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The White House announced this week’s ‘theme’ will be “Made in America” week.  Now, I was not aware that there were ‘theme weeks’, but apparently, unbeknownst to me, they have been going on for a while.  Apparently there was an “Infrastructure Week” that collided with former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his abrupt firing.  And then there was “Jobs Week” that was interrupted by a shooting at a congressional baseball practice, a day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate. My personal opinion here is that these are reminiscent of things a kindergarten teacher might think of to keep his/her young charges interested and occupied, but I suspect the reality is that it is an attempt to keep We The People distracted from the more relevant, important issues.


According to White House director of media affairs, Helen Ferre, “This week the Trump administration will honor the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America.” She said America sets “the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.”  Certainly the “Trump administration” will NOT be honouring any of Trump’s companies, nor his daughters!

How seriously can we take a man who says, “America First”, who demands companies stop outsourcing production of their products outside the country, when nearly all his own products are manufactured outside the U.S.?  Let us take a quick look at where Trump & Co.’s products originate:

  • Shirts – China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam
  • Sport coats – India and South Korea
  • Suits – Indonesia and Mexico
  • Eyeglasses – China
  • Furniture – Germany and Turkey
  • Home goods – China, India and Slovenia
  • Hotel items – China, Taiwan, South Korea

Remember when you were a kid and your parent used to say, “don’t do as I do, do as I say”?  ‘Nuff said.

But that isn’t all … daughter Ivanka Trump’s company produces almost all its clothing, shoes, handbags and more in Malta, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Yemen.

It rather makes a mockery of Trump’s inaugural speech …

“We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. We will follow two simple rules — buy American and hire American.”

And while Ivanka Trump published a book this spring declaring that improving the lives of working women is “my life’s mission,” her company actually does less than most to ensure fair treatment of the largely female workforce employed in factories around the world.

Products manufactured in the countries mentioned above are often produced in sweatshops, where poor working conditions, unfair wages, unreasonable hours, child labour, and a lack of benefits for workers is the norm.  This is why companies like the Trumps’ outsource overseas … labour costs are dramatically reduced. While Donald and Ivanka are contributing to this travesty, he is talking out of the other side of his mouth about “bringing jobs back to America”.


This whole ‘weekly theme’ idea is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.  Educators may use weekly themes, food companies may use weekly themes, but governments do not use weekly themes.  So why?  No other reason that I can see than to keep our eyes off of the ever-expanding ties between the Trump family & advisors to the Russian government.  To keep us from wondering just exactly how much collusion took place between Trump & Co. and Vladimir Putin.  To keep us from wondering just who else is involved and in what capacity.  To keep us from focusing too much on the abominable “health care” bill that is currently awaiting a vote in the Senate.  To keep us from thinking about how much of our money Trump is wasting with his every-weekend golf outings.  To keep us from focusing on how his executive orders are leading to the destruction of the planet earth.

Obviously, since I, who am a major news junkie, did not realize we were playing “theme of the week”, his attempts to distract have not been very successful.  Perhaps that is the reason this week’s theme has been hyped to the max.  Keep your eye on the ball, folks.  Focus on the real issues, not the hypocrisy that is being spouted and spewed by the administration.  Not the silly little games like ‘theme week’.

Note to readers:  When asked about Trump products made overseas, Sean Spicer declared the question “out of bounds”.

29 thoughts on “Oxymoron Unlimited

  1. The few people who have sense enough to see the division for what it is, are about to be trampled in the middle of drawn battle ground. When the charge comes, our voices will be lost in the clash of swords 😢


  2. Wow, in the few days I’ve not had internet, I see quite the storm of comments here!

    While the propaganda machine seems to have become Trump’s weapon of choice, he is not the only World Leader who uses it to deflect scrutiny of real, and very problematic manipulation of the governmental system (some would say Corruption).

    The comments here miss a point. Yes, many news media outlets across the globe, report on the Trump administration with something of a ‘shake of the head, and sly smile at the ‘buffoon’ running things in li’l ol’ America. And let’s face it, the American media didn’t take Trump seriously either until it became clear that he had somehow appealed to a misplaced Nationalistic mood in the country.

    But make no mistake, World Leaders do not see Trump as a laughing matter. They largely approach Trump as a dangerously ‘loose cannon on deck.’ They skirt around him with something akin to a hunter stalking a ‘kill,’ playing safe until they have a clear shot.

    But it is not Trump who is the enemy here…he is just the symptom and the cheerleader for a change in ‘sentiment’ that is not just appearing in America, but in the world generally.

    Middle ground Politics has disappeared. Moderation, tolerance and social integration is failing in an increasingly dissatisfied society and people are migrating to ‘far right’ or ‘far left thinking.’ Neither works to bring everyone together, and the opposing forces stalemate in a never ending chess game of tactical bluffing.
    This sort of thinking is primitive and destructive, breaking down communities, ideologies, and social order until there is little civilisation left.

    Moving to any country will not solve this hideous deception being played out, for the problems are not with the country, or the leader of that country, but rather with general dissatisfaction born out of a sense of personal greed, coupled with protectionism of what we already have.

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    • Excellent points all! You are quite right that world leaders see Trump as a ‘loose cannon’, as well they should. But whether laughingstock or loose cannon, the end result is that we, as a nation, have lost credibility in the eyes of our allies. I understand Ms. May’s reasoning for cozying up to Trump … she is hoping for favourable trade deals. I am, however, puzzled by Macron’s deference last week. At first, Macron told Trump in no uncertain terms that the Paris Accord would NOT be re-negotiated to suit him (Trump). But then last week, he almost seemed ready to lick Trump’s boots, and I was a bit disappointed.

      You are also correct that the populist movement, brought about by dissatisfaction stemming from human greed, is international, not just limited to the U.S. However, in Europe, the people have stopped short of electing such radical leaders. I’m thinking primarily of Austria’s rejection of Hofer and the Netherlands rejection of Geert Wilders. Perhaps they looked at our example here in the U.S. and decided they did not wish to endure the chaos that has been Trump’s regime? I am not sure, but it does seem that Europeans have been a bit less radical.

      Truly, the media did not take Trump seriously until the die was cast. Neither did I, for that matter. I went back a few nights ago and reviewed some of my posts from early in the campaign, late 2015 until about mid-2016 and I considered him quite a joke (well, I still do, but in a more ominous way). Post after post I reiterated that the mand did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election. Boy did I get that one wrong!!!

      Glad to see you back! Did you enjoy your break?


      • Always cruising the waterways, but internet signals come and go along the way.

        You are right about the Europeans taking less extreme régime changes, but Macron is a move away from what has always been a more Socialist government in France. He is an unknown too… France doesn’t really know what kind of leader he is going to be.
        I think Trump is being manipulated by Macron…watch as Trump does a u-turn (partially) on his climate change stance…he will be back in the Accord for political reasons.

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  3. Dear Jill,
    I could give her some respect if she just contracted a few items in the USA and if she was helping women in developing countries with better wages and working conditions than other businesses in the same area.But she is doing neither. No matter how gorgeous she looks, she is a phony.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • She is, I believe, just a female, slightly more refined version of her father. Three of his four older children are such. He has another who stays away and is living her own life … I think she may be cut of a different cloth, perhaps. But yes, Ivanka is not a person for whom I have ny respect.

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  4. No other reason that I can see than to keep our eyes off of the ever-expanding ties between the Trump family & advisors to the Russian government. To keep us from wondering just exactly how much collusion took place between Trump & Co. and Vladimir Putin. To keep us from wondering just who else is involved and in what capacity.

    No doubt. Yet, I wish you might see this, without using partisan eyes. For it does not convince.

    This has been going on for quite a while now. Governments are owned by the international bankers.The neocons of both parties and deep state. They pull the strings and politicians on both sides of your house … JUMP! This is not restricted to Republicans or Democrats. They, the bankers, own both parties. Both houses, Senators and Representatives.

    Demonizing Mr. Putin is also a poor decision. Mr. Putin is at least standing up against the international bankers and the secret handshake club. He is a Royal Arch Mason ye appears to have renounced his membership. There are two types of Freemasons. Those of Britain, America, Australia, etc. They use the Scottish Rite. Then there is the European type with the rites of the Grand Orient. Many aspects overlap yet they are often at odds with each other. I am not a freemason and only know very little. Still it is obvious that politics are controlled, through them. The signs are all about. Including the street plan and layout, of Washington DC.

    Demonizing Russia is about as believable as the hoax of Santa Claus. When your government’s economy is based on war. You need an enemy. Or else the rationale just falls apart. I would not embrace Mr. Trump, nor would I lament the loss of Mr. Obama/Sotero. Mr Sanders might well have been denied his chance? That was due to DNC not Mr. Putin. Cheers Jamie

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    • Dear Hirundine608,

      You may not be aware of this but you sound a bit like a Russian troll. USA IS FAR FROM PERFECT. But we do not respect how President Putin manages his country and its peoples.. I personally love Russia and its peoples. Russians have every right to be proud of their country. But if a leader cannot allow for peaceful protests, a free press, take serious constructive dissent he is leader in name only.He’s a phony.

      This is how many of us who did not vote for President Trump feel. If he happens to survives this 1 term, it will be his last.

      The problem for me is that the peoples in Russia do not know what President Putin is doing anywhere near the level that peoples in the USA know about President Trump.

      Ciao, Gronda

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    • Ah, Jamie … I always enjoy your comments. And I read this one more than once and considered seriously what you are saying, without partisanship colouring my thoughts (easy to do, for I am not tied to any party, but to the ideology of saving humanity and earth). I must respectfully disagree, however, for to agree with you would negate my raison d’être. While I do understand that banks and large corporations have the likes of Trump and SOME Congressmen in their pockets, I do not believe it is true of all politicians. If it were so, then why should any of us even bother to go to the polls to vote? Why should we bother to contact our representatives, to make our voices heard? If what you say were true, it would all be for naught, and my very purpose in life, to try to make the world a little better, would be nothing more than a joke. I have to still believe that we, the common, ordinary, average people, CAN make a difference. You would get along well with my friend H, who believes in the Illuminati! I’m not saying you may not be right … simply that if you are, then all is lost, so I will continue to believe as I do.
      Cheers, Jamie!


  5. Hey Jill,
    Just a quickie thank you for once again showing the inferiority of most Americans, who obviously have little idea of what the right hand is doing while the left hand is diddling the public pussy, excuse me, pursy. America is ceasing to be the laughing stock of the rest of the world because it just isn’t funny anymore. It is R_I_D_I_C_U_L_O_U_S, and that you are still allowing it to happen is making every American on the planet complicit in Trump’s oxygenated (rusty) moronic behaviour. And now I know why we and the Brits add the extra “u” in words like “neighbour” and “labour”. becacause you Neigh-say a lot but still act like well trained lab-rats in the end. “U” have no idea how to get out of this situation. So you bear with it and hope non-u’s will do something to stop the carnage. Sorry, “U” guys made your mess, and in order to learn how to rid yourself of your cancer, you must learn to excise it “u”rself.
    Basically what I am saying, America is no longer of interest to me. We are approaching the dog-days of your political lives, and the world has classified you as BORING!


    • I don’t know about Jill, but I could go for a boring and competent leader. Unfortunately, as you note we are very uninformed nation. If it is not entertainment, way too many in our country don’t pay attention and we are very gullible to fabricated news. The sad truth is our embarrassing leader impacts people outside of our borders as well as within. Keith

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      • Hi Keith, I’m happy you see where my sarcasm was leading. The words and actions of the Donald affect people and places around the world, be he is unable to be honest with himself, let alone most Americans, and definitely no longer on the world stage. He is a buffoon pretending to be a human being. If the apes, gorillas, orangutans, and other higher mammals could understand human speech as those born into so intimately do, they would not recognize Trump as human. They would treat him as a brain-damaged baby. Yet somehow he captured enough of the Americans attention, and probably some of the Russians attention which swung the scales in his favour. America was due for a female president to soften the stance of the Bushes and even those who succeeded to lead Mr. O’Bama by the nose and turn him from becoming a great president to an okay president. And then Along came Donald, slow-thinking Donald, false-tongued Donald , along came atomic-bomb dropping Donald, and suddenly the merican situation became serious again, The world can only hope that Isaac Asimov in the 2nd book of the Foundation and Empire series was correct that the Universe would overcome anomalies such as the Mule, anomalies such as the Donald.


    • I would agree with Keith … dull, but competent would be fine. But one thing about your remark that I take umbrage with is that you seem to operate under the assumption that every one of us here in the U.S. are bloomin’ eejits! Granted, there are enough of them here, but then there are people like myself and Keith who are intelligent, honest, are people of integrity and great compassion. And, believe it or not, we are actually in the majority. Yet you would lump us all together and assume we are ALL like the very lowest common denominator. I cannot help but resent that, and I’m thankful that not all my Canadian, EU and UK friends feel that way.


      • I thought you knew how I feel about you Jill, that you and those around you are not part of the mass called America. I guess I have been too busy with other things to keep you sharpened on the blade of my wit, which I was so prone to use in your presence. Why else would I keep trying to get you to become Canadian. We have enough fools of our own up here, We need more political thinkers up here, and I firmly believe you could be of more help to this world and this universe if you moved your base to Canada. But I know you don’t want to desert the country of your birth. I would apologize for making you think I think lowly of you, but all my words to you have always treated you as nothing but the best, and I refuse to apologize for that. You were born for great accomplishments, my only regret is that I cannot convince you you are smothered in the USofA, and yiou need to escape your box, if not to Canada, to somewhere your mind can be truly freed.. I act only with the best of intentions for you. Your stage should be the world, not the one bounded by America. As the voice of the world I call to you,
        Have a good life, I will not call to you again without your permission.


    • Dear Rawgod,
      I must respectfully disagree with your premise. “We the people” in the USA is what makes this country great. What happened here could have happened in other countries as well. The president and his republican cronies, legislators do not represent in the USA.

      It is the peoples who recently got a bill that the president and his cronies wanted very badly, squashed. It is we the people who pushed/ demanded that the US DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL appoint the FBI’s special counsel who is the best there is in uncovering any dirt if it exists. It is we the people who are preventing the president from firing him which he would love to do, as he knows the backlash would be catastrophic.It is we the people who are making sure that the non -Trump voters get facts, not fake news created on both the left and the right.

      I know this country and its peoples. We will overcome this dark period, only to be better than pre-Trump.period.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Touche, Gronda. Yeah, I tend to lump Americans into a mass at times, but I don’t mean to hurt anyone by it. My goal is to make people think, no matter what it is they think about. You and Keith and Jill have all come to your countrymen’s defence, and I applaud you for it. You are standing up and making yourselves be counted. My only regret is that the stage you are standing on is so small. No matter how many people reads these blogs, then go on to reading the comments and the replies to those comments, that number is but a drop in the bucket of the population of the world. Believe it or not, I am glad you are all standing on a stage, I just wish the stage was bigger. As of right now, Trump and Kim are ready to throw nuclear bombs at each other. That is the stage you need to be standing on. That is the stage I need to be standing on. Yet I am still a voice in the wilderness. I wallow in my inability to be heard. And I don’t know howto change that…

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  6. Jill, this Trump hypocrisy should not be news. It simply amazes me how people believe this man on anything, but especially when his words go against his consistent behavior of doing the opposite. Keith

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    • I agree fully. Keith … will you consider doing me a favour? I would appreciate it if you would return to the comments section of this post and respond to “rawgod”. I considered removing his comment, but instead I would like some of the readers of this blog to reply to him. If you do not wish to, I understand fully … I am still trying to think how best to respond. Thanks!


  7. The theme week idea sounds like he’s pulling from episodic television, where each week’s show has a title. He thinks he’s running a reality show! But hey, nobody ever knows the title of a TV episode; we just want to know who’s getting voted off the island.

    I know who I’d nominate! 😉

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    • Exactly … sounds like a reality show … that was what I was looking for and it just wouldn’t come to me, so I used kindergarten for an example. And yes, I’m pretty sure that you and I would vote the same person off the island. Oh, if only it were that simple!

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  8. If all outsourcing was stopped there would be a number of new jobs in America but obviously more deaths abroad because they’d have no incomes, though charitable donations from the increased income of the American government could offset this a lot. The same goes for other countries round the world who currently outsource.The thing is that Trump should be leading by example and asking his family to follow suit. Instead he concentrates on the number of jobs that will be created when ‘The Wall’ is built. Well I can see the actual building could manage more jobs but after that all I see is a need for further security men to ensure it’s not breached. I actually see job losses from the wall as gift shops close and Mexicans decide they no longer want to visit the U.S.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • I fully agree with you and do not advocate bringing all jobs back to the U.S. … or even any, for that matter, as our unemployment rate at the end of Obama’s term was somewhere around 7% and that includes people who are not looking for work. In fact right now, there are certain industries where they cannot find enough people to fill the positions. But there are two things I have a problem with … a) the hypocrisy of Trump claiming that is his goal when, in fact the majority of his and his daughter’s products are made in third-world countries, which leads me to b) the sweatshops in which many products are made. People, mostly women, work 12-14 hour days with few breaks and for little pay, and some even hire children as young as 7-8 years old. If U.S. companies outsource labour, then it is up to them to monitor the conditions in the factories their product is made.

      The thing that Trump doesn’t understand …. or chooses not to …. is that today we are a global community. No nation can be completely self-sufficient and isolationism is a thing of the past … has been for a long time. It isn’t even desirable, let alone achievable. So much wrong with this, but I am not writing a book here, only a comment. 🙂 I tend to get on my soapbox from time-to-time … 🙂 My family just kick it out from under me when I get started!

      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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