Life After Pizzagate … ON MARS!!!

Ol’ Alex Jones of InfoWars fame is at it again.  The man has a vivid imagination, I will say that for him.  It might be humorous, except for the fact that some lunkheads (my new word for those who blindly support Trump and the alt-right) actually take Jones’ rhetoric seriously and if you remember what happened in the Pizzagate incident, it can lead to tragedy.  So what is he up to now?

An excerpt from Jones’ interview with one Robert David Steele:

“We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,” said Steele. “So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.”

Jones echoed Steele, saying “clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening” because “every time probes go over they turn them off.”

“Look, I know that 90 percent of the NASA missions are secret and I’ve been told by high level NASA engineers that you have no idea. There is so much stuff going on,” Jones said.

The segment with Steele begins at around 2:10

Who is Robert David Steele?  He was, from 1979 until 1993, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) clandestine services case officer.  From 1993 until 2010, he served as chief executive officer of Open Source Solutions, a pioneering open-source intelligence firm. In 2011 he attempted a bid for the presidency under the United States Reform Party, but dropped the effort in 2012 due to a lack of support from … basically anybody. In 2015, he tried again for the presidency, this time with the Libertarian Party, but in 2016 dropped out due to … again, lack of interest.

A visit to Steele’s website informs us that …

“Robert David Steele is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE).”

Whatever all that means.  He also claims that he was recommended for a Nobel Peace Prize this year.  He also claims to have published eight books, as well as many papers and articles too numerous to list here.  I did not bother to check this out, as it is of little interest to me at this point, but unless I miss my guess, based on his claims about NASA, the man is a nutcase.

NASA spokesman Guy Webster responded to Steele’s claim with, “There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren’t. There are. But there are no humans.”

Alex Jones buys into these ridiculous conspiracy theories, though I strongly suspect that for him, it is all showmanship, a way to make a buck and rile the masses.  However, much as I may dislike and choose to discredit Jones, the reality is he is a dangerous man.  First, because the lunkheads are altogether too willing to accept this garbage at face value, and when riled, it is a short step from talk to action. Which is what happened with Pizzagate last December when a man, Edgar Maddison Welch, entered Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, D.C., with two assault weapons and began shooting.  He believed Alex Jones’ trash talk that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was running a child sex ring under the basement of a D.C. pizza shop that has no basement.

Donald Trump vilifies legitimate media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN, but yet in 2016 he referred to Alex Jones as “amazing”. Over the years, Jones has claimed that 9/11 was plotted by the U.S. government, and that the Sandy Hook massacre was “staged”.  And yet, the Trumps have nothing but admiration for him.  In February, the White House distributed a press release, a document intended for actual news outlets, to InfoWars, then in May, they actually issued them a press pass!

And to add icing to the cake in the Trump-Jones coziness, Trump’s son Donald Jr. said of Idiot of the Week Mike Cernovich, the man who dreamed up the Pizzagate fantasy, claimed that Cernovich should win a Pulitzer prize for his “excellence in journalism”!

Given what happened as a result of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory propagated by Cernovich and Jones, the latest conspiracy theory should be of grave concern to us all.  Most of us … at least 60% of us … will read it, shake our heads and understand that this is a bad joke, faux ‘news’, somebody’s idea of cute.  But there is a portion of the populace that will believe it.  Now, unlike Cosmic Ping Pong, the lunkheads will not be able to just make a quick trip to Mars to shoot the place up.  But … it doesn’t mean they might not attempt violence against NASA, an agency of the executive branch of the federal government.  It doesn’t mean that a NASA employee walking to his car at the end of the workday might not find himself the victim of a crazed lunkheads.

It is obvious that Alex Jones has no sense of compunction, no conscience, so it is up to the public to use their brains for something other than keeping their skulls from collapsing.  And, Trump simply must distance himself from people like Jones and Cernovich, lest he give the impression that he is supportive of this type of dangerous fantasizing. And folks, if somebody you know appears to believe these things, please enlighten them!  There are no humans on Mars, there is no child slavery happening on Mars.  It is up to us to help them learn to focus on real-life issues, rather than the fantasies of loons like Cernovich and Steele!


31 thoughts on “Life After Pizzagate … ON MARS!!!

  1. If there is one bunch who get under my skin as much as bigots it’s these nuts (and that’s the polite word). One side-effect of the internet is this lot being allowed to babble to a wide audience of fellow idiots. Some of it might be funny if it wasn’t for their cousins in irresponsible idiocy, obscene degenerates who have a conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook slaughter.

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    • Deep breaths, Roger … in … out …
      Yes, I fully agree with you, which is why I call them out for the fools they are and shine a light on their idiocy. Sadly, his right to perpetuate this crap (you use nicer words than I do) is protected by the 1st amendment. But yes, he is an abomination and his rhetoric is dangerous.

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        • I so agree … here’s to real life! That said, I’ve been pondering this some in the last day or two, and I have come to think that perhaps the reason the lunkheads buy into the wild conspiracy theories is that their lives are shallow and boring, and for them … this adds a dimension of excitement that was otherwise lacking? I don’t know if that makes any sense or not, but … I think of myself, and frankly my life is so full that I don’t have time to indulge in such nonsense. And my mind goes 100 miles an hour even when I sleep! But for some of these people, the most excitement they get in a day is peeling potatoes for dinner! I dunno … just some of my late night ramblings, but I think the Alex Jones and Mike Cernovichs of the world give their lives something they were lacking. I am angry at the fools, but at the same time I feel sorry for them, for their lives are not the sort I would ever want.

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          • Yeh, I’ve also got a mind that’s difficult to organise, one idea is there and another comes hurtling along to shove the other out of the way and then they both get into a fight for bragging rights! 🙃
            Plaudits for you for feeling sorry for them. Me, I’m old fashioned, stern, judgemental (Old Testament style)- ‘Fools! The only cure is to hit you over the head and knock the foolishness out of you!!’😤
            You can live outside of Reality as long as you recognise it is there- I do it all the time 🙃

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            • I, too, am a grumpy ol’ curmudgeon, but I look at these fools … I observe them, and I think …. I am so lucky that I do NOT have to live in that bubble of ignorance, that … even though sometimes it depresses and hurts, I can think. I. Can. Think. All by myself … I do not need Alex Jones, Donald Trump, or Fox News to do it for me or to tell me how to do it. All by myself, I can think! And that is when I realize that they are to be pitied, for they will never ever understand the light-bulb moments when enlightenment suddenly comes. They will never know the satisfaction of having arrived, after much thought and pondering, at a logical conclusion. They are prisoners, in a sense, and yeah, I hate what they have wrought upon this nation, but at the same time, I feel pity for them. If I were to be killed tomorrow by bigots or Trump’s goons, I would have lived a better life than these fools will ever know. See?
              And as to the mind and how it works at warp speed, hopping randomly from one topic to another … remember about a month ago we talked about this … I knew then that we had minds cut of the same cloth … you have ‘mind bounce’ in the same way as I do!!! It keeps me awake far too often, and some days it makes it difficult to focus on a single topic, but overall, it does a pretty good job of figuring things out … somehow. Wears me out, though!
              🙃 😀 🙃 😀 🙃

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              • Those are truly noble and deep words Jill. You are worth at least twenty of those oafs.
                Maybe, just maybe those on the sensible Right who voted for the person in the Whitehouse will, after some reflection realise what sort of unsavoury and unhinged types they are sharing a park bench with and move onto another one.
                Love that phrase ‘mind bounce’, these days by about midnight I have worn myself out, though the oddness of my dreams suggests something is still going on! 😵 😲😃
                Keep on keeping on Jill, the world needs you.

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                • Awwww …. thank you so much for the kind words, Roger! I think I have had death wished upon me more in the past year than in the entire rest of my life! In fact … until the past year, I don’t think anybody ever wished death upon me, but now it seems to occur rather frequently! Seems a bit extreme to me, but … I just laugh and say, “whatever”. As to the park bench analogy … you’d think, wouldn’t you, that they would get tired of the stench and move to a different bench, but … I’m not seeing much of it. One or two, among my friends, but some are still wearing blinders and have cotton stuffed into their ears. 🙂

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                  • I am so sorry to hear that Jill, I salute your courage.- where do you meet this filth?
                    What a bunch of tossers! Sometimes vulgarity is the only option.
                    I would truly like to have this lot transferred to 1984 Air Strip One and the good old Ministry of Love can show them the error of their ways.
                    Keep up your good work 🙌 👏 👋 👍

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                    • Eh, I know they don’t really mean it … just caught up in the passion of the moment. As to where I meet them … that’s the really strange part … most of them I have known for decades … some are actually family, others I worked with. And never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed they were these bigoted, blind-folded people! It’s as if … think, invasion of the body snatchers! I don’t know so many of my friends anymore. Sigh. And most are the kind of people who would give you the shirt off their back … but now they are … this. Sigh. I sure do sigh a lot these days!!! 🙂

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                    • This is not good Jill. Reminds me of things I heard post-Brexit, families torn apart. Arguing and not speaking for a while post-arguing is one thing. Death and complete estrangement. These are things you hear about during civil wars eras.
                      No good comes out it.
                      Everybody step back. Please.

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                    • Yes, what we need is a month-long truce where people actually talk without profanity, name-calling, or threats. The filters that used to keep people from this sort of behaviour have gone.

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                    • Yes it probably interfered with some sort of nebulous notion of civil rights; which in my book goes with civil responsibilities (if you can prove you can do the latter, you lose the former- ooops there I go again–helllllooo 1984!)

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  2. Dear Jill,
    The similarities between Joseph McCarthy in the 1950’s and DDT of today are quite striking. One of the similarities is that both HAVE used ” fake news” to determine policies and to degrade reasonable discourse which have been toxic to the peoples of the USA and which have been extremely harmful.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, there are a number of similarities … sadly and frighteningly. Funny, isn’t it, that Trump keeps calling the Russian investigations a “witch hunt” against him, when he himself is perpetuating a witch hunt against the legitimate press and against democrats. Truth has no meaning, no value to this man, and apparently not to anybody in his administration. Sigh.

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  3. If we want to discuss children in bondage, go no further than the local homeless shelter in most American cities. There we will find toddlers among the growing list of people deemed unfit for humane treatment. The truly shocking aspect of this Zany story is that enough of the U.S. population is either so brainwashed or so ignorant they consider Child Sex Rings on Mars a more viable possibility than an attack on our political process by the Russian Federation. It’s absurd and embarrassing.

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  4. I do not know if there are children on Mars, as this lunatic says, but to find kidnapped, enslaved and hungry children we do not have to go that far, here on Earth there are millions of them. So, I would advise Robert David Steele not to waste so futilely his energies and his time. Land, Mr. Steele, look around, and if you really care about children, I’m sure you’ll find more than one to help near where you reside. Of course, it is easier to live in an imaginary world, instead of working to improve the real.

    A big hug from Spain, my dear philosopher and thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

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    • Yes, Mr. Steele perhaps has never heard of Boko Haram? And human slavery, though more prominent in other parts of the world, does exist here in the U.S. But these conspiracy theorists have little, if any, interest in working toward making the world a better place, but rather their interest lies in sowing the seeds of discord.
      Many thanks for your thoughtful comment, kind words, and most of all for the hug! Always appreciated! Hugs back to you, my friend in Spain!

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  5. Jill, I saw that NASA had to make a statement to deny Alex Jones rather incredulous claim. That would be quite the noticeable expenditure to send kids to Mars. Mr. Steele’s resume reads like Kim Jong Un’s defining is education, prowess, book writing and golf game as unmatched.

    Who one admires is telling. Our President thinks Alex Jones is amazing, he think Vladimir Putin is an incredible leader and his mentor Roy Cohn was an advisor to Senator Joe McCarthy of communist witch hunt fame. Keith

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