This hit my email box just about an hour ago:

The Supreme Court has rejected the Trump administration’s effort to subject foreigners who are grandchildren or cousins of Americans to the president’s travel ban executive order, but it will allow the administration to block many refugees for now.

The Trump administration initially said grandparents and cousins did not qualify for an exemption to the travel ban, which was required by the high court for foreign citizens with close ties to U.S. people or institutions. But a federal judge in Hawaii disagreed with the administration’s interpretation.

The judge also said refugees assigned to a U.S. resettlement organization were exempt from the ban. But the justices put that part of the decision on hold, meaning the refugee aspect can move forward for now.

Okay, so maybe it’s only a partial win, but a win, and one I truly did not expect.  Three cheers for Judge Watson and for the Supreme Court.

The decision was split 6-3, with Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch dissenting. These are the same three that voted for letting Trump’s travel ban stand in full without qualification, in June.

I would have liked to see the resettlement issue also addressed by the court.  People in resettlement programs have been fully ‘vetted’ and have been waiting, some for many years, for permission to enter the U.S.  It seems to me unfair that they are now left in limbo, not knowing whether they will ever be welcomed or will be forced to remain in a country where their very life is in danger.

But, this is, nonetheless, good news and gives us hope that the Supreme Court is still an independent department not influenced by the rhetoric and threats of the administration. It is proof that, at least for the time being, the system is still working.

13 thoughts on “A Win For WE THE PEOPLE!

  1. Agreed. It may only be partial…and I think we need to be grateful for that for now…but…

    This restriction is based upon western conceits of what Family is. Having interfaced with the middle east for many years as a linguist and foreign area officer, as well as having married into a Persian family; I better understand the complexities of extended families in places other than the United States.

    Placing a lesser value on Uncles, Cousins, and grandparents is simply not compatible with other cultures’ views on family. To impose Western values on those coming to our country is arrogant and highly insulting…and rips immigrant families apart in a way that many westerners simply do not understand. It is, again, incredibly presumptuous to say, that because we don’t understand that relationship then it henceforth invalid. For shame!

    We can continue to take action and hope that this ban is struck down entirely over the course of time.


    PS: Sorry, been catching up on my reading, just been a whirlwind of writing and audience building over the past month. Keep up the posts though! Thumbs up!

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    • Quite so! Americans are much more loosely-knit when it comes to family than some other cultures. And yes, it IS presumptuous, but the whole banning of Muslims is ridiculous and cruel to begin with. This nation was built on immigrants, but some seem not to remember that. Sigh.

      I understand completely!!! Some days I cannot even keep up with comments, let alone check out other blogs. Thank you for your kind words!


  2. Jill, this order, through its revisions has been ill-conceived and poorly communicated, vetted and executed. We should not forget the order was issued without the courtesy of telling Congressional leadership. Then it bombed. I am glad the Supreme Court made a good decision. Keith

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    • Yes, I am too. I worry, though, if Trump has the opportunity to nominate one or two more justices, whether the court will remain independent. Let us hope for the continued good health of all the current justices!

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    • Yes, while not everything I would have liked, it is good news and proof that we still have an independent Supreme Court. Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen DDT’s face when he got the news??? 😀 😀 I think I am becoming a mean-spirited person. Sigh.

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