We are Human

The nation just completed its celebration of 241 years since the Declaration of Independence was first published. Some celebrated in their usual manner, with picnics and fireworks, but many of us did not feel very celebratory. I would like to share this post from fellow-blogger Robert Goldstein, as it is short and goes straight to the point, to the reason that some of us feel there isn’t much to celebrate in this holiday. Thank you, Rob, for a post so full of feeling, a post to which many of us can relate. And thank you for permission to share.

Art by Rob Goldstein

I’m depressed this weekend and I don’t think I’m alone.

I feel overwhelmed by life in the United States.

How sad to watch intelligent people defend the rise of cruelty,  lies, and chaos.

Trumpism plays havoc with my DID because this is the abusive world of my childhood: the racist bullies with swastikas and white robes; homophobes who murdered gay  men with impunity.

The 1960’s was a time when it seemed only straight, white male lives mattered but we did have a government that imposed  the rule of law; we did have a government the people could petition for change.

The Trump Administration has declared war on human rights and the rule of law.

His cult members no longer recognize their brothers and sisters as human.

The United States has a sickness and it’s destroying our lives.

I’m going to take a short break this holiday because I need to…

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36 thoughts on “We are Human

    • The divisiveness was one thing, the anger … but what is happening now is frightening me. It’s depression in so many. I have friends, including H, who are so depressed that they cannot smile. I understand it, for it hits me also, but my writing is my salvation. And I cannot tell you how many posts both here on WordPress and also Facebook that expressed similar feelings as Rob does here. People seem to be giving up. Not everybody, of course, but far too many.
      I would love to see something happen before the mid-terms, and the House democrats have written a bill that has the support, so far, of about 25 people to use the 25th amendment to force him to step down, then undergo physical and mental evaluations, before he could return to office. But … it is a lost cause, as VP Mike Pence and a majority of the cabinet would have to agree … and it won’t happen. So, unless this Russian investigation by Bob Mueller turns up some irrefutable evidence that Trump committed an impeachable crime, it looks like the mid-terms are the next best hope, and some say even that … sigh.

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      • Hi Jill.
        I understand that, the shock 1992 Conservative Election left me so gutted I couldn’t listen to the news for days. Brexit left me spitting angry. I rarely listen to UK comics these days, for some reason they annoy me- irrational of course, heritage of too many years fighting to keep it all together.
        This is a sort 1$ evaluation, so it comes with a quality warning, but this is how things seem from the outside.
        I think for a great number of folk this is the first time they have ever encountered an administration which is running aggressively counter to their lives. African Americans, Native Americans and Latino peoples may be a measure more fatalistic; they’ve been here before, albeit at the lower stratas of govt. We in Europe have seen it all, all too often, as have the myriad of peoples throughout the world.
        It is a difficult thing to deal with, the outrage, the sense of injustice (he lost the damn vote in numbers for Pity’s Sake!), the seeming feeling of helplessness. These are indeed times which test the soul.
        To fight these feelings and to fight back is a hard call; indeed a testing of souls. Each who can feel the urge to fight back can try to get friends and family brought low to start with small actions; a letter to a congress rep make seem a bit pointless but it gets a person in the mood. The small defiant acts, helping minority people, the cool rebuttal of some hateful statement. The build up to the feeling that ‘this is my country too’.
        It’s a tough call. Support those who are fighting, if nothing else.
        Best wishes to True Americans

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        • Yes, your evaluation was well worth the $1 ! And you are so right about all of it. I will keep fighting because … in a weird sense, it calms the rage in me. When I sit down, collect my thoughts, do the research and pound the keys, at least I feel I am doing what I can. I cannot travel ’round the country marching in protests, though I probably would if I could. But I can make my voice heard, and somehow that is a good thing, I think. And, I do a bit of mischief here and there 🙂 Fr’instance, we usually go to Barnes & Noble on a Saturday afternoon just to hang out, check out what’s new, read and sip a coffee for an hour or two. There is a display of large, coffee table books, where a large glossy book about Trump, with his ugly picture right on the front, is prominently displayed. Every Saturday, I quietly turn those books around so that his picture does not show, then I cover them with another large glossy book, this one with Obama on the cover! Yes, I’m sure it makes work for somebody, but not too much, and I rather enjoy my little bit of mischief! 😉

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          • Bravo Jill! 👏👏👏.
            That’s exactly the kind of small step to encourage. Imagine if everyone did that at every Barnes and Nobles shop.
            I go into book shops or libraries and turn books upside down or back to front.
            Everyone do what they can how best they can! 👍

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                • Your mind, my friend, is anything BUT febrile! But you raise an interesting point about the “mirror image versions on the left”. I wonder sometimes, in my rants and writing about such things as the abominable health care bill, civil rights injustices … I wonder if I am as rigid, as inflexible as those on the far right? It would be an easy trap to fall into, I think. And I think I am right about it all, that we should not discriminate against people based on racial biases, that we should take care of our poor, etc., but … the right think they are right also, I suppose. I call them lemmings and lunkheads, they call me a nutcase and snowflake … and where, really, does all of this get us? Sigh. Just a bit of searching my conscience tonight, I suppose. One should, every now and then. But, bottom line is that I’ll keep writing as I do, for it is still what I believe is right.

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