Great News …. The Toe Has Been Returned!!!

Last week I wrote about the stolen toe which is used in Dawson City’s (Yukon) Sourdough Saloon’s popular “Sourtoe Cocktail.”  This is a follow-up to that story …

Now, I am fairly certain that at least some of you, like me, have lost sleep worrying about this toe and its whereabouts, but today you can rest easy!  The toe has been returned to its rightful owner and will return to its place of prominence in the Sourtoe Cocktail!  It was really rather anti-climactic.  Last Tuesday afternoon the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) say they received a call from the alleged thief, who said he had mailed the toe to the hotel. He also said he had called the hotel to say the toe was on its way and offered a verbal apology.

The hotel received the package two days later, and the RCMP was called in to open the package … just in case there was more than just a toe inside.  But no, all was well, the toe arrived in good condition (well, as good as a mummified toe is likely to be anyway), and a letter of apology was included. The obvious question is why did he steal the toe in the first place if he was going to return it and suffer a pang of conscience as well?

puzzledNow, an interesting twist here.  The toe was stolen on Saturday, 17 June.  Yesterday, 26 June, the Vancouver Courier carried the following headline:

Donate Your Toe To Win A Trip To The Yukon

Toes will be collected posthumously for use in the famous Sourtoe Cocktail

The article begins …

“An incident last week in Dawson City, Yukon, almost became a one of national security when the famous toe from the Sourtoe Cocktail was stolen from the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City. Luckily, the toe has now been returned. Because of this tragedy Tourism Yukon is on the lookout for a backup toe to ensure the Sourtoe Cocktail can continue on should this happen again. The person willing to part with it will win a free Yukon getaway for two.”

In case any of my readers might be interested in donating their toes to win the free trip, here are the abbreviated rules:

  • To win: Upload a photo of your mouth-watering digit onto Instagram
  • Tag @travelyukon
  • Add the hashtag #makeatoenation for a chance to win a free Yukon getaway for two.

Hotel manager Adam Gerle says, “We’re delighted the toe has been returned and this contest will help ensure the tradition of the legendary Sourtoe Cocktail will continue for many years to come”.

All the toes people are willing to donate will be displayed on The selected winner will agree to donate their toe postmortem. And yes, this is a real contest. Big toes are preferred. Full contest rules here. If you’re interested, the deadline is 07 July, and as you can see on the makeatoenation site, there are already many entries, so you need to get busy!

So, folks, you will sleep better tonight, knowing that the missing toe has been returned safe and sound. Y’know … I’ve never been to the Yukon … and I wouldn’t mind seeing the sights … heck, I might even decide to live out my days there … far away from the Buffoon-in-Chief!  I asked my girls if either of them would be interested in a trip to the Yukon.  For some reason, they looked at me as if I had suddenly grown a second head!  Goose did mention something about Yukon Cornelius, though, so perhaps I can convince her yet.

yukonSpecial thanks to my friend Diane for alerting me that the toe had been returned!

18 thoughts on “Great News …. The Toe Has Been Returned!!!

    • Remember that the toe is only donated AFTER death, so you could still dance all night long, keep your balance, and win a free trip! Who cares about the toe once you are dead? Heck, they can have all ten of mine once I no longer have use for them! Hugs!!!

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