Gun Sales Down … Alcohol Sales UP???

It is one thing to say that Trump & Co. are driving us crazy, affecting our health, promoting violence and racism, etc., but I posed to Google a specific question:  have liquor sales increased since Trump was elected?  And I got my answer and much, much more.  So, I thought it would be interesting to take a brief look at what other changes the idiot-in-chief and his cast of looney toons has wrought.

  • gun-idiot-1Ironically, gun sales were down 17% during Trump’s first two months in office. One main reason is that the lunkheads no longer fear that President Obama will be ‘coming for their guns’.  Of course, he never was, but try telling that to a lunkhead.  The exception to the decline in gun sales is among women and minorities, two groups who have cause to feel more vulnerable in the ‘age of Trump’.

  • Contrary to Trump’s rants about the ‘failing media’, and specifically the ‘failing New York Times‘, the media over all, including the Times, are having a very good year. At the Times, subscriptions have increased 8.1% since January.  Other media outlets, including television and print, have increased viewership/readership averaging between 8% – 21%.  Failing???  I don’t think so …

  • The sale of bomb shelters has increased 500% – 700% here in the U.S., and in Japan, one company received more orders in the month of April than it typically receives in an entire year. Remember the Cold War ….

  • This one had me scratching my head at first … the sale of poster boards and markers has increased exponentially, to the point that there is now actually a shortage, as supply struggles to keep up with demand, and many have resorted to using cardboard boxes and old bed sheets. The reason?  Protest signs!

  • 1984

    First edition cover

    The sale of dystopian novels, beginning with George Orwell’s 1984, which became the #1 best-selling book on Amazon the week of the inauguration, has increased dramatically. Others that have seen increases in sales include Animal Farm also by Orwell, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Does this give us some idea about what we are thinking these days?  Actually, I recently re-read two of these myself – Brave New World and 1984.  It is said that Trump is not a big reader. He hasn’t read any presidential biographies, asks for long reports to be boiled down to a few short pages, and frequently “gets bored and likes to watch TV.” Says something, don’t you think?

  • As to my original question about alcohol sales being up, the answer is a bit murky. One study shows that sales of beer, wine & liquor have increased some 18% since January, but … there is no consensus about the reason.  Some believe it is euphoria among the lunkheads, others say it is angst among those of us who are not lunkheads, and still others claim it is due to an anticipation of both tax cuts (on the wealthy, who are usually a bunch of alkies anyway) and proposed de-regulation on the industry, such as expanding the hours and venues that alcohol may be served.  Personally, I believe it is the angst of the times, and some agree with me, judging by these tweets:
    • @kristenhowerton: Remember the Freshman 15? I’m on my way to gaining a Trump 15. Stress eating, drinking to cope with each new executive order … it’s real.
    • @wordlust: Me: Wow, Trump’s four years were worse than I could’ve imagined. Reality: It’s been one week. Me: Hello, grain alcohol.
    • @erinspencer93: Million dollar idea for a monthly subscription service: Trump Survival Box. Delivery of alcohol, chocolate & zanax. Subscription lasts 4 yrs

Oh yes, there was one more interesting thing.  Swiss watchmakers are gearing up for increased U.S. sales.  They anticipate that the tax cuts (again, for the wealthy) will cause a spike in their sales.  Makes sense … see, the wealthy haven’t yet figured out that a $30 watch keeps time just as well as a $75,000 watch.  Yes, folks, I could pay all my bills and take care of my family for two years for what a single Rolex watch costs.  Hedonistic lifestyles of the disgustingly wealthy.  Call me a socialist, for I basically am, but there is rich, and there is humane … rarely do the two happen in the same person, though there are exceptions like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The one on the left sells for $124,000 — the one on the right, a mere $75,000.  I’d rather buy books.

25 thoughts on “Gun Sales Down … Alcohol Sales UP???

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      • Sorry, didn’t mean to sound dismissive when I said that your info doesn’t surprise me. What I meant is that it makes sense given how much more stressed I am and how much more stress most people I know are, not that your info wasn’t interesting.

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        • Oh I know … I didn’t take it as being dismissive. I was not surprised either, and I know that my own tobacco purchases have increased 50% in recent months! No worries, for you said nothing at all offensive! And I did enjoy the Bloomberg piece … shared it with a friend who is going through a bit of depression these days, so he could see he isn’t alone. Sigh. Interesting times we are living in, yes?


  4. America is the land of opportunity. So Jill with Gronda and Keith you should get together to plan a merchandising strategy for 2018/2019. T-shirts with the logo ‘Toldja’
    So booze sales have increased…..Wow colour me ‘Surprised!’…. It’ll be pogo-sticks next and holidays in states where cannabis is legal- but don’t combine the two😃
    And the final word….Socialism in small doses, too much will come across to Americans as pushy and bossy; that works ok in Europe for a few years as long as pay keeps pace with price rises and there’s lots of work.
    (Suggested protest: Send Dr Suess books to the Whitehouse, I don’t think it will improve the administration but it sure would annoy the hell out of them 😁!)
    Keep on keeping on all true Americans

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    • You have given me some wonderful ideas, Roger!!! I definitely like the “Toldja” t-shirts, and I’m thinking a face sticking its tongue out in a ‘pbth’ sort of style beneath the word ‘Toldja’. And once we get that logo perfected, why stop at t-shirts! I’m thinking beer mugs, coffee cups, bumper stickers, jackets, and perhaps even Christmas ornaments! I can see it all now! And the Dr. Seuss books … ooohhhhh … that is an idea I can get into. I could order one a month from Amazon and have it shipped directly to Donald J. Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. YES … I’m gonna do it! And the note … the gift card enclosure … what should it say, Roger? Keith, Gronda and I will pay you commission on the logo merchandise, since your were our idea man! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah I knew you guys in the US could really work with an idea- Loving the ‘pbth’ 😁
        The note on the gift card should read:
        THIS IS A BOOK.
        YOU CAN READ THE WORDS (‘?’-optional)
        (You don’t want to pitch the message too high Jill)😁

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        • So true … it might go right over his head! Now I just have to decide which Dr. Seuss book to send … 🙂 I think I am really going to do this, just once, for I am not wealthy, but just once would be so worth it! 🙂

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          • Since he is a small minded, bigoted sort of creature ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ might teach him a lesson about open mindedness and variety- it’s a long shot.
            But go for it Jill, this is the kind of small protest I was mentioning in earlier.
            Good fortune

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  5. Thanks for doing the legwork on this so we don’t have to, Jill! Fascinating facts.

    Frankly, I think this country could do with a little dose of socialism. One for all and all for one, right? It sure beats “every man for himself.” The fact that Bernie Sanders did well gave me some level of optimism last year, but the rest is history …

    Thanks for following my blog, by the way. Nice to meet a fellow traveler!

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    • Yes, socialism is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. Like anything else, it can be turned topsy-turvy in the implementation, and as any political system is implemented by humans, and humans are flawed and capable of high degrees of greed, corruption is sure to worm its way into any system eventually.

      And yes, I checked out your blog, liked what I saw, and followed! I warn you, though, I am almost always terribly behind and usually only get to any of the blogs I follow once or twice a week. I keep saying I will work on my organizational skills and become more efficient … but alas … it has not happened yet! 🙂

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  6. Dear Jill,
    It all makes sense. I have gone out to purchase poster boards and colored markers. The report didn’t include the pussy eared pink hats which women have been buying even if they aren’t going to all the protests.
    There is not a group of folks besides White men that the president hasn’t dished.
    After watching him on TV SAYING WHATEVER, I can admit to finding myself saying, “I need a drink..”
    i LIKE THE IDEA OF A TRUMP SURVIVAL KIT. I would include some toilet paper with his logo on it.
    For nightmares, the Washington Post just flashed some breaking news.that N Korea has tested a missile that can reach anywhere in the world.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I like the Trump toilet paper idea! 😀 And yes, I find I smoke much more these days too … I should have checked to see if tobacco sales are up since January!

      As to North Korea’s announcement … at the moment, I think we have only their word for it, and they are not always quite honest, so I won’t lose sleep over that one just yet. We shall see, though …


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