Scaramucci Strikes …

“With Scaramucci, Trump is going to war – with the media, with the truth, with America.” – Scott Reid, Canada’s Globe and Mail, 22 July 2017

Newly appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci made the talk show rounds over the weekend.  If I thought this man was a pandering ‘operator’ before, I am now convinced.  He is a highly paid mouthpiece for the egomaniacal Donald Trump and whatever comes out of Trump’s mouth on a given day will be the party line for that day.  I shall treat Scaramucci as I do Trump … believing not one single word that he says.

One example sums it up quite well: “He’s {Trump] one of the most effective communicators that’s ever been born, and we’re going to make sure that we get that message out directly to the American people.” An effective communicator???  He cannot even string a simple sentence together, repeats himself constantly, and makes up words as he goes along.  Based on his communication skills, I would rate him at about a 5th grade level!

In case that didn’t convince you that Scaramucci is a boot-licker, let us see where else he traveled and what else he had to say over the weekend.

His first interview after being named communications director on Friday was with alt-right media outlet Breitbart.  That in itself should tell you something.  In his interview with political director Matt Boyle, Scaramucci said, “One of the things Breitbart has done is you’ve captured the spirit of what’s actually going on in the country. We have enough outlets, whether it’s Breitbart, the president’s social media feed, all of the different apparatus that we have, where people will allow us to deliver our message to the American people unfiltered. We’re having a rough time with the mainstream media, but last time I checked during the campaign we were having a rough time with the mainstream media and the people see through it.”

Then on Sunday, he made the rounds, starting with CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper.  This is only a snippet, but I was proud of Tapper — he held Scaramucci’s feet to the fire and had Scaramucci stuttering more than a few times. You can read a transcript of the full interview here.

Scaramucci: “Listen, there’s obviously a communications problem, because there’s a lot of things that we have done as it relates to executive orders, bills that have been signed, economic progress.”  Progress???

Scaramucci: “You know, somebody said to me yesterday — I won’t tell you who — that if the Russians actually hacked this situation and spilled out those e-mails, you would have never seen it. You would have never had any evidence of them, meaning that they’re super confident in their deception skills and hacking.”

Tapper: “Well, you’re making a lot of assertions here. I don’t know who this anonymous person is that said, if the Russians had actually done it, we wouldn’t have been able to detect it, but it is the unanimous…”

Scaramucci: “How about it was — how about it was the president, Jake? And he basically said to me, hey, you know, this is — maybe they did it. Maybe they didn’t do it. And I’m going to maintain for you — hold on a second.”

And then, on to the really important things …

“So, Sarah Huckabee is the president secretary [sic]. If you’re asking me for my personal opinion — and maybe the president will be upset for giving my personal — we should put the cameras on. That’s no problem. I don’t think we need to have the cameras off. But if the president doesn’t want the cameras on, guess what? We’re not going to have the cameras on. It’s going to really be up to him. But I think we should put the cameras on. … The only thing I ask Sarah — Sarah, if you’re watching, I loved the hair and makeup person that we had on Friday. So, I would like to continue to use the hair and makeup person.”

Then Mr. Scaramucci moved on to Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace …

“One of the first things I want to do, as was just mentioned, we got to get the leaks stopped, Chris. … So my three simple things is I would like to reset the culture inside the comms department so that people recognize that I’m actually there to serve them, and they’re going to be working with me, not for me. That’s a very big distinction. And that all of us are there to serve the President of the United States and his agenda.

If we don’t get the leaks stopped, I am a businessperson, and so I will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. And then the third thing is I’ll be traveling with the president this week and we’re going to focus and refine the messaging from the White House. He’s one of the most effective communicators that’s ever been born, and we’re going to make sure that we get that message out directly to the American people. And I think that arbitrage* spread, the gap between how certain people think of him and how I see him, or say like someone like Ivanka sees him, that will start to narrow so.”

  • the meaning of “arbitrage pertains to the buying and selling of securities or other assets … not sure how it applies here

Full interview transcript

And last but not least, he visited CBS’ Face the Nation with John Dickerson …

Dickerson: “What happens to leakers on your watch?”

Scaramucci: “They’re going to get fired. I’m just going to make it very, very clear, okay? Tomorrow I’m going to have a staff meeting. And it’s going to be a very binary thing. I’m not going to make any prejudgments about anybody on that staff. If they want to stay on the staff, they’re going to stop leaking. If the leaks continue, we are strong as our weakest link. And I’ll say it a little differently in a pun. We’re strong as our weakest leak. So if you guys want to keep leaking, why don’t you guys all get together and make a decision as a team that you’re going to stop leaking? … But if you’re going to keep leaking, I’m going to fire everybody. It’s just very binary*.”

  • Binary relates to a numerical system using a base 2 rather than base 10. Again, I’m not sure how that applies in this context.

Full interview transcript


In sum, Mr. Scaramucci intends to do Trump’s bidding, right or wrong, and to hell with building a relationship with the press, to hell with the people’s right to know what is going on in their government. For the sake of our free press, the backbone of our democracy, we better all hope that those who are willing to be “leakers” have the courage, to continue to do so.  It may well be that they are the heroes of the day.

In the words of the aforementioned Scott Reid, “Mr. Scaramucci is in his new post not because he will offer superior counsel or elevated strategic skills. He is not in because he will better manage a frothing, manic press gallery. Or shape a stronger, more coherent defence of Mr. Trump’s agenda. He is in because he will fight to his last breath – without question or contest …”

47 thoughts on “Scaramucci Strikes …

  1. Dear Jill,
    If I were Sarah Huckabee, I would tell the Mooch what would happen to him the next time he made any comments about by appearance and make-up on TV show, but only after I dressed him down in front of everyone. And if he did it again, I would embarrass him publicly and then I would quit publicly. Someone has to teach these guys how to behave.
    I would tell him he’s a mooch who kisses you know whose butt for lots of monies.
    Hugs, Gronda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, and she just might have given him a piece of her mind over that, because later I heard that he “clarified” his remarks saying that he only meant he liked the way the person did his hair and makeup. 🙂 I do not care for Ms. Sanders either, but …. perhaps the two are evenly matched?

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  2. Umm?
    I see he is using English words, but not in any recognisable order or rationale.
    Presumably this is therefore some cunning code which has been created so disloyal folk will not know what he is talking about.
    Or is it simply a case of brain slippage into the other end of the body?

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  3. When I heard that interview with the new employee I thought, There’s another new hire with an audience of one. I can just hear him saying, “Show me the money.”. He would naturally have no scruples or, if he does, has sold them out. He really spreads it on thick. I think our free press is a tough group and dedicated. I sincerely doubt they’ll fold and steal away. I think they’re in this fight to the end. Americans are fighters. Don’t give up on them. Also, many of the leakers are doing so because like the French resistance they’ve gone underground. Take heart. —- Suzanne

    Liked by 3 people

    • Agreed. I don’t think the press will give up easily, but I think it will become much harder for them to get accurate information, which is restrictive in itself. And as for the leakers … yes, I agree that they are likely to do what they believe is right, but I heard today that Scaramucci threatened to fire them all! He is so like Trump that it’s uncanny … who knew there were so many immoral, cruel people in the world? And they are all congregating under one roof!

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      • This guy will fire the leakers “if he finds them”. Whoever is receiving the leaks is going to protect their source. If the leakers had been discovered they’d be gone by now. His ability to be tough is based on what he can discover and if he had the information he would have taken action. DT has been saying the same thing to no effect. Also, in some cases, leaks aren’t necessary. There are always DT’s tweets. He’s his own worse enemy. —- Suzanne

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  4. I discovered that Scaramucci’s nickname is The Mooch. I suspect he’s neither as much fun, nor as charming, as his illustrious predecessor Scaramouche. (Scaramouche was more properly called Scaramuccia.) I suspect the American people are not going to be fooled by this ‘roguish buffoon’.
    Who can take seriously a President who communicates using Twitter, and who is also utterly incapable of stringing an elegant sentence together? And what kind of man would be a mouthpiece for a buffoon who lacks charm and wit.
    Ahh, I suspect there is money involved somewhere.
    Be good Jill. And, if you don’t want to be good you can be bad with me. Hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • I would like to agree that “the American people will not be fooled …” but the latest Gallup poll shows that, while Trump’s overall approval rating is still below 40%, there are 87% of republicans who still think he is Mr. Wonderful. How can that be? I have researched for hours … probably 40-50 hours … and I cannot find an answer. Scaramucci reminds me of a snake oil salesman, and he is sold to the highest bidder. I am so disgusted I want to go start bashing heads with my rolling pin!!!! 😀 Can’t you just picture THAT one!!! 😀 But joking aside, I am truly afraid that his appointment and his plans may have our free press sprouting wings and flying away. Though they are not perfect, have made a ton of mistakes in the past 2 years, they are our only hope for continuing as a relatively free society. I’m not an alarmist, but I have very genuine concerns at this point. Especially when a significant portion of We The People seem to be under the influence of something that I cannot see and cannot understand. But alas … I am doing what I can, others are dong what they can … and in the end … either it is enough to make a difference or it is not. I am no longer certain, but I shall keep on as long as I am breathing.

      Love you, Jack!!! Many hugs!!! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      • You can’t fool all the people all of the time, eventually the ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’ wakes up to that fact that he’s been sold down the river, and then even the most mild mannered will turn on their supposed leaders and betters’. I suspect that even the staunchest red-necked Republican will eventually come to their senses and realise that Mr Trump and all his entourage are dangerous, cynical, uneducated, unworldly buffoons.
        What am I saying!
        Nope, I don’t think middle America will ever vote for a Democrat again.
        Scaramucci reminds me of the Tony Curtiss character Sidney Falco, from Sweet Smell of Success ~ superficially attractive but more than a little slimy underneath. Trump reminds me of the Burt Lancaster character J.J. Hunsecker, from the same movie, who is willing to do anything to achieve his own ends.

        My thoughts are with you Jill. I admire you more and more every day. Love and all that goes with it. ❤ ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • I was just about to say that you give Trump-supporting republicans more credit for having a bit of values left than I do when I realized you were being facetious! 🙂 Great analogies on Falco/Hunsaker, though. I rather hope you are wrong about middle America never voting for a Democrat again. I may have to move to either east or west coast, for middle America is starting to sicken me.

          Thanks for your kind words … you always cause a big smile on my face! Love and hugs, Jack! 💘

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  5. I’m so sick!! This makes me so sick … I didn’t think I couldn’t get anymore disgusted with the stuff that continues to go on. The country is at a very dangerous crossroads …. <> 😦

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    • I’m not sure if it’s a job site, or if they send out signals … you know, the way insects and animals send out signals using sound, scent, vibration, etc. As I told another reader, the only qualification to work for him is that you must be willing to ask “how high?” when he says “jump”. Sigh.

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  7. Mr Scaramucci sounds very much like he has been attending the same 5th Grade class as Mr Trump, and they both forgot to do their English homework.
    Language skills aside, I understand now why Trump is surrounding himself with these worms (oops, sorry, I mean family and friends). Like a blood sucking Dracula, he needs ‘Renfield’ type characters to do his bidding. ‘Yes Master,’ Mr Trump needs his children of the night to eliminate any and all opposition.

    The vampires really need some slap downs because they are so not great! (To use Trumpeter prose).

    I just don’t know who is going to stop all this rubbish, but they need to arm themselves with garlic, and very sharp stakes!

    Liked by 3 people

    • You hit that nail right on the head! He does not hire/appoint people based on qualifications, education, experience, knowledge. The only requisite is that they are willing to say “how high?” when he says “jump”. And who can bring the nightmare to an end? I don’t know. I thought that we could, by letting our members of Congress know our feelings loud and clear. But increasingly I am coming to believe I was wrong. Some say he has ‘charisma’, but all I see when I look at him or hear him is ugly. Just pure ugly. I think perhaps he will sink his own ship, but then what happens, given that he still has a fair amount of support from some very radical, alt-right, gun-loving people? I just don’t know … I used to be able to predict things, but this entire regime is … unpredictable. To say the least.

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  8. I give him 3 months. The question is, will he go first or Sarah H-S? I hear Drumpf is going to talk Wealthcare on TV shortly. Think I’ll go patch walls and prep them for painting, Sounds like more fun… Hope you have a good Monday 🙂 We may need a few extra Kitten Thursdays this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would agree that painting, patching & spackling sound like WAY more fun than watching Bozo make a fool of himself. I did not watch it … actually, I never watch him, for he leaves me feeling ill … but I read enough of the transcript to get the general gist. Then he went on to speak to some gathering of boy scouts and made them start chanting about Hillary and Obama! Sheesh … what is this ‘man’s’ problem?????????????? Yes, I am already growling, so an extra Kitten Thursday might be a good idea to keep me from tossing my li’l laptop out the bloomin’ window! 😀

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