Break Time For Filosofa!!!

Dear readers …

I will be taking a 4-day break beginning Friday morning and returning with a post at some point on Tuesday.  I have a couple of posts scheduled during that time, but otherwise will be “off the grid”, as I spend a relaxing weekend with my friend H.  For my U.S. friends … PLEASE keep the Idiot-in-Chief from doing anything too terrible during my absence!  I shall miss you all, but I really, really need a break, and promise to return well-rested (well, maybe not rested, since this weekend will entail some 18 hours of driving time) and ready to start pounding the keys again!  I had hoped to have time to do a Jolly Monday post, but with house chores, and preparing for this trip, I did not, so I will re-post an older one.  My apologies, and I shall make it up to you … I promise! Keep safe and have a lovely weekend.  Hugs and love from Filosofa!

13 thoughts on “Break Time For Filosofa!!!

  1. Have a great break and come back happy and healthy! I need this weekend too – I think I had some bad food on Wednesday … not feeling great in the tummy! 😦 (No, it really was the food, I have not been binge-watching speeches of the trumpet… you know how much I avoid these!)

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