Senator Kamala Harris Appears To Make The Old Boys’ Network In The Senate, Nervous

To some of us, there was never any doubt that it’s still a man’s world, especially in Washington. Freshman Senator Kamala Harris is getting a taste of this lesson, and blogger-friend Gronda has written an excellent, informative post about Senator Harris’ attempt to get answers in the ongoing investigation into the Trump-Russian connections. Please take a moment to read this post, and also pay attention to the comment by crustyolemothman, who has made a prediction that I would like to naysay, but I’m not sure he’s off-base at all! Thank you, Gronda for the post and permission to re-blog!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearingsThere is not a woman alive who has ever held any executive type position who has not experienced this phenomenon of being interrupted, talked over by male co-workers while she was simply doing her job. There are literally hundreds of published articles out there in the real world, advising women how to navigate successfully under these set of circumstances.

There have been credible studies which validate this assertion. For example the Harvard Business Review has published empirical data in its review dated 4/11/17, demonstrating that the Supreme Court female Justices are interrupted by their male counterparts at a rate of 3 times greater than their male colleagues.

Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearingsMost women who have been watching the US Senate Intel Committee hearings within the first half of 2017, have noticed the former prosecutor, former attorney general and freshman Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), as she performs her expected role in a professional manner, by…

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6 thoughts on “Senator Kamala Harris Appears To Make The Old Boys’ Network In The Senate, Nervous

  1. That your nation with so much potential and variety should have to suffer under this crew of lacklustre, ridiculous, amateur, little minded individuals is a tragedy.
    If your nation was a family, the public would be taken into Social Services care and the whole Whitehouse circus hauled up on one of those Reality TV shows where they would argue and bitch about each other and whose fault it was.
    They give Idiocy a bad name.

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    • You mean … the White House Circus isn’t a reality show??? It sure as heck seems like one most days! No wonder the commercial break I’ve been waiting for never came! 😀 But your analogy to a family is a good one … the bunch in the WH is supposed to be the caring, protective parents, but they are abusing their family and we are starting to show bruises! Hopefully we don’t get broken bones, because we will not have health insurance to pay for getting them fixed! 😀

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  2. Dear Jill,
    She obviously did not get the memo that she was not supposed to ask tough but appropriate questions of a former senatorial colleague even if he was not forthcoming with answers.
    Thanks a million for the reblog.

    Hugs, Gronda

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