196 Democratic Lawmakers Of US Congress Are Suing President over Foreign Emoluments Clause

The Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution is the topic of the day. It is intended to ensure “that our nation’s leaders would not be corrupted by foreign influence or put their own financial interests over the national interest.” By now, it should be clear to all that Trump will always put his own interests, financial and otherwise, over the national interest. 196 Democrats in Congress have filed a lawsuit claiming that Trump is in violation of the Emoluments Clause. This lawsuit is right and proper, though I suspect it will die a quick death in light of the plutocracy of the day. Fellow-blogger Gronda has, as always, summarized and explained the issue for us in her latest post. Please take a few minutes to read this excellent post, for this is important information! Thank you, Gronda, for both the post and for allowing me to share!

Gronda Morin

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Democrats of the US Congress have decided to act to force the republican President Donald Trump to comply with the US Constitution with regards to its “Emolument’s Clause.”

There are House republicans who argue that this clause has never been enforced against a sitting US president or the members of the US Congress. The obvious retort to this assertion is that previous presidents have fully complied with the intent of this clause. And the US Congress representatives are bound by the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act to prevent it from acting counter to the emoluments clause.”

Image result for photos of us congress buildingThe Heritage Guide to the US Constitution states the following:

“The Framers intended the Emoluments Clause to protect the republican character of American political institutions. “One of the weak sides of republics, among their numerous advantages, is that they afford too easy an inlet to foreign corruption.” The Federalist No. 22 (Alexander Hamilton). The…

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9 thoughts on “196 Democratic Lawmakers Of US Congress Are Suing President over Foreign Emoluments Clause

  1. Dear Jill,
    For me, the #1 priority of these suits is to survive until the discovery stage where attorneys can subpoena DDT’s IRS Tax returns.

    These returns will tell us an important story. For example, these docs will tell us how wealthy DDT really is; how indebted to foreign financial institutions he is, and how desperate he is for an influx of additional revenues. The review of these docs would be crucial to determine how vulnerable he is with regards to conflict of interest problems.

    As always, thanks a million for this reblog.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Hard to say. My thought is that they will not get very far, but several disagree with me and believe this may actually lead to the start of the impeachment process. For sure, that would make me happy as a lark, but I just think that so far nothing … absolutely nothing … seems to stick to him. He is as a runaway train with no fences able to withstand his momentum (or whatever the heck it is). Time will tell, and my fingers are crossed.

      Hugs!!! ❤

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