21 thoughts on “HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!

  1. It was a fantastic day. Of course not without controversies as some Aboriginal speakers have expressed their unhappiness about the “150 years’, but by showing respect to the protesters while also focusing on what we can do now and what we can do better, Trudeau has not just acknowledged the past, but also shown a commitment to change.
    It was fantastic to see the Pride Parades in SK getting stronger, which is another way to celebrate diversity.
    And….although SK might be one of the provinces that took longer to welcome immigrants from all over the world, it is happening, and it warmth my heart to see all of them dressed in white and red (and green) and enjoying the free concerts, music…junk food, beer and and fire works…on this lovely rain-free day. It does not come better (although the Rough Riders-that is where the green comes from-lost on the opening day of the brand new Mosaic stadium). You can’t have it all!

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    • I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! Sounds like a lovely celebration. I had heard of the protests by the indigenous peoples, and felt it worth of mention, but did not know enough to speak on it, so I did not. I did see, on Gronda’s post, the big Duck … and I fell in love with it!!! Your celebrations appeared to be so fun, so happy! Here’s to the next 150, my friend!!!

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  2. Thanks Jill. I appreciate the good wishes 🙂

    I’ve been reading through several of your posts and sadly it makes my stomach clench. The lack of empathy and, quite frankly, simple common decency in the US government right now is appalling. For those of us watching from afar, it it frightening. I can’t imagine how much worse it feels to those of you who have to live it every day 😦

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    • Yes, for those of us who read, who think, who understand … these are scary, stressful times in the U.S. Every day brings new challenges, new atrocities by the clown in the White House. My biggest concerns are the environment, education, civil rights, and freedom of the press/free speech. There are a multitude of others, but these are always on top of my priority list. I cannot keep up with all that is going on anymore. It breaks my heart to see what is happening to our country. But, I am so blessed that about 50% of my readers are from outside the U.S., and they are all so supportive, so caring … it warms my heart and makes me smile.

      Thanks for reading my posts and for caring! Hugs!!!

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  3. Dear Jill, fellow bloggers, and ALL our Canadian friends,
    I join in with Jill and friends to wish you all a grand celebration for this momentous occasion of CANADA BECOMING 150 YEARS OLD.
    You are our younger cousin but right now we here in the USA are suffering with jealously. Can we trade leaders?
    I hope that you are not too disappointed or offended that President Trump has yet to visit Ottawa?
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda — I have tried for 5 months now to trade leaders with my Canadian friends, but with no luck at all. I even offered to throw in some others, like Kellyanne, Sessions, etc., but still no deal! And I’m pretty sure all the Canadians are thankful that Trump has kept his distance … I don’t think they want him anymore than our friends across the big pond do! 😀

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