, no value to him. In his world, it’s “all for one and one for one”.

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