And The Pile Of Lies Grows … As Does Pinocchio’s Nose

In my post yesterday, A Session with Sessions , I claimed in no uncertain terms that I firmly believed Jeff Sessions lied under oath on Tuesday, 13 June 2017.  I was fairly confident at that time that proof of his lies would be forthcoming, but I had no idea that it would come so soon.

On Tuesday, Jeff Sessions testified, under oath, that he did not believe he had any contacts with lobbyists working for Russian interests over the course of Trump’s campaign. Today, two days later, Richard Burt, a lobbyist who has represented Russian interests in Washington, confirmed that he attended two dinners hosted by Jeff Sessions during the 2016 campaign.

Not only that, but Burt advised then candidate Trump on his first major foreign policy speech, a role that brought him into contact with Sessions personally. The speech on which Mr. Burt corroborated was delivered … wait for it … at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on 27 April 2016, the very date that Mr. Sessions denies having had any contact with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Well, he actually said he ‘doesn’t remember’ any conversation with Kislyak … I suppose there is a difference.

According to a report by The Guardian …

“Burt, who previously served on the advisory board of Alfa Capital Partners, a private equity fund where Russia’s Alfa Bank was an investor and last year was lobbying on behalf of a pipeline company that is now controlled by Gazprom, Russia’s state-controlled energy conglomerate, first told Politico in October that he had been invited to two dinners that were hosted by Sessions last summer, at the height of the presidential campaign.

Sessions, a former senator for Alabama who was chairman of the Trump campaign’s national security committee, reportedly invited Burt so that he could discuss issues of national security and foreign policy.”

Mr. Sessions … do you know the meaning of the word ‘perjury’?

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser whose interactions with Russia are under FBI investigation and who is known to have been a liaison between the Trump campaign and Russian officials last year, said he found “the entire line of questioning to be near the pinnacle of witch hunt tactics. In the grand scheme of things, the severe civil rights abuses by Clinton-Obama-Comey regime carried out against myself and other supporters of the Trump campaign in their illegal attempts to influence the 2016 election will help clarify how irrelevant all these petty side-questions are.”

Who knew there was even a “Clinton-Obama-Comey regime”?  And who knew they were on a witch hunt to bring down poor Mr. Page and the Trump supporters?  Mr. Page, it should be noted, has written or is writing a book.

Truth:  that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

The concept of truth, of fact, has been blurred or completely lost in Trump’s world of alternative facts.  We can never believe a single word, without first checking to confirm the veracity, that is emitted from the mouths of Trump and his minions.  The dwindling number of Trump supporters still claim to believe, to hang on his every word, but … are they trying to kid us, or are they trying to convince themselves?

In less than five months, Trump, Sessions, Tillerson, Kushner and the rest have turned what was once a fairly stable democracy into a shambles, a joke.  There is no transparency, there is not even any longer a pretense of operating the government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’We The People have been shoved aside, not important in the grand scheme of things. Donald J. Trump is not a president, but a wanna-be king, and his hopes are that the likes of Vladimir Putin can help him find his crown. His goal was never to “make America great again” … it was always to “make Trump rich again”. And if achieving that goal requires lies, corruption, scandal and other crimes against the nation, so be it, for Donald aims to have his way.

lies.jpgLike an animal caught in a trap, Trump is lashing out at his critics.  On Thursday, he again tweeted that he was the victim of a massive “witch hunt”.  I know I am tired of hearing his “oh poor me” tweets of woe, but apparently even some of his own are tired of it.  Republican Senator John Thune was asked on “Morning Joe” Thursday if Bob Mueller is a man of integrity and whether he had done anything so far in the conduct of the investigation that lead him (Thune) to believe Mueller is conducting a witch hunt.  Thune’s response:

“No, he is a man of integrity, Mark, and he needs to be able to do his work. And I think it’s better for all of us if that work continues. It’s — obviously he is going to get to the bottom and he is going to find the facts, and I think that’s his role. And I think we ought to let him continue to do that and I assume at some point there will be an end to all this. He’ll have done his investigation and there will be whatever findings there are.”

Even Trump lapdog Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could not support or defend Trump’s tweet, saying only, “I typically don’t comment on the president’s tweeting habits.”

I have nothing but pity and contempt for any who still believe, or claim to believe, the lies of Trump, Sessions and the rest, for they are the ones who wrought upon this nation the utter chaos under which we are now forced to live, and they have only themselves to blame for the destruction of our democracy, our society, and our sanity.

27 thoughts on “And The Pile Of Lies Grows … As Does Pinocchio’s Nose

  1. Corruption at the top is difficult to stamp out once the perpetrators have their steely claws into the fabric of civilisation. It is a shame Obama was at the end of his tenure. While he wasn’t perfect (nobody is), I did think that he was fairly honest and did actually care about the ‘people.’
    What went before and came after him ( Bush & Trump) are just ‘Men made of Smoke!’ There is actually no substance to them, emotionally, morally or even physically!

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    • Yes, I had tremendous respect for Obama … still do. No, he wasn’t perfect, but he tried to do what was best for the nation and its citizens, where Trump is only concerned with what is best for Trump. Bush … eh, he was a mixed bag. He made some grievous errors, but at the core I don’t think he was as self-focused and … evil … as Trump. Sigh.

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    • Ah yes … DDT is an expert at illusion, smoke & mirrors … for so long he tried to distract our attention from the Russian investigation, but it grew beyond that, so now he uses it toward his own goals of distracting us from the healthcare bill, his budget, and who knows what else? The man isn’t particularly smart, but he is extremely devious and sly. Sigh. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to trade us Trudeau for him? 🙂


          • My friend is a climate activist. Justin Trudeau seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth. One speech brings a promised a Carbon pricing scheme to reduce fossil fuels…and another speech promises more production for the Alberta Tar Sands (a significant ecological disaster that can be seen from satellites) and development of pipelines (East, West, and South), which he argues will pay for the development of green technologies. It is a flawed plan based on appeasement of the oil industry. Notably, Trudeau has just started backing away from the Paris agreement on Climate. Germany were relying on him as an ally against DDT’s abandonment of the plan, but it appears that Trudeau does not want to lose favour with POTUS under any circumstances and has declined any real action with Europe against the US withdrawal. It has left Germany feeling bitter.

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            • Wow! I did not know any of this … I have obviously only skimmed the surface where Trudeau is concerned, but he seemed to be much like Obama, and he seems generally well-liked and respected. I will definitely be doing some more digging into all this. Thanks for the info! If he aligns himself with DDT, then I will definitely be changing my opinion of him!


  2. Jill, I commented on the Sessions post you did, so I won’t repeat these here. Sessions knows what perjury is, so if this turns out to be true, our Attorney General was not just evasive, he committed a crime. And, it troubles me greatly that a Russian lobbyist helped candidate Trump with his speech.

    To be frank, there are far too many people lying around and including the President. I have seen Page interviewed twice and his answers fell apart under questioning. Coupled with the President’s nonchalant attitude toward the Russian meddling and obstruction, I am firmly convinced of his guilt. It is just a matter of time now, which is why the Mueller discrediting mission is in full court press mode. Keith

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    • Yes, I agree with you on all points. And as for Carter Page … that man is a real piece of work, and I do NOT mean that in any good way! I see that now Trump is also attacking Rosenstein. I would love to be a fly on the wall or a mouse in the corner while Mueller is interviewing Coats and Rogers! We are living in such interesting times, yet frankly I would trade them for the relative peace of a decade ago.


  3. Dear Jill,
    Thanks for a great post.

    These facts have caught Mr. Sessions with his pants down. He has truly been exposed.

    Mr Burt was already well ensconced in DDT’s campaign when Mr. Sessions came on board around the first week of March 2016. Mr. Sessions had started meeting various foreign dignitaries around April 14, 2016.
    He had to be aware of Mr. Burt’s being a lobbyist for pro-Russian entities. And when he attended the Mayflower Hotel events, he was acting as an integral part of the president’s team.

    It was Paul Manafort who brought Mr. Burt onto the campaign team.And it was Mr. Burt, as chairman of the National Interest’s advisory council, a pro-Russian think tank, who set up/ sponsored the 4/27/16 Mayflower Hotel event with the VIP reception where both Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had been invited to attend and which they both did. This was a small group gathering and so, I don’t see how Mr. Sessions can claim no recollection.

    As per a 4/2/16 Politico report, “As for the Center, both it and its journal, the National Interest, are two of the most Kremlin-sympathetic institutions in the nation’s capital, even more so that the Carnegie Moscow Center, which has evolved from a hub of Russian liberalism into an accomodationist, intellectually-compromised think tank.”.

    Oh what a tangled web he wove when he first practiced to deceive…

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thanks Gronda!!! Yes, a more tangled web I have never in my life seen! And I am betting that there is much more to come. The only positive thing I can say is that I don’t have to wonder what to write about next … I have topics lined for a mile, just not enough hours in the day to write them all!


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  4. Those that are still enamoured of or dazzled by Trump will continue to say this is a witch hunt and that you, Gronda and people like you are responsible ‘for the destruction of our democracy, our society, and our sanity.’ None of them seem to realise that there’s a chance Trump could be implicated in anything despite his saying that Russian Sanctions should be dropped. It says something when all but 2 of his party vote for the sanctions and want them strengthened.
    It may be that nothing will be found to prove him guilty of collusion with the Russians but I bet my bottom dollar (or pound) that an end to sanctions will be on the cards if that happens and he will have earned billions for helping the Russians go ahead with their gas drilling.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Oh yes, there is no doubt in my mind that he stands to earn more money than I can even imagine. But it seems to me that his ’empire’ is beginning to crumble and he has only himself to blame. As for his culpability … I strongly believe that IF all the details can ever be known and IF Mueller and his team are capable of tracing the connections, sorting out all the strands to this huge, ugly web of lies and deceit, all strands will eventually lead back to none other than Trump himself. I’m not confident that we will ever know everything, but I am confident that enough will become known that the evidence will force Congress to either impeach or invoke Article 25. I hope I’m not wrong. Many, many hugs, dear friend!!!

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