Proof Positive The President Is Catering To The Alt-Right In Making His Policies

Yesterday, after the Supreme Court decision to allow a limited version of Trump’s Muslim ban, Trump stated that now we are a safer nation. Nothing could be further from the truth, as my friend Gronda points out in her excellent, eye-opening post. Thank you, Gronda, for both the post and permission to share. As I have said more than once, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of john kelly John Kelly, Head of Homeland Security

The republican President Donald Trump’s administration’s lack of focus on domestic white extremist terrorism, let alone its denial that it even exists, is highly suggestive of his unhealthy alignment with his Alt-right,  White-supremacists’ followers. Once again, the president is allowing his alt-reality universe versus factual data to prompt his policy priorities.

As per numerous sources, despite an uptick in far right hate crimes, the White House has signaled its intent to cut spending for programs that fight non-Muslim domestic terrorism even though it has budgeted for an increase of spending for the Department of Homeland Security. And in the month of June 2017, this same department has barred a $10 million government grant program, from being used to combat both domestic and Islamist terrorism to narrowing its focus to combating Islamist extremism only.

What caught my attention to focus on this issue, is the…

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6 thoughts on “Proof Positive The President Is Catering To The Alt-Right In Making His Policies

    • I never met a grandfather who died in the Holocaust, so these neo-Nazi groups are so hard for me to see. And the whole ‘white supremacy’ concept is beyond my comprehension. We are all the same race: HUMAN!!! It was my pleasure, as always, to re-blog your post … you do good work, my friend! I wish that one day we could meet, but … nonetheless, I consider you a friend. Hugs!!!

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