This Monday Morning Is Brought To You By … Eeyore!

I am on hiatus until tomorrow, but did not want to disappoint all of you who depend on my Jolly Monday posts to get your week off to a start with a smile.  So, I am reposting this from last June … it is one of the better ones, I think.  I hope it brings a glimmer of a smile to your face and that you share that smile with others.  Hugs and love to you all!

Note to readers:  As you all know by now, my hiatus did not pan out, but I am leaving this re-post for two reasons:  1) it was a pretty good one, and 2) I am lazy today.  I promise fresh jolly material next Monday, however!


It was the moment that every parent dreads, hopes never to have happen.  That moment when you find unidentified pills in your teenager’s room.  What do you do?  Do you confront him/her?  How do you handle the situation?  Honest conversation or punishment?  Well, 16-year-old Ashley Banks forgot her calculator on the day she was scheduled to take the SAT test, so she sent a text message to her mom asking her to get the calculator from her room and leave it in the mailbox so she could pick it up on her way. In the process, her mother found some strange pills and did what most of us would probably have done … she panicked and sent the following message back to Ashley:

“Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house. Come home right now. As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences.  As for now [you’re] grounded and you will not be leaving the house, come home this instant.” 

Imagine mom’s surprise when Ashley’s response was a couple of laughing emojis followed by “go put them in water.”  Mom put the ‘pills’ in water and …. Well, you can see the results for yourself in the picture.  Needless to say, mom had some egg on her face!



It rather reminds me of the time my late mother-in-law found marijuana in her grandson’s dresser drawer!  She decided to destroy it, so she took it outside to a container she used to burn paper and set it afire.  Wanting to be certain it all burned up, she stood right over the container and after a few minutes of inhaling the smoke, she was higher than a kite!

Blind Cat Hikes Highest Peak in Ireland

Spooky, our oldest cat, died in March.  He was blind, and as such was sometimes quite a challenge to take care of.  He turned food and water dishes over more often than he actually ate or drank from them, had to be carried to the litter box, and in general required at least ten times as much time and effort as any of the others.  We did this without complaint (mostly), however, as he was quite old, we had him since he was just a few weeks old, and he had given us many years of love and joy.  But I cannot picture hiking up a mountain with him.  So you can imagine my surprise when I heard of Stevie, the blind cat who shares her home and life with her human companion, Patrick Corr, hiking!  Not just hiking, but hiking to the top of Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest peak (3,406 feet)!  Stevie mostly walks with a harness and leash, though she (yes, Stevie is a girl) is allowed briefly off the leash on occasion.  And Patrick carries her on his shoulder or in a carrier where the terrain is rocky.   You can check out the short (3+ mins) video here (video will open in separate tab)

stevie“Her comfort was our number one priority,” says Corr.  “Stevie was only allowed to walk on the path leading to the base and during the climb itself, she was free to walk wherever there was a soft surface – any section of the mountainside that was too rocky, she was carried on my shoulder and via a cat carrier bag that we had specially for the trip.”  The pair also took “lots of breaks” and he made sure Stevie always had access to food and water. The climb up and down the peak took between five and six hours.  Great job Stevie!  Oh, and you too, Patrick!

Hope For Hope

hopeLakeland, Florida Police Officer Kareem Garibaldi had worked a 12-hour shift, was tired and just wanted to go home.  When he reached his car, however, he found Hope, a small stray puppy under the car.  Officer Garibaldi took Hope home, and after three days of caring for her and trying to find her owners, he decided to take her to the SPCA for a health check.  This picture was snapped of both Officer Garibaldi and Hope snoozing, while waiting to be seen by the vet.  This photo went viral on social media, though sadly some had negative responses, saying that the officer was merely trying to get attention for himself, but most of the 234 comments on Facebook were very positive.  The best part?  Hope now has a ‘forever home’ with Officer G!  Hats off to Officer Kareem Garibaldi for compassion and humanity!



12 thoughts on “This Monday Morning Is Brought To You By … Eeyore!

    • Indeed it is too bad. I actually thought a few times about just writing happy and humorous material all the time, but the reality is that if I did, I would not be being true to myself. I somehow feel that this is what I am meant to be doing at this point in time … using my voice to speak out against injustice, against evil. I may not convince many, but I have had two small, partial successes when people said, “hmmmm … I never thought about it that way before.” Small steps for sure, but … I just have to keep trying. Meanwhile, hold on ’til Wednesday morning’s “Good People” post … I just finished it, and I think you will love these people! Annnnndd … I apologize for the lack of coffee and wine this morning, but it was a repost from a year ago, before I started serving refreshments with my posts! 😀

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  1. Stevie, the mountain climbing blind cat, is an amazing story and reminds me of one of my own. I was asked several times to sit a half blind white persian cat called Jasmina. Our first meet was one of a distinctly fridgid response by my furry charge, but after some real effort on my part, I won her heart.

    On my next visit a year later, Jasmina remembered me and touched noses with me while purring upon our reintroduction. She is a generally distant and independent cat, so neither of her two doting guardians had ever managed to get her to sit son their laps. But Jasmina and I got on so well, that she would hop up on my lap and stay there for hours while I brushed or stroked her. We were a team!

    So, imagine my surprise when she followed me out on a walk…. I kept thinking she would stop following when she got to the boundary of her territory, but no…she followed up the lane, onto the road and never strayed as she trotted after me. The road was quiet, but suddenly, I could hear a motorbike coming. I ran back tour grab Jasmina (who, as a country cat, was not road savvy), and scooped her into my arms (she didn’t like to be picked up usually). As the motorbike roared past us both, Jasmina took fright and jumped and disappeared into an olive grove. I called and called, but she had disappeared. My husband urged us to carry on (the cat would find its way home), but I told him to continue without me. I waited quietly, then called Jasmina to come out and I would take her home to safety. Amazingly, she reappeared and blinked at me. She gingerly looked at the road and then followed me for the mile and a half home…all the way to the door….then I to the living room….and then on to my lap, where she slept to recover from her trauma for an hour. Her guardians never believed the story until they saw all the photos that my husband had taken, that such a thing could have happened!

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      • Heck, I’m impressed that you can do so much typing on your phone. If I have to return a text on my phone, it is usually something like “on phone … more when I get to computer” and even that will come out wrong, because my spell-checker does not understand me 😀

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    • I LOVE your story about Jasmina!!! Thank you for sharing it with me! We had a blind cat, Spooky, who died two years ago. He went blind about two years before he died, and it was funny … he could ALWAYS find his way to the food dishes, but when he needed to get to the litter box, he would come out to the living room and start turning in circles … faster and faster … and that was our cue to grab him and take him to the box. If we weren’t fast enough … well, that is why we used so many paper towels back then! 😀

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