Blame-It-On-Obama … The New Game In Town

During a news conference in Paris on Thursday, President Trump tried to blame the Obama administration for the fact his eldest son eagerly took a June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who promised to provide the campaign with incriminating information about Hillary Clinton. Trump argued that if it wasn’t for Obama, the meeting never would’ve happened in the first place.  The rationale?  Wait for it …

“The lawyer that went to the meeting, I see that she was in the halls of Congress. Also, somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the county was approved by Attorney General Lynch. Now maybe that’s wrong, I just heard that a little while ago, but I was a little surprised to hear that. So she was here because of Lynch.”

Over the course of the past nearly six months, Trump has always sought to place blame for just about everything on either President Obama or Hillary Clinton. While it is not unusual for incoming presidents to blame their predecessors for problems they inherited, Trump has taken it to a new level. His attacks are ludicrous, as the one above, and often quite on a personal level.

In February, Trump accused Obama of being behind the nationwide protests that were rocking the country, saying he believed Obama orchestrated the backlash to new immigration and healthcare plans at angry town hall meetings.

He has accused Obama of being behind the White House leaks that have been occurring almost since day #1. Then, of course, there was the big one back in March when one morning, out of the clear blue and with no evidence, Trump tweeted, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” and “How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” A baseless claim, it was quickly disproven and nothing ever came of it, other than Trump once again proved what a fool he is.

When it was determined that General Mike Flynn, briefly Trump’s National Security Advisor, had spoken with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak regarding sanctions that Obama was about to place on Russia over the election interference, Trump tried to blame Obama for that, too.  Not once, but twice!  And this despite the fact that President Obama and acting Attorney General Sally Yates had both warned Trump about Flynn, advising against selecting him for National Security Advisor – advice Trump chose to ignore.  But Trump persisted, saying that it was Obama’s fault Flynn traveled to Moscow in 2015 for a celebration of the Kremlin-backed network RT, where he was reportedly paid $45,000 and ate dinner with Vladimir Putin. And then, when nobody took that one seriously, he blamed Obama because Flynn had been given the highest security clearance which, he says, is what he based his decision to hire Flynn on.

And he blames Obama for:

  • Syria“I think the Obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when he said ‘the red line in the sand.’ And when he didn’t cross that line after making the threat, I think that set us back a long ways, not only in Syria, but in many parts of the world.”
  • North Korea“We have a big problem. We have somebody that is not doing the right thing, and that’s going to be my responsibility. But I’ll tell you, that responsibility could have been made a lot easier if it was handled years ago.”
  • Iran “The Iran deal made by the previous administration is one of the worst deals I have ever witnessed, and I’ve witnessed some beauties.”

Picture li’l Donnie Trump on an average day.  He gets up, showers (?  I dunno – he always looks a bit greasy to me), then gets dressed, donning his extra-long (why?) tie.  As he is tying his shoes, a shoelace snaps.  Blame it on Obama.  At breakfast, his sausages are not cooked quite to perfection.  Blame the chef?  Heck no … blame it on Obama!  In the Oval Office, getting ready to sign yet another of his infamous ‘executive orders’, the pen runs out of ink!  Blame it on Obama – he must have ordered those cheap pens!  And so it goes …

President Obama, always a man of class and grace, has had a more measured reaction to Trump’s jibes and has, for the most part, declined to respond publicly to Trump.  This, folks, is the difference between a man and a moron, between a President and an imposter.

23 thoughts on “Blame-It-On-Obama … The New Game In Town

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    • Thanks so much for the re-blog! You are right … it is the same ol’ game, and it is wearing thin. Reminds me of a 5-year-old … but then, most everything he says and does reminds me of a 5-year-old. Sigh. Thanks again!


  2. Jill, Roy Cohn also taught Donald Trump to never admit a mistake. I have seen him too many times look at the camera when proven he is wrong and blame it on someone else. My personal favorite is after claiming Obama was not an American citizen going on numerous TV shows, then when he finally confesses he said it was Hillary Clinton’s fault. Keith

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    • Yes, I remember my jaw dropping at that one! Roy Cohn may have taught him, but somehow I think he didn’t need a lot of teaching … I think, based on stories I have heard of his childhood and early school years, that he was born a narcissist, a cruel person without a conscience.

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      • I’m reading a book about DDT … The Truth about Trump, by Michael D’Antonio. Haven’t read much but so far he was born mean, deceptive & manipulative. His years at the military academy reinforced all his neg traits. As I read about his past, his parents, his associations, lawyers, mobsters … nothing has changed. I don’t think there will ever he any changed in him. He’s inherently a bad, evil human.

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  3. Dear Gronda,
    You are so right!

    The Blame game is being played by DDT and his surrogates at a championship level. Before they open their mouths you know what they are going to say. Clinton’s team got opposition research on DDT from Ukraine;
    Loretta Lynch approved the Russian lawyer’s visa. I wish the pundits were better at countering these flippant remarks by republicans. Number 1, there were no HRC campaign workers at any level who made any contact with Ukrainians for any reason. The material obtained was public info from public records in Ukraine. and not from hacking /theft. HRC never lied or withheld info about anything. regarding Ukraine. There is no comparison.

    When someone in Russia gets a visa approved they don’t call President Obama or Loretta Lynch. All of this is handled locally and at a much lower governmental level. .If they are a person of interest by the US IC community everything they do will be closely monitored.

    If I were a pundit, I would use your words, “We are not playing the blame care here,” now answer the question.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Agreed … the game has gotten old, tiresome, predictable and counter-productive. I, too, would like to see the pundits call them on it every single time … bring out the facts and put the matter to rest. But, I also understand that there is so much to stay on top of and only 24 hours in a day …
      Hugs!!! ❤

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It’s been their ‘go to’ answer from the get go! “It’s Obama’s fault! He did it!” Oh, poo …
    Therein does lie the ‘difference between a man and a moron, between a President and an impostor’ … perfect ly stated!

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    • Many, many thanks for the re-blog!!! You know, I always liked Obama … voted for him both times and respected him greatly. He wasn’t perfect, but who is. He fought an uphill battle for 8 years and did a lot of things right, I think. But now … relative to the buffoon we have now, Obama looks even better than before! 8 years without a single breath of scandal, and look how much scandal has surrounded DDT in a short 6 months! What have we done???

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  5. Trumpster’s behaviour is so typical of a deceptive, covert, narcissistic, psychopath. That’s a mouthful that Donnie couldn’t repeat without getting it wrong, and he likely wouldn’t understand what it means. But for the rest of us it means we cannot trust anything he says or does and we should never turn our back on him…he is an expert at back stabbing!
    ‘Be very, very afraid: Donnie’s Here’ (line quotes out of horror films).

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    • You hit that nail on the head! And I am still at a loss to understand how some do not see that he is a ‘man’ who would kill his own mother if it benefited himself. Sigh. And to think that in June 2015, when he first threw his hat into the arena along with some 20-30 others, I laughed. I must go back and look at my first posts about him, for I remember thinking “what a joke … this guy won’t even make it to first base”. I think that joke was on me … us … the world!

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