No Conscience In This Cabinet!

Never before have so many disgusting lies been uttered in one room in a short few hours’ time.  The scene: Trump’s first full cabinet meeting.  The first lie … a yuge lie indeed … came from Trump himself as he opened the meeting saying, “Never has there been a president, with few exceptions, the case of FDR – he had a major Depression to handle – who’s passed more legislation who’s done more things than what we’ve done.” I wonder if the boys and girls in the meeting actually believed that, or if they merely played along? I’m not sure how anybody could have believed him when he has not managed to pass a single major piece of legislation yet, nor is he likely to any time soon.

But the boys and girls who serve as secretaries, directors and senior staff pandered to his ego and praised him as if he were somebody he is not.  For Trump, the first part of the meeting, while the press was in attendance, it was a stage, an opportunity for him to preen, an opportunity of which he took full advantage.

He said he wanted to go around the table and have everyone introduce themselves, as if the whole world isn’t already familiar with the contingent of clowns.  “I’m going to start with our vice-president. Where is our vice-president?” Trump asked, swiveling his head to look for Mike Pence before spotting him seated in the vice-president’s assigned seat, directly across from the president. “There he is,” Trump said jovially to titters from the others. “We’ll start with Mike and then we’ll just go around, your name, your position,” Trump instructed, like a teacher on the first day of school.

And this is where it goes from ridiculous to bizarre …

Vice President Mike Pence: “This is just the greatest privilege of my life.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “It is so great to be here.”

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley: “It’s a new day at the United Nations. I think the international community knows we’re back.”

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry: “My hat’s off to you.”

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao: “I want to thank you for getting this country moving again.”

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus: “We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you’ve given us to serve your agenda.”

Secretary of Labour Alexander Costa: “I am privileged to be here. Deeply honored.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price: “What an incredible honor it is to lead the Department of Health and Human Services at this pivotal time under your leadership. I can’t thank you enough for the privileges you’ve given me and the leadership that you’ve shown.”

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue: “A lot of us just got back from Mississippi. They love you there.”

Are you feeling ill yet? As soon as the adulation was over, Trump dismissed the press from the room.  As I said, it was a stage, an opportunity for all the world to see just how much he is adored and praised by his minions.  Typically, in another administration, this group would be referred to as the “brain trust”, but I cannot bring myself to use that term here, for there seems to be very little in the way of ‘brains’.

The most interesting thing is that at least some of the people who claimed to be so enamoured of Trump have had serious and ongoing disputes with him.  Jeff Sessions, for example, reportedly tendered his resignation a few weeks ago.  Trump declined to accept it, but nonetheless it indicates that there is conflict there.  And just a few days ago, Trump informed Reince Priebus that he had only until July 4th to “clean up the White House” or else lose his job.  Which leads me to believe that this whole little show put on for the press was scripted.  I strongly suspect that these people were told to praise the Idiot-in-Chief effusively, else they might find themselves in the same unemployment line as former FBI Director James Comey.  I would not be surprised to find that Steve Bannon, who was sitting directly behind Trump during the meeting, gave each person a piece of paper with what they were to say written upon it. That they went along shows us just how unreliable, untrustworthy, what a bunch of wusses and liars these people running our country are.

Christopher Lu, who served as Assistant to the President and White House Cabinet Secretary under President Obama, tweeted, “I ran 16 Cabinet meetings during Obama’s 1st term. Our Cabinet was never told to sing Obama’s praises. He wanted candid advice not adulation.”  Well, that is the difference between a president and a thin-skinned clown.  Trump’s own tweet read, “Finally held our first full @Cabinet meeting today. With this great team, we can restore American prosperity and bring real change to D.C.”  The ‘man’ is wearing rose-coloured glasses, apparently.

This is not one of the world’s most earth-shattering news items, but it is telling, I think, of what we have in the Oval Office.  We have a ‘man’ who places far more importance on being praised than on doing the job for which he was hired.  He is far more attuned to what his paid pansies say, whether they are sincere or not, than to what We The People think.  He is still nothing more than an actor playing a role, and doing so very badly.  His minions who praised him ad nauseam traded their collective consciences for their jobs.  When his ship sinks, they will all be on it and we will say, “Good Riddance”.


38 thoughts on “No Conscience In This Cabinet!

  1. Dear Jill,
    This is a great write-up of this bizarre, surreal meeting. I can’t wait to read Keith’s description. Imay do one as well because this topic is priceless. We all cone at events from different perspectives. I love your work.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thank you, Gronda! Yes, Keith did a great job on his … and I can’t wait to read yours! As you say, the topic is just too priceless to pass by! And we do all come at it from a different perspective, and our writing styles are different, so we all have something of value to add. As I told Keith, great minds think alike! 😉


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  2. Yeh, yeh. Sis-boom-bah! They do talk Comment by Rote. Right of out of ‘The Dummies Guide to Platitudes’
    (Scene: Interview between Me and One of the holders of office sitting on the knee of another dummy)
    Me: what did you do today Jeff?
    Jeff’s head swivels to face me.
    Jeff: Ghi saig gice gins aghabout gah gresident! Roghur!
    Me: And what about the Russians Jeff?.
    Jeff’s head swivels around, stares at the audience then to other dummy.
    Jeff: Have a grink of gwater while ghi will nnow recite gah alphaget- A-Gee-Ceeg-Deee-
    fade out……)

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    • 😀 😀 😀 Glad to see you have gotten your humour back! I was getting worried 😉 I could picture this … the dummy with the spinning head … and could hear him saying just that! Well done, Roghur! 🙂

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          • Well I guess you can tell by the delay, just how much time it’s taking up. (Oh woe and lack-a-day. That I shouldst be so tardy in my responses to my friends! Heavy does it hang about me….not joking, but it sounds better in old world language).
            It went spiralling off at a few tangents and the characters will not give it back. This re-write is done; it’s been the best crazy fun ride ever! And I’ll be asking for Beta-readers (and also asking how the frib’ you get work to folks to beta-read).
            Whoo, wot a journey! 🙃

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            • I am so glad to hear that you have had fun with it!!! That’s the main thing. And I wasn’t even thinking about response time to comments … heck, I’m usually almost a full day behind myself! I was mostly thinking that you hadn’t been your usual cheerful self of late, and hoped nothing was too wrong. I have never successfully written fiction … it just doesn’t seem to pan out for me … it comes out flat. But I have always heard that often the characters develop a mind of their own and take a story in a different direction than the writer intended. Guess it’s true, huh? I did a bit of editing for an author-friend a couple of years ago, but I cannot recall how she got it to me. Seems that she put a link on her Facebook page that I grabbed, or perhaps via a private message. I cannot recall … no surprise there, since I cannot recall why I got up and went into the kitchen a few minutes ago! 😀

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              • The toxicity from the current occupant of the Whitehouse to the Mayor of London really set me off!
                Anyhows working on the book set me straight. Much of it went as sort of planned. Now I belong to the school which believes a fantasy novel should always have romance, and I sort of had this planned; when suddenly, and I’m thinking…’really’….you two? and they said ‘Well, yeah. Didn’t you see that coming?’….rather sweet actually 🙂
                As for forgetting things, I take heart from an article written in the uk press entitled ‘Why am I upstairs?’ 😉

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                • Yes, I knew the comments about Mayor Khan had set you off … understandably! They made me furious too.
                  I have to laugh that your characters decided to fall in love in a way you hadn’t planned! I am now more eager than ever to read it! And yes, I like a bit of romance in a book, though I do not care for books where romance is the entire subject of the book … I like some plot!
                  I will have to go in search of that article!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have gone upstairs for one thing, seen something that needed to be done or picked up, ended up doing several little things, come back downstairs and realized that I had forgotten the one thing I went up for. Ah well … I get a bit of exercise that way! 😀

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                  • Me too! I spend a goodly portion of the day thinking ‘Waddya do that for?’ or ”And I’m here…because……?????’
                    Yes I admit to a smidge of excitement about this book….Usually I fall into the trap of ‘read me, look how clever I am’; this time it’s ‘Hey! You just gotta read about this bunch of folks; I can’t believe what they got up to!’
                    It’s cool and weird at the same time 😁

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                    • I am excited about your book! Would love to volunteer for the beta-reading, but not sure I could work within the time constraints … but let me know when you get to that point and we shall see. It’s great to hear you excited about it! I have so many friends who are in the midst of writing books at the moment … I’m jealous!!! 🙂

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                    • Thanks so much Jill.
                      I decided that beta-reading might take up someone’s time (like 144,000+ words) so I’m going to release the whole book in sequenced episodes via by blog and see what the feedback is; that way it gives any readers a chance to digest (just like Dickens in magazines of the time!) 😃
                      PS: I’m guessing there’s a book or short stories in Jill somewhere which will ease out one day 😉

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                    • I actually like the idea of ‘sequenced episodes’ … my thoughts on the beta-reading were that if I could do a small portion at a time, I could work it in, so this should work. I will be taking a hiatus for 4 days at the end of this week to spend some much needed time with H … but after that I hope to return refreshed and ready to jump back in to 20-hour days!!!

                      A book inside Jill? Yeah, there are a couple, maybe, but Jill’s writing skills just don’t seem to extend that far. Sometimes I think I should write those books just for Chris and Miss Goose, so that when I am gone they will know who Grannie was back in the day, and have all my funny stories to tell someday. But for now, I am just another pundit … albeit a mostly unpaid one!!! 😀 But happy as a lark doing what I do, so … good enough, yes?

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    • Exactly! I have long been saying that if President Obama had done even one single thing that Trump has done, he would have been impeached with speed such as we have never seen from Congress. I just don’t get it … but when Trump’s ship sinks and they all go down with him, as I believe is inevitable, I am going to applaud.

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    • That is what I wonder also. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that room after the press left. And … I think he probably did expect the press to buy into that disgusting show, but then if they don’t report it glowingly (and they did not!) then he will just say they are the ‘crooked, lying MSM’. I cannot believe some of the cabinet members were able to say all those lovely, false things without throwing up on their shoes!!!
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Many thanks for the re-blog!!! Yes, Keith and Gronda also referred to them as sycophants and it is so true! Only one refused to fawn … Mattis, I believe it was. He praised his staff, but noticeably left Trump out. 🙂 Thanks again, my friend!

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