Heeeeere’s MONDAY!!!


Here we are once again, yet another fine Monday morning!  I always look forward to these Monday mornings … I do so enjoy finding things to bring smiles to your faces.  Last week, Colette and Jack really enjoyed the apple, but a few others were disappointed and I had to promise my friend Steve extra donuts this week!  So grab a treat or two … hey Steve – leave a few for the rest of the gang!!!  Here … have some coffee … sit back and get ready for a chuckle or two!

Green beer, Green Eggs & Ham, and now ….

Imagine, if you will, the surprise Louise Sutherland experienced last week when, assisting her 3-year old golden retriever, Rio, give birth, one of the puppies came out … GREEN!

Monday-green puppyI will let Louise tell you the story in her own words …

“The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely. It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn’t believe it. When we checked it out later we found out it is very unusual and to do with the placenta. The colour has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told. We’ve named him Forest.”

Monday-green puppy-2Turns out that, while very rare, this has happened before.  In 2014, two puppies from a litter born in the Spanish province of Valladolid were born green. The breeder, Aida Vallelado Molina, said, “I thought the puppies were dirty and tried to clean them, but the colour wouldn’t come off.”  And in 2012, a green Labrador puppy was born in England.

The green colour is caused by a bile pigment called biliverdin that is found in the placenta of dogs which can stain the puppy’s coat.  In the past cases, the colour has faded within about 10 days.  Too bad … I think a green dog would be quite the novelty!

Monday-green puppy-toon

A fool and his money …

Two stories about shoes lead me to think, not for the first time, that some people have much more money than they have good sense.  Take a look at this pair of shoes and tell me what you think the price tag might read:

Monday-shoesSo what’s your guess?  $15.99 would have been mine … and that is about $16 more than I would pay for them anyway.  But no, you are wrong … no, not $100 … nope, not that either.  The price for this pair of uncomfortable-looking shoes is $799!

“The Birkenstock classic Arizona model has been recreated in the finest imbued and oiled natural leather in navy blue for this designer collection. The sterling silver buckles; which originate from the metalwork studio of jewelry designer Patrik Muff; are the highlight of the luxury sandals,” the product description reads.

But wait … if you thought that was bad …

Monday-shoes-2This is the “Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker” sold by upscale retailer Neiman-Marcus.

“Maison Margiela deconstructs their “Future” high-top sneaker with heavy distressing. Leather and textile upper. Round toe. Lace-up front with side lace guards. Logo patch at tongue. Padded collar. Cushioned heel counter. Rubber outsole. Made in Italy.”  Retail price?  $1,425.

Sigh.  And for those who would purchase these shoes, why not pair them with these jeans from Nordstrom that come with pre-caked mud … for a mere $425!!!  Insta-grunge!


I recently saw this headline:  Neiman Marcus considers sale in wake of financial woes.  Gee, I wonder why?  And by the way … the ‘pre-destroyed’ shoes … have sold out …

When life hands you lemons …

Make lemonade, right?  A lemonade stand run by kids on a hot summer day is almost as iconic as … as … oh heck, I don’t know – it’s just iconic, okay?

Monday-lemonadeAndre Spicer helped his 5-year-old daughter set up her lemonade stand last Saturday in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets.  The little girl was having great fun and was quite successful in her venture, as there was a concert nearby, and many on their way to the concert were charmed by the little girl’s smile and purchased her lemonade.

But then … then came the cops …


“The lemonade quickly disappeared and her little money tin filled up. A happy scene. And then, after about 30 minutes, four local council enforcement officers stormed up to her little table,” said the senior Spicer.

The charge?  Operating the lemonade stand without a trading permit.


After being informed that he would be fined £150 ($194 USD), Mr. Spicer sent a message to the council stating he “realized there were broader issues at stake, including how society treats children.”  Ultimately all charges were dropped and an apology tendered:

Monday-lemonade-3“We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense, and to use their powers sensibly. This clearly did not happen, The fine will be canceled immediately and we have contacted Professor Spicer and his daughter to apologize.”

Which one of these parts does not belong? …

Monday-dog-engineLidiane Braga Carlos of Campo Largo, Brazil had been out running errands one day last week and was on her way home when her car suddenly started spluttering and ground to a halt.

“My car just died in the middle of the street and suddenly didn’t want to work anymore so I pulled over to pop the hood and take a look. When I opened the bonnet and saw the dog I almost had a heart attack. ‘The poor little thing was very scared and I called the fire department straight away but before they arrived we managed to get him out. I’m so glad he didn’t get hurt. I took him to the vet but thankfully he was all okay.”


Lidiane is currently caring for the dog at her home and hopes it’s owner will come forward to claim him.

Dumb … Dumber … Dumbest

David Blackmon, age 32, of Fort Walton Beach in Okaloosa County Florida called police to report a theft on 16 July.  Nothing too unusual there, right?  The stolen items, however, included $50 cash and a bag of cocaine that he claims were stolen from the center console of his vehicle.  Now … how dumb is it to call the cops to report a stolen bag of a highly illegal substance?  Pretty dumb, but it gets even dumber, for it turns out that David is a drug-dealer.  And to add insult to injury, the police found an assortment of drugs and drug paraphernalia in various locations throughout the car.  And dumbest of all … they police found the cocaine David claimed had been stolen, right where he said it was stolen from … in the center console!

David was charged with resisting an officer without violence, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing cocaine, a felony charge.  He is currently out of jail on $4,000 bail, but I think this guy seriously needs to spend some time … somewhere … perhaps school?  But apparently David is not the only one …





And so concludes another Jolly Monday together.  I am sad to see you go, but you must go do useful things so you can get a paycheck, and I must go fold yet more laundry and cut up some veggies for tonight’s Pasta Primavera, one of my favourite dishes to make!  If you do just one good thing today, let it be to share that gorgeous smile you have with somebody who needs one.  So go forth and be productive … keep safe and try to stay cool.  Have a happy week!!!




That extra 1/4 mile will get you a ticket!!!


This one’s for you, Steve!

19 thoughts on “Heeeeere’s MONDAY!!!

  1. You too can be an idiot ~ spend a fortune on clothes that look as though they were rejected by the thrift store. You’d have to be a wazzock to pay good money for that crap.
    Kermit the Dog. It isn’t easy being green.
    You make me smile Jill. Close loving hug for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am happy knowing that I made you smile! And yes … if I even considered paying that much for any article of clothing, I would feel so guilty. But alas … some fools have more money than sense. Lots of ’em up in Washington! 😀
      Many many big hugs, dear Jack! Love to you and Marmaduke … ❤


    • Absolutely! I’m even appalled by shoes that cost $80-$100. I think my last pair of shoes … sneakers … cost around $40, and that was 4 years ago or so. Of course, they do have some holes … perhaps I could sell them as “pre-holed” shoes for a few hundred bucks?


  2. Dear Jill,
    I’m like you where I wouldn’t have paid a dime for those Birkenstock shoes. I can’t see paying $1000’s for.clothing items. And the jeans? The poor dog in the engine is lucky to survive the woman’s driving; and then a green puppy? And you can’t even sell lemonade in peace. Thanks for a great Monday morning start.
    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love your Monday posts.
    Nieman Marcus are welcome to my husbands clothes and shoes…for free! They look remarkably similar when my husband has been messing about on our boat or in the engine compartment for a few hours. 😂😂😂

    Green puppies is a new one on me… How interesting. First reaction might be to think ‘ he’s gone off!’ 😹

    Liked by 2 people

    • So glad you enjoy them! Someday I hope to be able to spend more time out of the rabbit hole and expand my Jolly Monday posts to a second day as well. My granddaughter posed a good question on the jeans that were pre-mud-caked. What happens when you wash them? Surely one doesn’t pay over $400 for a pair of jeans to wear only one time??? But then … most of us with sense would never pay that much for any of those things. Just think how many people could eat for a week for what those pre-destroyed shoes cost.

      Liked by 1 person

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