Not A Post About Dodd-Frank!

When I talk about things financial, I notice people’s eyes glaze over and soon they are making an excuse to … well, excuse themselves.  And so, while I was considering a post about the republican’s attempt to overturn Dodd-Frank, I have decided to spare my dear readers (for now, anyway) and write, instead, about this new breed of persons we are seeing:  The Trumpians. Now, there were Trump supporters last year during the campaign, and I referred to them as Trumpeters.  And, as with a Venn diagram, some of the Trumpians are former Trumpeters.  But the Trumpians differ, for these are the ones who, despite the fact that Trump has lied his fool head off ever since taking the oath of office, and despite the fact that there is mounting evidence of much wrong-doing in the White House, still claim to adore him, cheer, applaud and stomp their feet at the mere mention of his name.  These are the ones who are responsible for all 36% of his approval rating.

Now, before I begin, let me state that I have some good friends who are republicans, Trump supporters, but they are not obnoxious, always engage in civil discourse, and are always willing to listen and sometimes even agree with, the other side.  There’s Brian, and then there’s … um … er … well, there’s Brian.  Guess he’s the lone exception to the rule, at least in my sphere of friends.

This evening I read an op-ed piece by Geoffrey Kabaservice writing for the New York Times that gave me some food for thought.  See, I had always considered that Trump supporters fell into two groups:  the ultra-rich who believed he would lift regulations that hindered their businesses, and also give them tax cuts so they could see even more trailing zeros on their profit-and-loss statements.  And the second group, I thought, were those who clung to the hope that he would actually bring back coal jobs, get rid of immigrants, and they were just not smart enough to see the lie behind that promise.

But according to Kabaservice, that may be a fallacy.  It may well be that they just simply enjoy tormenting the rest of us!  A political historian, Kabaservice posits that even as early as the 1950s-1960s there were crackpots with theories similar to those the republicans unsuccessfully tried to launch against President Obama.

“Robert Welch Jr., a founder of the John Birch Society, famously maintained that President Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, was “a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy.” Other extremist groups charged that a committee of University of Chicago eggheads was rewriting the Constitution to deprive Americans of their rights to vote and hold property, and that the United Nations was training barefoot African cannibals in Georgia for an armed takeover of the United States.”

Barefoot African cannibals?  Seriously? So today we have the alt-right sites like Breitbart and InfoWars perpetuating myths like Pizzagate, where only a fool could have believed that Hillary Clinton was holding a child-sex ring in the basement of a D.C. pizza parlor.  According to Kabaservice, most republicans don’t actually believe these things, but they “enjoy the ridiculous exaggerations and outright lies for the outrage they provoke in Democrats, liberals, intellectuals and pompous commentators of all political stripes.”  AHA!  Now we’re getting somewhere! And this I can believe, because I have another friend who delights in sending me snippets from Fox or Breitbart simply to get me started. 

“Populist conservatives also appreciate fake news for conveying what they see as underlying symbolic truths. Barack Obama is not actually a Muslim, but those who called him one were pointing toward what they saw as his cosmopolitanism, racial otherness and seeming discomfort with “real” America. Democratic officials do not actually run sex rings, but for fake-news readers they are part of the corrupt and all-powerful government that exploits helpless citizens for fun and profit. Climate change science is not actually a hoax concocted by China and the scientific community, but many see it as serving the interests of globalists from both parties who allowed the devastation of American manufacturing and the working class.”

So, Trump made all these promises … to build a wall on the US-Mexican border, to repeal ACA, to ban Muslim immigrants … yet rather than work with both parties in Congress in order to elicit bipartisan help fulfilling his promises, he pitted republicans against democrats and continued his hateful rhetoric just as he had on the campaign trail, thereby virtually assuring that he would be no more successful at getting legislation passed than President Obama was during his last two years.  (Mind you, I am not complaining, for 99% of his promises were bad ideas anyway.) And yet, despite it all, the Trumpians continue to applaud and practically worship at his feet.

Why?  According to Kabaservice, because most of his supporters, excluding the wealthy whose reasons I have already identified, are “deeply pessimistic about America and its future. Few believe that he will be able to bring back the good times (however they define them) because they’re convinced that the system is rigged: The “deep state” is too entrenched, the demographic tide too advanced and the global elite too powerful to allow real change. Still, they appreciate President Trump for fighting the fight, especially when it involves going against the wishes of his own party and the customary norms of presidential behavior.”

And the article concludes:

“They will continue to see President Trump as the ultimate political independent, taking on the whole world. Even if it’s an empty performance, it’s bound to win applause.”

The article certainly explains some things, but here is what I still cannot understand.  Trumpians, again excluding the very wealthy, tend to be white, Anglo-Saxon protestants, or WASPS.  When Trump admits to multiple episodes of sexual harassment, when he gloats over stiffing contractors – working-class people – out of money they had earned, and when he incites violence at rallies … how are these people reconciling their love of all things Trumpian with his heinous behaviour with their WASP values?  And when he says he fired FBI Director James Comey for mishandling the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails, then the very next day says he fired him for his conducting of the Russian investigation … do they not see the lie?  All of which leads me back, in part anyway, to my original conclusion that they just really are not very well-educated or smart.  Not all … certainly some applaud his actions and words because they get the goats of people like me.  But others still believe he is going to make their lives somehow better, when every single thing he has attempted to do thus far is designed to make their lives far worse, while at the same time further enriching those rich businessmen who are, in one sense of the word, their oppressors.

There are several other articles that attempt to explain the Trumpian phenomenon, and I plan to take a look at some of those in a future post or posts.  I am determined to figure out this puzzle!

So, aren’t you glad I didn’t write about Dodd-Frank tonight?

19 thoughts on “Not A Post About Dodd-Frank!

  1. When lesser persons blunder their way into positions of high office their failings and inability to grasp the realities of holding the dynamics together soon becomes apparent. This unsettles those with their own degrees of influence: some fear for their own fiefdoms, others sense opportunities and some are actually outraged on principal. History always teaches the same fact. Inadequates fall because their apparent hold on power is a mirage.
    This least of persons is a hostage to History and the forces therein


  2. Jill, with our largely uninformed and, in too many cases, misinformed, people do not see the chaos and incompetence of this administration. The Qatar cross-communication example from yesterday is normative and this follows a Qatar mishandling by the President earlier in the week. He has a hard time learning from a mistake he just made.

    His followers see someone who talks about helping them and highlights any small achievements, whether he played a role or not.

    What he has done and what he advertises are not the same. But, that is how he runs his business. Just make the sale, don’t care about the delivery.


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    • All too true. And the bottom line is that, although I believe he never expected to win the election, once he did he began seeing $$$$$$$$$$$ and is now ‘working all angles’ to make sure he gets the most he can before he is given the boot. We do not matter, except as a tool. I see that, you see that, Gronda and Hugh see that … but still too many are blinded by something. It is said that he has charisma … yet I don’t see it … he is crude and vulgar, and frankly if he ever tried to shake my hand I would withdraw in revulsion, then go bathe in Lysol!


    • Dear Jill,
      For some reason, I cut myself off from completing my reply.
      The ones that I talk to fit your profile. And I get why they are so angry that they just want DDT to be a thorn in the side of establishment government.

      Until his actions hurt them specifically, they are enjoying the show. But all bets are off if the republican legislators pass the AHCA bill which cuts off lots of folks from having coverage.

      Why are they so angry..the list is endless…try Iraq war where it is their children paying with their well being to the tune of their health and lives while we as taxpayers pay the bill for well over 2 trillion dollars which did not make the USA safer and which was based on a lie; try stagnant wages for over decades; try the 2008 recession due in large part to WALL Street greed that cost peoples their homes, their savings, their pensions and security while not one culprit saw jail time; try minimum wage jobs where peoples have to work 2 jobs to afford a roof over their heads and often they are forced the indignity of having to rely on food stamps; and then try listening to legislators complaining about how poor peoples just have their hands out for more goodies when they are working their butts off just to survive; etc. etc. The republican law makers are tone deaf to these peoples but the democratic party has taken them for granted and has done little to lift them out of their financial doldrums.

      I actually feel badly for them because DDT is a very flawed messenger who I am convinced doesn’t give a hoot about these folks.
      He appears to be more responsive to the alt-right crowd.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • No, DDT doesn’t care about anybody but himself. I honestly believe that if he and one of his children were trapped in a burning house, he would save himself first. And yes, I understand the anger, but I still fail to understand how they still think Trump can or will help them. Not one single thing he has attempted to do is going to resolve any of their problems. Sigh. But … I just hope somebody wakes up before he leads us all over a cliff.


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  3. Their frustration equals their stupidity. But its is understandable.
    (I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you getting notices of my posts?? I suspect that WordPress is not up to the task sometimes!)

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    • Dearest Hugh! My apologies!!! I am getting the notifications about your posts and I promise I am not avoiding you, but have had just a few troubles that have put me WAY behind on everything in life! I am behind on reading posts, as well as day-to-day things like laundry, house chores, and SLEEP! I am so sorry … I am hoping to get caught up on most things this weekend (though you know the saying about ‘the best laid plans of mice and men …).


      • I suppose there are things beside the blog that occupy our time. I hope things straighten themselves out for you and you get back to normal. I do miss your always relevant and insightful comments! Thanks for responding.

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        • Things have indeed straightened out, my friend! Affairs of the heart … I am too damn old for this! But all is well. I have a list of about 10 fellow-bloggers that I try very hard to visit daily (though I obviously do not always succeed) You are #1 on that list, followed by Keith, Gronda, David, Roger, Mary, Jeannie & Emily. Admittedly, if I am starting very late at night, as is often the case, and yours is deep (as they usually are), I may flag them for tomorrow when my mental faculties are a bit sharper. But I enjoy your posts immensely and never, ever intentionally miss them!

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          • Aren’t you lovely? Don’t worry about keeping up with mine if you are weary, I know how you feel! Though I love to have your comments and indeed friendship – and sometimes a peek at the pictures of the more nature-therapy-ish-ones may help you get to sleep!

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            • Awwww … thanks! You made me smile! It is not hard to keep up with yours, though admittedly I do fall behind sometimes. I, too, look forward to your comments and consider you as a good friend. I have made several good friends here in the blogging community and I treasure them. Hugs, Mary!!! ❤


    • Hugh, I am not getting them though I was… And, like Jill, sometimes they are on subjects that interest me but so deep – and I am already so dragged down by the whirlpool that is life here at the moment. Two terrorist attacks, one (Manchester) very close to home, plus a general election and I live in – well, never mind that. When I do get to read one it always makes me think – which is sometimes not what I want as I think too much already! You are still having an impact.

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  4. Most entertaining….Enjoyed reading! Great fun. Just a thought….Is it sensible to credit the ‘deliberate conspirators’ with so much intelligence? Chronic Idiots are living proof of ‘Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!’ 😉 Hugs!

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