Fellow Countrymen … CEASE AND DESIST!

I am known for being an ardent defender of the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press.  I am also known, however, for being against bigotry in all its many forms.  Today, I am torn between those two.  In life, my friends, everything is not black-and-white, but there are many grey areas … and today’s post is about one of those grey areas.

Freedom of speech, as it has many times been interpreted by the Supreme Court, the highest law of the land, includes the right to protest.  That is as it should be.  But yesterday, Americans in 30 cities across the nation shamed themselves and all of the United States by abusing that right, for they were not protesting bad government, they were not protesting the rise in price of celery.  No, they were protesting against all members of one of the world’s major religions, Islam.  To anyone who joined in, supports or applauds these protests:  WHAT IN THE SAM HELL ARE YOU THINKING????

The protests were not large, and in some cities, the counter-protests organized by Civil Rights groups were actually better-attended. However, the principle remains the same.  Islam is a religion of peace and love.  There are some terrorist groups that commit horrific crimes in the name of Islam.  Christianity teaches peace and love.  There are some groups of Christians who commit horrific crimes in the name of Christianity.  What is the difference?  There is none, but can you imagine the reaction of the masses if anti-Christian groups staged protests against Christians?


Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America – a hate group

The rallies were organized by Act for America, which claims to be protesting about human rights violations but has been deemed an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Act for America calls itself “the NRA of national security”.  Need I say more? The founder of the organization is one Brigitte Gabriel who claims to be “one of the leading terrorism experts in the world”, yet the sum total of her educational background seems to be a one-year business administration degree from the YWCA. Seriously????? I must, then, be a real expert, for I have taken two semester-long courses in terrorism as a part of my (unfinished) quest for a Ph.D. in International Relations!

Gabriel has said that “the Arab world was characterized by ‘evil’ and ‘barbarism’”, and a snippet from the group’s website reads …

“Throughout its existence, ACT has stayed true to its mission by working to advance anti-Muslim legislation at the local and federal level while flooding the American public with wild hate speech demonizing Muslims … The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arabic world, is a difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s a difference between goodness and evil. And this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world — they have no soul, they are dead-set on killing and destruction.”

Remember last July, during Trump’s phobic election campaign, when he belittled Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of a slain Muslim soldier who had strongly denounced Mr. Trump during the Democratic National Convention?  Well, Ms. Gabriel had this to say about it …

“A practicing Muslim cannot, with good conscience, hold the Constitution and say that he abides by the Constitution and lives by the Constitution, because according to Sharia law — which every devout Muslim follows — the Constitution is a man-made law and it cannot be followed.”

An ignorant statement by an ignorant woman.


March AGAINST Human Rights

Act for America counts among its supporters a number of high-profile political figures. New York Congressman Peter King, in particular, has taken part in the “Act for America Show” on YouTube, and Senator Ted Cruz has spoken at their annual Legislative Briefing in Washington D.C. Former national security adviser Mike Flynn has been a member of the group’s Board of Advisors, and Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson is scheduled to speak at AfA’s annual conference in October 2017. In March 2017, Gabriel was invited to the White House for a meeting with a member of the Trump administration’s “legislative staff.” Why am I not surprised?



People … we do NOT need this. These types of rallies do nothing but promote fear and hatred under the guise of free speech. If we wish to keep our nearly unlimited right to free speech, arguably the most important right we have in this country, then we must protect and cherish it, we must use if for good rather than evil, and we must not use it to propagate fear and hatred, to personify evil.  We must use it wisely and responsibly, and that is not what those involved with yesterday’s rallies did.  They shamed themselves, though they are too stupid to realize it, and they shamed our nation.

I do not want the government, nor the police, to take away our right to speak freely, nor do I want them to take away our right to protest, to hold rallies and marches.  But that is what will happen if we do not police ourselves.  We must unite against hate and bigotry, for both are dividing this nation, causing splits that may take decades to heal. If citizens of this country continue to act as wild boar hogs, then eventually we will all be treated as such.   Think about it.

17 thoughts on “Fellow Countrymen … CEASE AND DESIST!

  1. Freedom of speech as well as other types of freedoms. Means tolerating speech deemed hateful and of a bigoted nature. Education of the people will help, to understand others. It’s the international bankers who agitate for hatred and wars. For it means increase of profit for them. I’ve always subscribed to the idea, if you wish to change the world? Change yourself. As an ideal starting point for anything.

    Love begets more love, while hatred just follows in suit. “War is a Racket” Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler
    Cheers Jamie

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    • There is truth to what you say, but it is also an oversimplification. Certainly we can, and should, all be a bit more respectful in our speech, but … to the gross abuses of governance that are too rapidly becoming the norm, polite discourse seems impossible. Greed supercedes the good of the nation, and we cannot stand by and politely say, “Um, Mr. Trump? Would you mind please giving us back our healthcare? And while you’re at it, would you please stop calling us names?” See, the hate comes from the top, and until HE changes his ways, nothing can stop what is happening between our citizens.


  2. The despicable British National Party (currently vanishing up its own anal canal) tried to pull the stunt of ‘courting’ the Hindu vote in the UK because of the invented ‘violence’ against it by the whole Muslim community; it didn’t work.
    I am against these items raised, quite radically- However this person so concerned about LGBT rights seems to forget the hate crimes perpetrated by ‘her kind’ (ooh don’t labels hurt missy?) on the LGBT community.
    I wonder how she would feel if I were to start on online petition asking for the US constitution to be banned because it promotes irresponsible and uncontrolled use of firearms, denies GOD by refusing to recognise organised religion and promotes idleness with the frivolous and obviously selfish statement ‘pursuit of happiness’.

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    • Sigh. I wonder how and where the divisiveness ends? When do people realize that superficial differences do not matter a whit, and that underneath all the detritus we are all just … people? When do we remember our compassion toward others? And the most frightening question, because I already know the answer: what does it take to wake us all up? 😥

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      • I know.
        And yet today there was a dreadful fire at an apartment block in London; folk of all nations, colours, religions etc are coming together to help each other out.
        My response to any knuckle extremist in the UK now be “What did you do to help after the Grenfell Tower fire?”

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        • Yes, I heard about the fire before I went to bed last night and tears welled in my eyes, my heart and thoughts with the people of London who have already endured so much in recent days. It does the heart good, though, to see people of every sort coming together in times of trouble. And yes, I love your response to the ‘knuckle extremists’ … in my book, there is no room for them in this world. We are all humans, though perhaps those who do not care about others are sub-human.

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  3. Dear Jill,
    The Right has been trying to pit Americans against the Muslim faith with this fear of the spreading of Sharia law which the vast majority of Muslims in the USA do not want. We have to go to countries like Saudi Arabia to witness be-headings and stoning to death its peoples for infractions like political dissension or even adultery.
    You are so right that we need to be vigilant of groups which appear to be benign but are purveyors of hate.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, the haters will use anything they can to spread fear and perpetuate hate, even though they know what they say is a lie. I have neighbors who are among my best friends … they are Muslim refugees from Syria & Iraq, and I trust them with my life, which is more than I can say for most of the white Christians I know. We just keep speaking out, my friend, and eventually I believe we make a difference. I have to believe that …

      Hugs!!!! ❤

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  4. And Trump acts as if this is OK. he right of Free Speech should perhaps be curtailed when it allows hatred to be promoted. There are a few radical Imams living in the US who film speeches on youtube which influence the young Muslims in the UK. We’ve felt the effects of this.If some of the young are affected and radicalised in the US then maybe you’ll have even more of the home grown terrorism you’ve known. Trouble is, these Imams only have to show the hate Gabriel and her kind have for their message to bear fruit.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • One part of me agrees, David, that the right of free speech must have some limits. But what I fear is that it becomes a slippery slope, and by imposing one limit, then another and another are added, and before long we wake up one morning and the press is controlled by the state. I believe that my right to freedom of speech ends where it hurts another, but … there is just so much that can go wrong if we mandate that. It is truly a grey area, and in a debate, I could argue either side … up to a point. Sigh.

      And yes, the message of hate seems to spread like wildfire, particularly to the youth. I wonder why the young are so dissatisfied with their lives today that they hear and follow the messages of hatred and violence? I wonder if it is because they have never really had to struggle. You and I … we lived in a different sort of world, I think. We grew up in the shadow of WWII and the evil of Nazi Germany, our parents weren’t wealthy, and I bet that you, like myself, entered the work force at a very early age out of necessity. We watched our parents struggle, we earned what we had. But I am rambling … just writing the meanderings of an old and tired mind, a disillusioned heart. I want to change the world, but ….

      xxx Cwtch Mawr, my dear friend xxx

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