Sound The Alarm! The US Senate’s Trumpcare 3.0 Is Worse Than Prior Two Proposals

I cannot even comment on this latest farce of a “health care” bill, but Gronda has summed it up well, so please take a moment to read her post. Then let us all contact our elected representatives … once again … and let them know that they can say “bye-bye” to their cushy jobs in 16 months if they pass this abominable bill. Thank you, Gronda, for keeping us abreast of these developments!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of senators on rollout of latest healthcare billDear Resistance Participants, It’s time to call your US senators again. I am referring to the republicans latest roll out of an updated healthcare plan on July 13, 2017 which is worse than the prior two bills that the tried to pass. I am calling this third attempt, Trumpcare 3.0.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the picture that the Senate leaders mean to get this bill passed passed with this third attempt to where any tactic, strong-arming, threats and bribes are acceptable tools to insure its passage.

Image result for photos of senators on rollout of latest healthcare bill NOTE SEN. CRUZ AND LEE WERE NO VOTES , BUT NOW THEY ARE YES VOTES

The latest maneuver by the Senate Leader Mitch MConnell is the perfect example…

The US Senate leadership, Senators Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn have rolled out their latest version of Trumpcare, claiming that they intend for republican legislators to honor their promise to the base…

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9 thoughts on “Sound The Alarm! The US Senate’s Trumpcare 3.0 Is Worse Than Prior Two Proposals

  1. The callous disregard of the older masses who really need the health insurance continues with this new plan. The end result will be that many people will decide to go without health insurance and get sicker for sure.

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    • Agreed … it takes advantage of the already disadvantaged. It is an abomination, but I suspect it will pass because of all the browbeating and bullying. The republican senators just want to “get ‘er done”, I imagine. Sad thing is that the republican voters still do not realize that this will hit them just as hard as any. They are still smiling and nodding, saying “yes, yes, repeal Obamacare”.


    • Even this wouldn’t be a ‘legitimate’ win, as there has been a lot of dirty dealing, threats and browbeating involved. And as to your question … I wish I knew, my friend. Sooner would be better. Sigh.

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    • I have a gut-wrenching feeling that it will squeak through … or come down to a tie, in which case Pence will rubber-stamp it. Of course, it still has to go through the reconciliation to the House bill, but that may not be hard. Sigh. They cave to the pressure from Trump, but ignore the pressure from their constituents. Starting to feel too much like an aristocracy to me. Or a plutocracy. Hugs!!!!

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