A Guide To The Results of an Election

Yesterday, there was an election in the UK, for those of you who may have been so tied up with the testimony of James Comey and waiting for Trump’s tweet-that-never-came. I have always been confused by UK politics … it doesn’t work quite like ours, though in some ways it does. Blogger and friend Roger, writing as heroicallybadwriter (even though he is actually a very GOOD writer) has written an analysis of the election, it’s outcome, and the likely ramifications of said outcome, that I am actually able to understand! For any of you who are confused by the politics of the UK, this is a must-read! Please take a minute to read … there are some laughs in here, too, so even if you don’t care about the politics, you will definitely get a chuckle from it! Thanks, Roger, for your lucid explanation and implied permission to share!


General Election 2017 (UK that is)

Dear neighbours in the WP community. The 2017 UK General Election results and implications made simple:

Reason Why We Had A General Election and Why They Were Bad Reasons

Prime Minister Theresa May:

Wanted to show she was The Lady. (Well….that kinda worked out for her…..because at the moment no one else in their right mind wants the lousy job, at present, but the Conservatives are deadly good at fiendish plots against their own leaders)

Wanted to throw out of her cabinet a bunch of folk she’d been stuck with after David Cameron quit. (That might have worked- but the wrong way…some of them didn’t get re-elected and Labour got their seats. She should have realised there are always ‘Shock Results’ and someone big loses their ‘seat’)

Wanted to make things worse for Labour than they already were. (Bad idea!…

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